Safeway / response from manager

Every time I inquire about anything at the Safeway in Fountain Hills AZ the manager appears not to care. I inquired for years about a non-dairy ice cream and the response I received was " This is a small store we dont have the room" Of course they can have 50 different kinds of regular ice cream. Finally the provided one. Not a great one but finally one.
This store gets busy due to snow birds. We keep asking for self check-out lanes. I get response such as" It will never happen, It takes away jobs, we tried it before and it doesn't work" I have been a resident for 12 years and dont recall a self check out lane. I use this store only if I have to. I typically go else where. I just think the manager is unprofessional and doesnt really listen to what we ask for. I like to keep my monies in my town but other stores are more accommodating.

Nov 26, 2017

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