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Raymour And Flanigan / poor customer service!

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At the beginning of September 2007, we went into Raymour and Flanagan to look at couches. My husband didn't want fabric, so we ended up looking at leather. We found one we liked and decided to purchase it. We ALSO decided to purchase a foam mattress bed and a full size bed for our spare room. The beds are fine, but the couch smells to high heaven. It's not a regular leather smell. I can't even explain it more than it smells sour or putrid.

I called the company 2 weeks ago. Talked to a woman at the main desk. Told her I didn't want a return a just wanted an exchange for a fabric couch. She was very understanding, told me that she has the same "smell" in one of her couches and that she needed to send an e-mail to the store manager and district manager, and that someone would get back to me either Saturday or Monday. Needless to say, those days went by and I received no phone call. When I called and talked to "said" girl, she basically acted like I hadn't even spoke to her, and told me that she would transfer me over to my sales person who took care of us. I told her that on Friday when I spoke to her she said it wasn't a sales person issue. She said she had to transfer me anyway. Of course, the sales woman got on the phone, I explained the issue to her and OF COURSE, she had to transfer me to her store manager. After speaking with him, he said that it stated right on the back of our contract that they do not do any exchanges or returns and that if I wanted to do an exchange, he'd have to get approval from his district manager and I'd have to pay a 20% rehandling fee. I wanted to say... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! I have to pay you more money cuz I'M not satisfied??!! After talking to my husband, he vetoed the idea of giving them any more money. I will NEVER shop at Raymour and Flanagan again. They DO NOT take care of their customers... but they DO take your money!!!


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  • Bh
      20th of Aug, 2007
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    Raymour and Flanigan - Poor customer service!
    United States

    To this day, I am still waiting for our sofa to be fixed. My experience with this company has been a nightmare. The day our furniture was delivered, we noticed problems. A seat for the dining room chair was loose, there were nicks on some furniture, and hardware for our end tables, entertainment set, and buffet were loose as well. However, the biggest problem was a squeaky sofa.

    I called the company the first chance I got to express my complaints and to request repairs or exchanges for the defective BRAND NEW furniture. When the technician arrived, he was able to repair most of the problems with the exception of the squeaky sofa and a dining room chair. The dining room chair needed a replacement part which I had to wait for. The technician attempted to repair the sofa but on the same day he left, the other side of the sofa began squeaking. This lead to another call to schedule another appointment.

    We didn't schedule another appointment until the part arrived for the dining room chair so that the technician can try to repair both in one visit as opposed to two separate visits. I had requested a different technician because the original technician didn't fix the problem with the sofa. They did NOT send a different technician. The same one came back for the 2nd appointment. He was able to repair the dining room chair but unable to repair the sofa. The rear of the sofa now began to squeak.

    At this point I had begun to get frustrated. I made multiple calls to the Oakland Service and Repairs department (201-337-0980) requesting to speak with managers or supervisors. I was usually told that they weren’t available but I would get a call back. I NEVER received a call back. I finally spoke with a manager (Emilio) by calling in myself to express my frustrations. I requested to have the sofa exchanged. It was a brand new sofa that had already been taken apart twice. He insisted on sending a more experience technician and give them another chance. I declined and insisted on exchanging the sofa. At the end of the conversation, he agreed to exchange the sofa and I’d have to wait for yet another appointment. He had also stated that if the sofa was exchanged, I could not longer request repairs for the piece because it will no longer be covered by the plan. I feel this is a ridiculous policy.

    On the third appointment (7/31/07), two gentlemen brought in the new sofa. That one squeaked too and it was worse than the sofa I already had. This just goes to show the quality of the furniture they’re selling. I had requested the delivery men to leave the original sofa. I was forced to make another call. I had no other recourse at this point but to call for another service appointment. I spoke to Emilio again. He said this time he will send a more experienced technician to resolve the problem. I had no choice, either take the fourth appointment or live with a squeaky sofa. He pulled some strings to get me the first appointment that day.

    On the fourth appointment (8/17/07), they did send another technician and he did arrive first thing in the morning. He also seemed more knowledge and experienced. Unfortunately, he did not have the equipment or means to repair the sofa. He stated that the sofa needs to be taken into their repair facility where they have to proper tools to fix the sofa. Reluctantly, I accepted this answer because ultimately I just want to get it fixed. I received a call from a woman by the name of Applelina to schedule my fifth appointment (8/22/07). This appointment was to have a delivery team pick up our sofa to be repaired. I had expressed to her the ordeal I’ve been going through. She understood and told me that she would be requesting an early morning appointment (8am-12pm). My work schedule starts at 12:30pm so I need appointments in the AM hours.

    Keep in mind, taking away our sofa is very inconvenient for my wife and me. The company isn’t able to tell me how long it will take to fix the sofa. They won’t schedule an appointment until the sofa is fixed. So let’s say it take 2 days to fix the sofa. Then they call me to schedule an appointment for delivery. If they actually honor the scheduled appointment, I anticipate I’ll be without a sofa for nearly a week.

    Today (8/20/07), I received a call from a gentlemen from the Delivery department. He told me the appointment is scheduled between 10am-2pm. At that point I was very upset and tried to explain to the gentlemen that this wouldn’t work for me. He hung up on me.

