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So today I went to shop at ross & the cashier Name dawn was being so rude about me doing a return. This Happend at 10:30pm. I know that maybe is frustrated that I am doing a return last min but that doesnt mean she has to be rude to the Customers by doing mad face expressions & gasping about it . she is not even doing good customer service because she didnt even ask if we wanted a bag and she just let me have my stuff in my hands and when I ask for one she didnt even mind putting my stuff into the bag. Its the second time she acts like that with me . If that is her job she shouldnt be like that if she does not like it she should be working there. She supposebly a Surpervisor she suppose to act professional and kind but she was being disrespectful to me. That just make me not want to come back to the store because i feel uncomfortable.


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      Nov 17, 2017

    Have you asked for her supervisor in person or by phone? You should be somewhat understanding of her feelings during your return as it is very rude of you to request a return exactly at closing. Employees have other commitments and by coming in so late you are taking away their personal time. No worker wants to stay past their scheduled shift and I hope you apologized for your timing.

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