Rent-A-Center / washer delivery

Chico, CA, United States

I sent in my washer for repair. I live in Paradise, California. While my washer was getting repaired the Paradise store closed permanently. My account was then transferred to the store in Chico, California. I had to call them to see if my washer had been repaired as they didn't call me. It was so I was trying to make arrangements to get it delivered. I work all day so I had them call my wife but they did not get a hold of her. They took it upon themselves to set up a time for the 2nd of October. I recieved a voice message saying no one was home. I called back and made arrangements for the 9th of October. They never showed. They called me today to get a payment as I have one left and they were nice enough to extend it for me as I have been a customer for years but with the other store. I asked why they never made the delivery they said they never have drivers on Tuesday. I have made arrangements for the 20th of October which I will be present. I am withholding final payment until my item has been delivered. When this is done I will never do business with rent a center again. I will go to Aaron's no matter how much more they charge. As I work for a very big company I will do my best to spread the word about how unprofessional and dishonest this store is.
Good Day

Oct 15, 2018

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