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rent -a-center Indianapolis IN. / un-lawfull entry

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The Cockrell Family
I want to let everyone know how bad rent a center did me and my famliy on this day of Febuary 25 2009. I was at work and my 8mo pregnant wife was at home and rent a center came to my house with the police and my wife was sleeping and because she didn't answer the door the police picked my locks to my house and let rent-a-center in and they made my wife get up out of her sleep need I remind you that my wife is 8mo pregnant, and they took the bed that my wife was sleeping in and I feel that some laws was brokeing by rent-a-center and the Indianapolis police and I feel that everyone who was done worng by rent-a-center shell file a (class action law suit) agianst rent-a-center


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N  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Wait...YOU want to sue THEM because YOU didn't pay for your stuff and it was repo'd? Classy!

And what does the fact that your wife is pregnant have to do with ANYTHING? Who cares?

Real great, by the way, having kids when you obviously cannot even afford to purchase a bed for christ's sake...

Do you think that you deserve free furniture or special treatment different than others just because you knocked up your wife (who apparently can't even get her lazy ### out of bed)?

Also, please learn how to properly form a sentence. I know you're broke and all, but commas and periods are free.
D  8th of Aug, 2009 by 
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You are an idiot... the fact that the police had to pick your lock to get in says alot about "YOUR" problem. It is people like you who give the RTO industry a bad name. You can't "pay", return the ### and get it back when you can afford it. There is no such thing as a free lunch in any business. Try going to a restaurant and eat the meal and tell them you will pay them later... you will be arrested, period!! Most of the complaints only tell half the story... the majority are self-inflicted ###s that cause their own problems. Make better choices and stop blaming everyone else for your drama & stupidity. ###ing idiot ###s!!
N  17th of Aug, 2009 by 
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First of all, it is ILLEGAL for an officer to pick at your locks. In order for an officer to enter your home they must have a WARRANT!! And it is just wrong to make a pregnant woman get off of her bed while she was sleeping. I understand that he has a contract and he needs to pay the company what he owes but that gives NO ONE the right to waltz into your home at whatever time they feel like it to pick up their merchandise. As for the true IDIOTS that wrote the previous posts, it is ignorant (YES, I SAID IGNORANT!!) people like you that make our country such a horrible place. Your mothers never taught you that if you didnt have anything nice to say then NOT to say anything at all! What is wrong with you? I hope and pray that you never find yourself in the same situation that this family was in (which, BTW, you DONT know what their situation was). I say take legal action if you can!! And for the ###S, well, I'll take my mother's advice and not say anything at all to you.
A  8th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Sue them and the cops. Yeah, you should have called them or returned what ever it is you were renting and could no longer afford. Either way no one can just come in your house and the cops damn sure didn't get a warrant for them. This is nothing like ordering a meal.
Kids are free. My dad had six then at age 26 went back to collage. Now he clears over 200 thousand a year. Mom went to too. Since when did women 8 months pregnant work? Can't stand idiots who aint never been poor or passed through a rough patch in their entire life talk like they run the world. That person is right only an idiot would write such a comment. I hope the guy who had his rights abused goes own to be well off, wealthy, or rich beyond his on dreams. I hope you get it from suing Rent-A-Center.
Talk to a lawyer they will do that case for free until you win your money. They will get a good chunk but not as good as you. ###s writing and have no idea about your situation. Maybe you work and go to school, your wife too. We don't know. We do know they broke the law, if your story is true.
N  18th of Feb, 2011 by 
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Police don't pick locks, they kick doors in...and if Bethlehem made no special arrangements for the King of Kings, who is this guy. I feel bad for people, truly I do, but because you are poor, doesn't entitle you to a free ride at others expense. Furthermore, if this country is so bad, try living somewhere else. I'm almost sure you will be begging to come back.

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