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Rogers Cable Network / poor reception problems

1 Canada Review updated:

I first called in to report poor reception problems in early June. Since then I have had your technicians visit twice. They have checked the signal quality and found it to be fine, yet reception remains poor.

They also instructed me to use the VCR tuner to make sure that something wasn't wrong with my TV and to rule out fault with the TV tuner. I have done so and reception remains poor whether I use the TV or VCR tuner. There are times when reception is relatively better, but for the most part it remains poor and gets worse at night.

The technicians mentioned that they would put in a request for someone to check a central location for fault in my apartment building. I'm not sure whether this has happened yet or not.

While I appreciate your efforts in trying to diagnose this problem, to date I continue to receive poor reception since early June. I would appreciate a final and thorough diagnosis, and the problem fixed as soon as possible.


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  • An
      13th of Sep, 2006
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    The truth I am not sure where or who to address this matter for at this point I am clueless I just hope if you received this by mistake and know where this letter should go or whom should address this then I would really appreciate it and thank you at this point .

    I am writing in regards to let your company know how disappointed I was on how my case has been managed I am not really a complainer and I apologize for the construction of this letter but here goes:

    1. During my contract with Rogers I have noticed unusual billing charges. As a protest I didn’t pay my bill this happens sometime June on my first year I can’t remember the exact date but the unusual thing is when I received my statement for that billing cycle I was charge even after the disconnection, & so I called the customer service from my cell phone the agent (she) cant give me an any reason why that happens all she said was “Maybe you’ve attempted to call” & I was like that doesn’t make any sense & even if I did try & call why get charged? & the funny part is because I don’t feel I should get charged for this & I told her why should I even pay all she can say is “Im sorry maam but you have to pay that because it’s in your bill” & because I was only on my first year & I still have a year to go all I can do is pay the “GHOST CHARGES” so I can continue with my life.

    After the said 2 year contract which ended sometime first quarter of the year 2006 I have asked a customer representative (He) to transfer my cell no thru Migration (with a fee of $50.) to a pay as you go. but he told me going from a regular billing to a “Emergency Plan “ is way much Better, I agree & told him ill try it for a month or so.

    2. After those 3 months ago I feel I was again charged more than what I should be. so I asked a Representative (She) that I’m still not satisfied with the service so now I am finally decided that I wanted change my account to pay as you go & she quoted me again the fee w/c I told her I am aware of it .she said ok its going to be done after 72 hours w/s is more than enough before the next billing cycle. She had told me I still have about 5 days.

    3. Guess what I went over the next billing cycle I didn’t complain I called & asked what had happened this agent (She- I think name starts with a P) said she apologize & that it should have been changed /done but for some reason it didn’t & that she’s not sure what had happened . she said she’ll make it a point she do the request & again before the next billing cycle & to compensate for all what’s been happening she’s going to waive the coming bill which is for the month of August .

    Sept 6, 2006 I received a call from the billing department saying I have an overdue amount of 70. ++ Surprise I asked to be transferred to the department responsible for all the transferring me from a regular billing cycle to pay as you go after 5 agents & almost an hour on the phone I was again promised that this is going to be resolve in again within 2 days

    Not to mention the days I have lost work because of this unprofessionalism. Somewhere along this whole thing just to avoid the next billing cycle I have requested a stop in service being led to believe that after the requested interruption of a day the pay as you go account will kick in.

    Another incident is that when an agent called me sometime to collect payment she was rude & disrespectful I had asked why im getting billed as such & if she can transfer me to the department where I can ask & she was like use your cell phone & dial * 611 –she had called me on my home phone by the way. I had asked her politely since I lived in a basement & reception is not that good. She said” I can’t transfer you & like I told you use you cell phone & dial *611”I had told her im not sure why she can’t do it for I have done it before.

    If it is true that all conversations like this are being monitored/recorded then I thinks it’s about time that you try & see what really happened at least I can say im not crazy & just making all this things – LET’S INVESTIGATE

    Like I said I am very very disappointed im not sure how many people had to go through this the stress & anxiety I got from all of this it is unbelievable. A few friends had recommended seeking help from this Peter Silverman of City TV & making this whole thing public. But I thought I’d try & resolve it first whit you guys.

    September 13 ‘2006 – I have to call again & bug some agents for I am very upset – I am workless for the whole week (when I called my agency I was told I lost several job offers because they cant reach me on my cell phone) and I called so again I have to tell the agent the long story after a few minutes she said “ok now it should be working” my point being why do I have to call just to get a job done?

    After countless months of requesting & after a phone call today I have my phone up and working in a pay as you go plan, hopefully I don’t encounter anymore problem for I am just tired, now I have to stay home jobless for the whole week due to incompetent people who im not sure if they care on what people like me have to go through. How I wish I can just tell Rogers Company to compensate me for all this things but again understanding how this company works & how you disregard your client’s im not going to be even surprised.

    I am writhing to you because evidently something’s wrong and with this you are losing clients big time, I just hope everybody is aware of the golden rule so this things never happen again.

    Feel free to call me on my cell phone for any details or information needed – that’s if my phone is working?

  • Be
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    We have 3 TV's in our aprtment. One reception (living room)
    is working fine!
    2 (in the bedrooms) are not working period!
    Help Please!

    my phone number 1-905-231-0410

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