    Immediately, I called into the Delivery department to speak with a supervisor or manager. Again, I was told none were available. The lady I spoke with, Tammy had advised me that they cannot guarantee any appointment windows and if the appointment didn’t work for me, I’d have to reschedule. At the end of the conversation, I was forced to reschedule to (8/24/07) but still she could not guarantee me a time frame! Again, she was only able to but in a request. If they actually pick up the sofa and repair it, will I get it back by Labor Day to entertain guests?? I requested the company’s corporate number and address. She was only able to provide me with a phone number of 315-453-2500.

    I called the number and spoke to Kelly. I told her that I wished to speak with someone on filing a complaint against the company. She transferred me to a lady by the name of Bridgette. I also advised her of my request. She placed me on hold only to hang up on me. I attempted to reach the Oakland Service center and today I only get their voicemail.

    I am at my wits end with this company. The way they treat their customers is deplorable. The only persons I’ve dealt with that have shown any empathy are Emilio and Applelina. The attitudes I’ve received from others have been apathetic. Their website doesn’t have a corporate address where you can write letters to complain. Attempts to make complaints by phone are given the runaround with phone transfers. I will never purchase anything from the company again. I will never recommend them either.

  • Bi
      20th of Aug, 2007
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    I am the guy who received 12 pieces... 12 out of 12 defective... basically, my story is sooo similar, but actually a lot worse!! I also spoke with this Brigitte... Someone is supposedly going to call me tomorrow night... lets see. I am clearly stressed and sick over this.

    Email me... lets compare our horror notes!!! This is sickening!!!

    Bill in Connecticut

  • Je
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    Raymour & Flanigan - Poor customer service!
    Raymour & Flanigan
    New Jersey
    United States

    I went in to Raymour and Flanigan in Greece one night to show my friend the couch I was going to purchase, when a sales woman was very rude and degrading to me. Because I am young she implied that I didn't have the money and that I wasn't serious about purchasing the couch... she was pushing me into financing the couch and that's all she wanted-she wanted to make the sale and didn't care about anything else. She was extremely rude! I would never buy anything from her! When I called the store manager to complain, he did/offered nothing, he said that she was one of the companies best sellers and is a "hard closer". I am appalled at the service I have been given and will never buy anything from that store!

  • An
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    I'm having the same problems. I purchased some matresses on 04/02 and to date 04/14 i still have to receive delivery of all items. I call and call and they cannot even give me a delivery date.

  • Di
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    Raymour and Flanigan - Poor Cutomer Service
    Raymour and Flanigan
    United States

    I spent almost $2000 on a leather sectional which ripped at the seam 15 months after purchase. It was in the corner section in the back so was not from usage. I called to have it repaired and was told I did not have extended coverage after 12 months but they sent a tech out to get a quote to repair. A week later I had a voice message saying "there is nothing we can do to repair it". Now I have a ripped $2000 couch that I thought was durable enough to last at least 10 years- I am disgusted that in this economy their customer service is so poor. I hope they go out of business - I will never, ever buy anything from there.

  • Ed
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    My name is Edwin A. and live in NYC. I purchased $29, 000.00 of furniture from Raymour & Flanagan and cash for the entire purchase. As soon as I brought them the certify check that they requested, the heartburn began. First then lied about delivery date within a 3 day period. They wanted me to wait six days, because all their trucks were tied up. When i asked for my checks back and to cancel the order, they miraculously made room for me. They didn't advise ahead of time that they were coming. They dropped in while I has renovation going on. They piled up the furniture in one room and said they be back to put the furniture together. That never happened. They made me sign on the blind for the delivery and then the dirt started coming out. I noticed that I was overcharge for same pieces of furniture bought in pairs. Then I was charged for a mattress and an extra end table. I went to the store on 14th and Irving, relocated from 23rd and 6th, where I originnally purchased the furniture, and ask to speak to a customer rep. My rep. (Kevin) told me he would adjust the overcharges, but he had to check with the warehouse to see if they did indeed make the delivery of a box spring mattress and three end tables. The claim that when I signed the delivery receipt I acknowledge delivery of the items in question. In fact, they did not go over the ordered being delivered and just made me sign. Moreover, I noticed the box spring mattress being brought in to the building through the basement and stop them and said, "I never ordered a mattress. Take it back. I refused the mattress. The driver denies me refusing the mattress and the warehouse said they didn't want to come to my house to confirm what furniture I received. I call them over and over again and Mr. Kevin said they were too busy to schedule and appointment to confirm that I didn't receive the items. They finally made a date and I had a previous commitment. I called MR. KEVIN and he said all well we will try again next week. Kevin works til 9pm and I called him at 3:30pm. The trip from 14th St to Washington Heights is only 15 minutes. I traveled it 6 times back and forth when I was picking my furniture there. Anyway three months have passed by and still no call back. I feel helpless but not speechless. RAYMOUR & FLANAGAN ARE TWO OF THE BIGGEST THIEVES THAT HAVE SET FOOT ON THIS EARTH.
    They are ruthless and liers and have no ethics in doing business with the public. I too will join with those have been dupted by this company.


  • Ed
      18th of Jun, 2009
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