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Royal Holiday Club / misrepresenting services and fraud

1 Mexico Review updated:

I don't understand why we were not warned about this scam by the travel agents, air line, state department, any of the agencies responsible for giving consumer alerts. From what I have seen by Googling Royal Holiday Complaints, there is so much information out about victims. The problem is no one warns the traveler who is on their way to a place in Mexico where there is a Park Royal, or other Royal Holiday resort about the situation. I am using the advice of other victims to get my $23,695.00 back and out of the annual dues of $655.00 a year that the contract has. I feel confident that I will get it back, but it would be nice if I had been told in advance, DO NOT sign a contract in a foreign country without researching the company thourally. If anyone tells you the deal is ony good today, what do you think they are going to tell the customers they lure into the trap tomorrow? I think PROFECO should have the airlines pass out a warning when they are passing out the immigration forms to enter Mexico. It would save us the time it is taking to fight this, and them the resources to focus on other problems.

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  • He
      12th of May, 2007
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    I am going to do the things all of the people on these sites are telling me to. Thank you so much for putting your experiences out here so we can benefit from them. I have been reading everything I can find for scams, fraud, complaints with Royal Holiday and what an awakening. I believe I have a chance to get my mother's money back for her. She came home really happy about the program, and was telling me about it, so I just put in Royal Holiday complaints into Yahoo, and WOW!! We have one day to document the filing. If all of you had not written about your being scammed, it would have taken months to discover the truth, then it would take about a year to get her deposit back. Anyway, from what I have read, it seems if you wait a few months it takes about a year. Keep up the fight!

  • La
      19th of May, 2007
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    I went to Park Royal resort and was given many "free" things for signing a contract on the spot. Now, after they took my money through my MasterCard, I can not talk to anyone about why I can not get the vacation I want. This is driving me crazy. I can see it is ridiculous to continue to try to deal with Royal Holiday and need to get my money back and keep them from ruining my credit. I just realized this today, when I was going online to Royal Holiday and I saw the complaints pages under their homepage in Google. I thought, I wonder what kind of complaints there are. Oh My GOD!! This is the worse than I ever could have imagined.

  • Ye
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    On October 21, 2006 after presentation of Royal-Holiday club at Ocean Bavaro resort at Dominican Republic and explanation given by Resident Manager Mr. Victor Pena tel. (809)221-0714 we signed a “preliminary” contract because no documentation were offered just verbal explanation. Also we were assured that all that we were doing was signing a promissory note to buy the “real” contract after we will receive all the information once we arrived back home and we read the information we could chose to either enroll in the company or not. That was told us in front of our 4 friends were together with us. After we had arrived back home we waited nearly a month for the information which we were promised would arrive within seven business days, we contacted the company on multiple occasions and on each occasion they assured us that the information was on its way. After approximately two months of waiting I called Royal Holiday Inc. to cancel everything and receive my deposit of $5622.35 back since I had never received any information from this company except a bill to charge me money for a membership that I had never agreed to. Everything that we had been told in the presentation we later found out had been misrepresented and that we were lied to and nothing was as it seems. The contract effective day was on January 1, 2007 but on December 18, 2006 I sent notarized request to stop my payments and return money back to my American Express credit card. After almost seven month of investigation credit card answered that Royal-Holiday club wrote that the “buyer” should request cancellation directly from them. I requested to cancel my contract through the only one contact phone 18009611810(x2610) manager Tony Hernandez who in very bad manner told me that I never can cancel this contract. I sent cancellation request through e-mail but never got respond. Up to now I cannot cancel this contract because the club Royal-Holiday doesn’t want to loose their clear profit.

    I am writing to you to report the unethical actions of RHC, unable to cancel their contract or return our money.

  • La
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    Were scammed in puerto vallarta they promised to exchange our existing timeshare to their's (better one) were given a prelimanary offer form the Group that was purchasing our exsisting timeshar - they asked $2600 on top of the 8,560 for interest for closing cost of purchase- it never happened. We closed rci account with B of A-- they are trying to get it back -- we are fighting this-- don't know if we have the support of Bank of America, now they are trying to collect maintance fees...

    Please help.

  • Fa
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    In 2008, 20/20 did an episode on them scamming people and I just wrote to 20/20 and dateline myself to see if they would do a follow up showing that nothing has changed! I know that just one email isnt going to do much so I am hoping that everyone who reads this will also go to ABC news online and email 20/20 and dateline asking if they would please do a follow up because you were scammed. The more emails they get, the more likely that they will take this seriously. In 2008, the people who were interviewed for the program got their mone refunded to them by Royal Holiday. Please email them, at the bottom of the ABC news page, there is a link to contact us.

  • Ma
      15th of Mar, 2016
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    I bought a timeshare with Royal Holiday and they lied to me at everything, every time I check for travel dates are not available and it's cheaper to booked flight and hotel with Expedia. The service is really bad, I asked to speak to the manager and was told that I cannot talk to her and that I cannot cancel my membership.
    Its been a nightmare for me!!! I was doing a research on internet about this fraudulent resort and how to get out of this fraud, i found this information and i want to share it with you, i hope it helps someone:

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