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In October 2006 I and my husband went to Dominican Republic for selebration our 21 Aniversary. There we were "caught" by royal-holiday sellers who offered us "perfect" deal we canot refuse it. They promissed that they give as apportunuty to buy vacation packages directly from the Head of Travel Tourizm Industry who sells to Apple Vacation company and Master Travel company. The whole prize for 30 years vacation was 14K. Every year for 15000 points we can invite up to 8 friends to be with us at not less then 5 stars hotel in ambassador room. Plus we, as member of their club, can buy airplans tickets with up to 50% discount." We did terrible mistake to trust that proffecional layers! We paid 40% down payment by Amex credit card and sign "preliminary" contract. The sells manager mr. Pena who informed us that he is christian - what means lie is not acceptable for his nature- said that when we came home we will recieve all documentation for study and permanent contract to be signed. Only after that the charge will be in effect. Also he told if we refuse this offer we never will have this chance again. We fell secure because we paid by credit card and knew that we can stop payment if something wrong. We didn't get any documentation when we came back home. Month later I tried to call Mr.Pena to ask him about documentation but he hanged up on me as soon I introduced myself. I thought it was accident and recalled him but he hanged up before I said one word. The contract has to be in effect on Jan.1, 2007, but already on 12/20/2006 I requested my credit company(AMEX) to help me to cancel this contract and refund my money. They even changed my credit card account, but up to today royal holiday succsessfully charged my account. Unfortunatelly AMEX suggested that this company acting by law. Now when I found many responds of deceived by royal holiday club customers it will be easier to prove fraud action to my credit card, that it was lemon cotract and help me to take my money from thiefs. We have to fight to locked up this "robbery" club to get our freedom.

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      Sep 12, 2009

    While in Cancun we were invited to a 90 minunte timeshare speech. The salesman at Royal, tolk us that if we bought, he would help us rent our timeshare since they get conventions all the time. He assured us there were lots of people looking to rent weeks at Royal Holiday because of the proximity to the convention center.

    Dumb enough, we believe him. Six months after, we were still waiting for this rental income. We called him several times asking him what was going on until he decided not to take our calls anymore. We searched the internet just to find out that everything we were told was a total lie. We found out that Ernesto Barberi is a scam artist ready to take advantage of anybody.

    On the way back to the airport, we found an ad of a law firm specialized in timeshare matters. We contact them and they helped us cancel and recover our earnest money., they will help you cancel. and get your monies back.

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