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Never buy anything from Raymour & Flanigan! They are the worst furniture retailer ever! All they do is make mistakes and then the consumer is the one that suffers. More people need to report there experiences to the Better Business Bureau. Something needs to be done about how they do business.

I have been dealing with Raymour & Flanigan for 7 months. That is too much of my time waisted. All because they can not deliver my furniture in one piece and I received defective merchandise. It took them six times to finally get my furniture right. Don't believe the store managers or associates, they will make you promises and never come through on any of them.

If you purchase anything from that store you are making a big mistake!

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  •   Oct 04, 2008
    Raymour Flanigan - terrible delivery
    Raymour Flanigan
    United States

    Sorry to say that I read all of the negative reviews after pen was put to paper. One reviewer told of horror stories concerning the "no interest" financing, this has my colon in a knot because I took the deal too, another reviewer complained of poor quality furniture from china. Sure enough this evening I had the misfortune of seeing that for myself when my overpriced firewood arrived (4 hours late). When I pointed out some defects in the finish to the delivery person, he stated that was a "rustic" look and was not a defect. To put the icing on the cake, the wrong tabletop color was sent. The box indicated the correct color however after opening, it was discovered that some functional illiterate repacked the wrong table in the box. I actually feel sorry for the delivery people because other than the sales person (Who knows how to hide and duck your calls), they are the only live people that you see and can shed your anger on.

    The bottom line is: never again.

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  • Ty
      Oct 11, 2008

    I diagree with the complaints that have been made, I had a good experince with Raymore and would recommend them to everyone who is looking to buy furniture.

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  • Ti
      Oct 28, 2008


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  • Mj
      Mar 06, 2009

    I, unfortunately, am just finding out how they are. Tuesday I received a call in ref to delivery - we had scheduling problems, but, eventually was told my chair would be delivered Sat by 10:30AM. Wed a girl calls for what? to tell me someone will be calling Friday with my time frame. Told her I already talked to someone Tues, and it was to be delivered by 10:30 on Sat. My answering machine tells people to call me at work during work hours, but by chance I checked it, and, yes, there is a message my chair will be delivered between 1-5. Hello, I just went through this Tuesday, that I am leaving the house at noon on Saturday and nobody in the store has any idea of someone making an arrangement with me on Tuesday and they cannot cange their scheduling route. I can, I'll find the truck and flatten the tires.

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