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hi my name is april riley and im a first time renter at rent a center and im already unhappy.first off i would like to start off by saying im renting a t.v for my husband and the t.v is wrost then trash when we turn the t.v on it takes up to 3hours to turn on and if we turn it off you can forget about it coming back on.and when i told the store manager he made it seem as if i am surpose to except that no way will i ever please touch base with me soon thanks mrs.riley!

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      Dec 12, 2008

    April I am very sorry to inform you that they may never repair the problem with your TV. I have recently finished paying off the TV that I got from them. We got the TV brand new and in good working order, then in May (5/23/08) of this year the light that the TV's lamp was about to go turned on. I called Zenith which is the TV's manufacturer, they informed me that it needs to be changed. So I called my local Rent A Center told them what was going on and they took the TV to get serviced. After they had the TV for about a month my husband goes into the store and sees the TV on Display on with the caution light still on. He asks them whats going on and they tell him it has been repaired, I once again call Zenith to see if this sounds right. They tell me no if the TV bulb was changed then the timer for it needs to be rest other wise the TV will not work. Then another month goes by and we still have not gotten our TV back. We end up getting the number for the District Manager and a few days after leaving him a message of what has been going on we get our TV back. Everything works ok with the exeption that the TV makes this buzzing sound when it turns on. One day the TV does not turn on for me (11/20/08). I call Rent A Center and tell the new manager that they have what is going on, he tells me that because we have finished paying off the TV they will no longer repair it. I tell him that the TV was repaired a few months ago and should not have an issue, he agrees to take the TV. We wait about a week then call to see what is going on he tells us that the repair people have come and taken the TV and are waiting on a part. Another week passes he says that the part just arrived and we should have our TV back in a couple of days. I call the day we had agreed that they would deliver the TV and the manager gives me the run around, I am getting a little frustrated by this time and end up talking to another employee who tells me that the TV is working and we should have it in a few days. The day comes that they are returning the TV and the same driver that took the TV comes to drop it off the first thing out of his mouth is "are you not going to get it repaired?" I call the manager and ask what is going on why did this guy say this he tells me that because I have finished paying it off he will no longer repair it, and then he says that the Technician told him the bulb is about to go, I tell him how is that if that is what supposedly got fixed in May. After a heated discussion I hang up on him and tell the guy to just put my TV back in its place. The TV turns on ok with just the buzzing sound and that is it, so I am ok. Now TODAY 12/12/08 only a week after getting it back from repair a second time the TV does not turn on again for me and I call the manager and he tells me because I was rude to him and hanged up on him he will not speak to me. Explain to me how a TV that supposedly has gotten repaired twice now for the same thing is still not working. The moral of my story is this I am sorry to tell you that even if you do take the TV to them for them to repair it there is no way that they will actually fix it. They may give you a temp fix so that you will finish paying off the TV and then it will no longer work and they will not fix it for you after it has been paid off unless keep paying for the Warrantee. They are crooks in my opinion. If you have not paid to much into the TV I would just return it and take as a loss.

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      Jan 18, 2009

    You need to contact the store and inform them of the situation. They will schedule a time to come and pick up the TV and send it to the service department. They will also give you a loaner TV while yours is being fixed. (The payments that you make will continue to go to your original TV) When it comes back from the service department they will call you and schedule a time to bring it back out to you and pick up the loaner.( Keep it mind it may take a couple weeks until you get your original TV back. Its all based off of wether or not the service department has the particular part in stock or not.) You can also get into a program called Benefits Plus, it will give you added protection plus an extended year warranty for a year to the date after it has been paid off for about $3 a week. Hope this helps.

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