Ross Dress for Less / my boss candy.

Fullerton, CA, United States

I had an argument with my boss Candy tonight on June 21, 2017 around 10:30p. I did everything she told me to do and even more like helping cashier put away their go backs. I did it even putting the right nubs for the go backs because Godly behold they can not put the right nubs on. I just do not know why they can not put the right nubs on to the respective size clothing. On top of that I sized and picked up dresses. Afterwards it was time for me to go because earlier Candy told me she had to cut my hours short and told me to close the fitting room at 9:20p so I can roll my two racks from the fitting room. So did that and more. Like I mentioned earlier. So when it was time to go she started to question me. Asked me if I picked up dresses? I said yes. Then asked me if I did lingerie? I honestly said no because she only told me to picked up dresses. Then she lectured me and told me it is my job to picked up dresses and lingerie and right then and there I asked myself is it my job to help everyone else with their jobs and not have anyone help me with mine? So I said I am not going to do it and I clocked out. After that my back hit her because she purposely stood right behind me. She threatened to write me up. And I told her if she does I will complain.

Jun 22, 2017

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