Ryan Air / Excess baggage charges

Mnachester, United Kingdom

Ryan Air without a doubt have rigged weighing scales, I travelled on flight FR2107 Manchester to Corfu on 30/04/2014, I had one hold luggage of 15kg and hand luggage of 10kg. When I reached the check in I was told by hold luggage was overweight, which I accepted, I moved to the side to even out the suitcase between hand luggage as I had lots of room, I finished moving clothes between cases and I put the fastened hold luggage onto an Un-manned kiosk, the weight came in at 15kg. I then moved back to the queue into the check in desk, where I put the exact same case on and it was 18.5kg, How is that even possible? I wouldn't have put a still overweight case onto the check in where I would get charged, and I am not an idiot. I shall be making formal complaints as I was charged £30 and I want this back.
Also flying back, I had binned all toiletries and everything unnecessary and put most things in hand luggage so I knew it was light enough, I got to Ryan Air check in at Corfu and before I put my case on I noticed it was already set to 1kg!! I made the get reset, then I was told my case was 16.5kg!? they tried to charge me again going back the other way! Not a chance it was over I binned everything of weight.
We were talking to a woman in the queue who weighed hers on scales before getting to the airport and she said it was 9kg (it was a tiny case) she put her case on before us ad it was 13.5kg?
Now Ryan Air cannot deny that they are up to something
I will not be flying with them again.

May 8, 2014

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