Sam's Club / cash back program

Grand Prairie, TX, United States

Fact is I feel cheated out of the 2016 cashback program. I do understand the rules and feel sorry for you and how you do business. I called in in June while I had time to check on accounts after being in the hospital, asking where my check was. They told me it had been mailed. I said I had not received it and supposedly thought I was in processing a reissue. Little did I realize that I was going to have to monitor and burden my to do list to get what was owed to me.

I did not receive a check and want a reissue, but I realize that you probably don't give a rip. I realize I don't have to do business with you and probably want but you are not a very good company. This would be confirmation of the new low walmart, sams to the customers and community. I realize I can have cash, or sams credit and I do request this be reviewed for Sams Club use only as far as I am concerned. I will pass on the end result but no this you are hurting my community financial support and will pray for your lack of compassion.

Oct 20, 2017

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