Raymour & Flanigan Furniturein store experience - employee

December 1, 2018 I visited the Raymour & Flanigan Gateway Center and had the worst store experience ever. Upon walking into the store a sales associate asked, if both me and my sister needed help and we replied " no we are just looking", thank you. We were shopping around for two possible pieces of furniture and just needed to view the options in person. Sales associate named - Ryan was helpful when we had a question and professionals. Walking to wards the back of the store sales associate named Bevon approached almost in a corner and states stated what was our problem, I was astounded, he asked what was our issue and why didn't we need any help. I was surprised and asked what was his reason for attacking us about not need any help, as I wasn't aware that looking was an issue. He stated that the floor manager was there and he (Bevon) doesn't see why we didn't need help and we were there to waste time. Never in my life have I been approached by sales person with such rude and condescending tone and behavior. It is absolutely ridiculous that employees representing any company should be allowed to speak to customers in that way. No questions regarding the items of furniture that we were looking at or offered to introduce a product or quick fact as means of gaining our attention, instead it was a full on attack. I was searching for a bed and sofa and just wanted to view the options as it would have been for my little sister. Instead of having a good experience and it's the holiday season, Bevon ruined a first experience to Raymour and Flanigan and tainted our whole view. So many other companies offer similar furniture and service and with retail stored being on the decline to the online market, you would think that sales associates would be a little more customer focus in there delivery and customer service skills. Ashley Furniture, Wayfair and Ikea had similar options but I chose to visit this store and this was my experience. I spoke with the Sales Manager who offered an apology but could vividly see Bevon in his office right after staring me and sister down from the office window while another customer was conversing with us. This is totally unacceptable and word of mouth and great customer service experience goes a far way. My aunt has gotten her bedroom set from there in the past and recommend I visited the store and look before purchase and this was my experience. I was belittled and handled in a very rude and condensing manner by Bevon who blankly let me and my sister know that we were there to waste time, he didn't even cover what he was saying but said it word for word, we were idlers. Something needs to be done.

Dec 09, 2018

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