Safeway Grocery Store Swan and Sunrise / lack of cashiers, rotten seafood, rude service

Tucson, AZ, United States Review updated:

6 people. per line. 1 cash register plus express open at 2 pm on Sunday, Sept.9 Once again the worst run Safeway in Tucson. Employees standing around. Aisles crowded with trash and carts and not enough cashiers!
I purchased Jonas Crab Claws at seafood/ meat counter. When I got home they were spoiled rotten! Distinct ammonia smell. I called the store and they said to RETURN THEM. To bring back spoiled food to a grocery store? When I told the meat counter person (Charles) on the phone that it was unsanitary and a health code violation. Cross contamination was probably already there and this could increase that risk. he hung up on me! This is the worst Safeway in Tucson. Always out of things, dirty and slow service. 3's a crowd is literally a joke at this store, When someone says it over the speaker, the employees all laugh

Roger Cohn
6077 N Placita Pajaro
Tucson, AZ 85718

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Safeway Grocery Store Swan and Sunrise
Safeway Grocery Store Swan and Sunrise

Sep 12, 2018
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  • 9w
      Sep 12, 2018

    should of noticed the food was bad

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  • Om
      Sep 12, 2018

    They need you to return it to 1)prove that you actually bought it and 2) prove that you didn't eat it. They also might need to have it returned so they can freeze it and send it back to x or y company for testing to see what the issue is. It is not an unreasonable request for them to suggest you return it.

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