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Ross Stores, Inc. / retaliation

1 8560 East FreewayUnited States

I was an Asst. Store Mgr from July 2012-April 15, 2013My employment was . terminated for using an Area Supervisor's Time & Attendance login to edit my time. The only two instances I recalled were 4/4/13 when I forgot to clock back in from lunch & on 4/11/13 when I was at WalMart on company business from 11:30pm until my arrival to the store around 2:15 pm.

I wasn't aware I could get fired for this: a borrowed Area Sup. used another's network, email, StaffWorks, Time &Attendance, even alarm codes while he was a borrowed associate in our store. But because the associates were not aware that I was using it, I was fired. My time was not falsified in any way--my FES can confirm I'd forgotten to clock back in from lunch on 4/4 & my AS can confirm my phone call to him & arrival with WalMart bags in my hands on 4/11.Rep

Other occurrences were brought up from March, February & as the HR Rep said, "I could keep going". When I asked why they were just now being brought up, the response was that they'd seen me add vacation time to my timesheet for Saturday under my own #'s & began to look into other edits. But I did this on Sunday morning because as opening MOD, I had to run payroll. I was told this was one of the very few times I could edit my own time, so I used my own login.

Why would something permissible trigger them to begin "digging" (for lack of a better word)? The DM & HR Rep claimed their visit was so the DM Could walk the salesfloor with the SM (which she'd just done last week) & s the HR Rep could talk to me about "how things were going & if I was okay"...that they'd just happened to be at another store together, etc. But at 2pm upon my arrival, the SM was in the office (and had been all day) & as soon as they arrived, neither of them asked to see me or speak to me. Instead, they went straight upstairs with the SM For quite some time (close to 2 hours, if not more). I believe their initial intent was to inquire about him leaving the entire change drawer out at closing Saturday 4/13/13 (which I promptly reported via email the next morning) and to investigate the Alert Line call made regarding the SM giving his keys to an MOD+ The week b efore & her losing the bay door locks. The door was left unsecured most of the day until an SPS alerted me of it. The SM gave me direction to put screamers on the bay doors & the lock from the trash compactor overnight. These are both considered "terminable", but I've never heard of editing my own time as such. Had I known this, I certainly would have never done it. I assumed since I wasn't falsifying my time, that it was ok. In fact, I asked the HR Rep if I'd used my own #s to make these edits, would I be being terminated & she said no that it would just be a corrective.

I feel that if this were an issue & that the SM was supposed to be monitoring edits weekly, it would have been addressed way before now. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the negative action took place only after my initial complaint to the DM regarding the SM on 3/2/13. I also notified the HR Mgr & DM during their visit with me recently that I felt I was being retaliated against & asked that it stop immediately.

I have documented evidence that clearly shows a link between my complaints, other behavior that I believe triggered the retaliation, & and the retaliatory behavior presented by the SM, DM & HR Rep. This would include being denied a transfer to a more desirable location, job shift reassignment, and other changes that have adversely affected my employment at Ross since the SM's arrival.

I am requesting that my termination be reviewed & overturned. If necessary, I am prepared to file a case with the Labor Board should they not take the necessary action.

Apr 16, 2013

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