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On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Bobby Cogossi <[protected]> wrote:
Shawntain Gomillion is a incompetent store manager and a liar as well!!!
Hello my name is Robert Cogossi @ store #1130 Levittown Town Center, (associate #[protected] Thimbleberry Ln. Levittown, Pa.19054. My phone # [protected]. I AM NOT ONE TO DO THIS...I have been in retail over 20yrs. I am greatly sadden to address that I have dismissed myself today @ 1:45pm.Aug. 14th 2009 due to the ongoing unprofessionalism, mistreatment, and disrespect that comes directly from the management team. I am not alone and I could guarantee you several other employees would COMPLETELY back me up. I was very excited to come work for Ross, I have bit my tongue on several occasion. Ever since the store opened the moral, attitude, and atmosphere is NOT all what it is suppossed to be. I had a bad vibe from the get go. From day to day schedules to no schedules being posted, day to day changes on how to to do things up front, no communication, disrespect, to requesting an FES manual which I never received on how to better understand my job, to my pay rate which is 1.75 less than the rate I was hired at and have NOT YET received a retro differential check. Employees coming to me about the way Shawntain, Nanci, and Demaras talk to them threatening their jobs an are afraid to say something cause they are afraid to get fired- Customers cursing at me at checkout waiting too long in line-the disrespect we are given in front of a customer and the list goes on. No communication-its disorganized-no wonder speed transactions are slow at the register. I don't know the true aspect of a FES cause the job duties and supervision I took on have been slowly taken away. Why? At this point the mangement does not care about nothing but themselves, not even the employee and the customer. My experience at Ross has been nothing but aggrevation and stress-for the money I am making its not worth it? I do the best I can when I work and the mgmt. is never happy its always a negative atmosphere/comment right from the opening to set the moral for the day. I called David Silverman on Aug 7th told him what was going reply nothing! I called corp/payroll on Aug. 8th left msg. again no reply. What I am I to think? As per conversation with(Aaron)another associate(SPS) who also called corp. no one knew our pay was a problem and they we're not happy about the situations. There were comments made about the cashiers and myself directly and that "something was going to be done about it" was this a "threat" about my job/our jobs? The comment was clear from Shawntain. FED-X comes in, I page a MOD for a signature, Markesha(cash office/Cashier) is on the register, Shawntain calls for Markesha on the phone tells her to sign for it(not a mgr) Aren't all deliveries that come through the front door to be signed by a MGR? Am I not a SUPERVISOR? and am I not TRUSTED by my store MGR to sign for a package? What message are you sending me?What is up with that? I page for a voucher(no receipt) the customers always get frustrated cause now they have to WAIT (this is customer satisfaction?)..Ashley Diggs (stock supervisor) (not a mgr) comes up with a key at this point I have had a few returns in a row I get the voucher the customers address a comment as Ashley leaves... "Is she a Mgr?, she is not too pleasant is she, and I cannot believe the way she is dressed, with her pants pulled down below her butt a t-shirt, and a baseball cap on her head, I can't believe your company allows that.." What I am to say?(Actually the dress code really is not enforced here-other customers have said about other employees about their dress appearance) Well, I needed another voucher(no receipt) for next customer I page Ashley up she comes and goes directly to the phone next to me and in front of the customer and calls Shawntain...customer still waiting..."HE NEEDS ANOTHER ONE...Shawtain says" for the same customer" "NO" is the reply..."for what then?" I get the voucher and WELL at this point I am COMPLETELY EMBARASSED-the customer CANNOT BELIEVE how that went! So just in the past what 10-15 mins what impression Ross sending to the customers WOW!!-this is definetely not the first time this has happened! Well, that was it for me I am not gonna put up with the BS that goes on-its not worth it! I locked my register and went to the office and told Shantain "I quit." PLEASE, I am REQUESTING ALL MY CHECKS to be sent directly to my home address which is listed above. I do not want to go back to the store. Its a shame, this store will not make it if this continues. I hope this is addressed.

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  • Ro
      Jan 04, 2011

    I believe that is Ross' culture because I just resigned from Austell store in Georgia for basically the same reasons. After reading the complaints all the way back to 2008 and it's 2011 and nothing has changed. Kudos for standing up for yourself.

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