Ross Dress for Less / employee attitude

Garden City Beach, SC, United States

I visited your store in the evening of October 20th 2017. I was returning something and my cousin was purchasing something. I wanted to do the return first, but I was told that I had to go to another cash since the sales associate was not able to do returns at her cash. When I arrived at the return/exchange cash, there was a normal sale going on ! So I asked the sales associate - Titiana where do I go to make a return ? She told me “you have to wait in line” with an attitude I didn’t like. So I patiently waited in line, looking at my 9months pregnant cousin - who finished her sale. So I asked her again, will it take long ? She told me “you have to wait in line” - I told her that my cousin is 9 months pregnant and I don’t want to wait long ... I could see her talking to another sales associate, looking at me and laughing !!! So I asked Titiana if there’s a problem ? She said no there’s no problem - do you have a problem ???? I was in shock !!! This is when the manager Kenya helped me with my return. My family and I shop at Ross all the time, and I cannot believe the attitude I was given at all !
1. The reply back
2. The laughing and gossiping about a loyal customer
3. Showing no sympathy to someone who is 9 months pregnant

I hope you take this into consideration when you train your staff about customer attitude. My family, friends and I will certainly not be shopping again at Ross. And because of my disappointment I will advise all my social media friends not to shop at Ross.

Location : Myrtle Beach at 10th Avenue
Date: October 20th 2017
Time: 20:15

Oct 20, 2017

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