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Rent-A-Center / fraudulent activity

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Rent-a-center has long been known as a consumer rip-off. All across the country the rent to own industry has been in hot water. Firstly, they over charge consumers for inferior goods that have been damage, infested with roaches, and other problems. They charge four times the amount for equipment and furniture than it is worth!! I am writing this report because I was let go at the same time as several other individual's in our market. I was let go because my shirt was not tucked into my pants. Another individual was demoted from store manager to customer account rep. The last one was let go for insubordination without any previous reports or warnings. We were all let go in a two day time span with leads me to think there were discriminating practices going on behind the scenes. I worked for them for 10 months, after only six I was promoted to assistant manager. Working long days usually 12 hours days and only received two sicks days. If you called out you were in danger of losing your job, and if you did call out then you had to come in on your day off. It was a hellish existence to work 55 plus hours a week, and only come home with a 400 dollar check! There turn over rate is sad at 60%. You are held to meet daily standards which require you to risk your life by going into the worst neighborhoods asking customers for cash or their equipment. If you do not get your customers to pay there bills on time then you are written up, after three write ups you are fired!!! It is almost impossible to make someone pay a bill in this economy! You are made to harass your customers by calling them three to four times a day every day! I am in the process of talking to rent-a-center's human resources to come to a conclusion. This is to anyone thinking of working with rent-a-center or doing business with rent-a-center please understand what you are getting yourself into.

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  • So
      17th of Jan, 2009
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    I have to disagree with you. Rent A Center is not a rip off .Yes, you will pay alot more for the merchandise we sell if you pay it for the whole term of the contract (which is usually a year and six months to two years for a brand new whatever you want) but if you consider the fact that if you put the same item on a credit card and made the minimum monthly payment every month you will spend a considerably larger amount of money! ( ALSO, Rent A Center will service everything that you get for free while you are paying on it AND will give you a loaner on that item until we can get it fixed for you AND you can get an extended year warranty after you have paid off your item for only $3 a week or about $156 for that whole year! Keeping in mind to replace a Tv's lamps it cost well over $600 at your local TV repair shop)

    As a hiring manager for Rent A Center I try to let everyone know the disadvantages as well as the many benefits of working at Rent A Center BEFORE they are hired as so there are no surprises. If I had to guess there were some severe performance issues in that store for so many people to have lost their job or to have been demoted or worse. fired.

    I really feel for you because the experience that you had is not that of your typical Rent A Center store and was probably all due to the poor management given by your former store manager, which in turn was because he or she just was not ready to run a store yet. While yes there are some things in this business that just cant be avoided, this job is not a "family friendly" type of job. You do work long hours, starting out as an entry level employee you work minimum and maximum of 48 hrs a week. No more, no less ( Which makes for a good pay check, about $28, 000 a year depending on your area) For an entry level job, I belive that is pretty good pay considering some of our other retail brothers and sisters work twice as many hours in your local mall and make half as much money. You also get two weeks of paid vacation after your first year of employment as well as great health benefits and retirement. As you move up in the company, which can be fairly quickly due to our high turnover which we are working on changing, you could make up to $40, 000 a year and not even be a store manager yet. (Of course this is due to the fact a store will only have 4 to 6 employee on average including the store manager)

    As far as hitting your daily standards it really isnt that difficult or unattainable. With proper training (which you probably didn't recieve and if I had to guess it was due to staff shortages and poor management), getting to know your customers and establishing a relationship with them it becomes quite easy. In fact I rarely ever had to go to those neighborhoods or anywhere for that matter to knock on their door for money and when I did it wasn't for the money and the customers on my route knew that...its all about being just and fair. If you are, they may argue a little when you show up at their house but they know you are right and as long as you treated them with respect, they will have do the same. ( Not to count the very few _______ out there that will do whatever they want regardless of how you treat them...those poeple you just deal with and move on) If you were calling your customers 3 to 4 times a day you were doing something wrong...

    If there is anyone looking for a challange and a great career I encourage you to apply at Click on the employment link or even better, put on a shirt and tie and go to a store and talk to the store manager!

  • La
      24th of Jan, 2009
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    You said "( ALSO, Rent A Center will service everything that you get for free while you are paying on it AND will give you a loaner on that item until we can get it fixed for you AND you can get an extended year warranty after you have paid off your item for only $3 a week or about $156 for that whole year! Keeping in mind to replace a Tv's lamps it cost well over $600 at your local TV repair shop)"
    Ya your so right they fix it and give you a loaner - They had my Big Screen TV in the shop 2 times in less than a year and a half. After the 2 second time I stressed I was not happy about it and was really worried about if the TV was really worth the $6, 000.00 I was paying for it. This was to the Store Manager and he told me that is why I had the Insurance and besides as long as he Worked for Rent a Center he would be sure the TV was all right. But not 2 weeks later he was moved to another store and my TV has not been paid off even 4 months and is not working right and I have been informed that I'm out of luck becaue I am no longer a customer of Rent a Center because I am not renting anything from them! Just Slap a long time Customer in the FACE!

  • So
      25th of Jan, 2009
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    I understand your frustration 100% Larissa. I guess the "catch" on the insurance is that you must continue paying the $3/week for the year after which the item was paid off. Something that for some reason people forget or employees forget to tell/remind their customers of. (On a side note: After 30 days of non-payment the coverage automatically drops itself.) I will say it is difficult to track customers who only have Benefits Plus and no current account. There is no screen that pops up on the day it expires to alert employees that a customers coverage is about to expire, and the customer usually no longer comes into the store after their items are paid off so that persons account is rarely reviewed. Once the items are paid off and the customer no longer has Benefits Plus there really isn’t a lot that can be done

    However, what I do recommend is this:
    I would ask the store manager if there was anyway that he or she would be willing to help you out. I.e. The manager could send the TV to the service department (as a non-inventory item) for an estimate to see how much it would cost to fix it and you could go from there……these are things I have done in the past:
    If it cost less than $100…most of the time I fixed it at my expense
    If it cost over $100 I tried to split the difference as much as I could with the customer

    Now granted I only did this with great customers (One of which you are claiming to be) and if I, in anyway, messed up in the situation.

    I hope this suggestion helps you and all works out for you

  • Re
      2nd of Dec, 2012
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    The turn over rate is skyrackin um still employed My market they dont promote from within hire mGR from outside...My market says there cleanin up fired one mgr that had over 10 years in company an not for theft...

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