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Raymour And Flanigan / 12 pieces of damaged furniture delivered to my home!

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Delivered 12 pieces of damaged furniture on 4 separate trips. For what? A 3 piece set... Sofa... loveseat, chair. All damaged on all 4 deliveries. All pieces damaged on all 4 trips. Damage was pointed out even by the delivery guys!!!
Yes, my wife and I pointed it out to them on all occassions!! The delivery guys also saw the damage agreed that they would not accept the furniture in the condition it was in. After all, it is supposedly NEW furniture not used or repaired furniture. Spoke with warehouse, salesman, store manager, and regional manager... they did very little, if anything for me. I will now try to talk to the corporate office. What is a shame is that the store seems like is has good quality stuff, but once you leave the store, it is a different story.
Kind of like seeing a menu where the picture of the food looks good, but when the food arrives it looks and tastes like cardboard!!!

Customer Service: F
Deliverd New Furniture: F
Customer Satisfaction: F

Sure, I believe their prices are better than many, but it is most likely due to the above scenarios.

As my dad always says, "You get what you pay for!"


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  • Bi
      19th of Aug, 2007
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    Oh yea, also...about the damage:

    Frame bent, seams not lined up... soes not line up as it should, tears about the size of dime, rips about 1-2 inches, stains, soot type stains, stitching ..separated, pen mark on love seat, etc.



  • De
      21st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same here Raymour&Flannigan in seekonk a 3800.00 natuzzi sofa set leather 1st del pen marks, nicks, sratches, all over seats arms, ottoman as well ..and 5 deliveries later same cramp.They want to send technicians to spray paint nicks that should not be on new merchandise.I didnt purchase clearance merch therefore I or anyone else should not be dealing with these issues .Losing time out of work and really interupting your weekend if delivery is available to be upset and let down once again. I will be making a complaint to the attorney generals office martha coakley, just waiting for the paper work I really thought i was the only person going through this UNBELIVABLE.. and a female in [corporate syracuse ]has the gall to state"shes worked their 15 years and thats not the way they do business and theyve never heard any thing like this before. GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK LADY!!! I suggest every call their local atty general. Thanks for the opportunity to vent good luck with other stores.

  • Ke
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    i purchased thier warranty and their new thing is to make cheeper furnature at a reasonable price because of the economy at least one set min store i liked how it looked but did not pick it for the price i should have steared clear because it is falling apart and i just got it 6 months ago never had this problem before bought furnature there with the warranty there every 3 years for 12 years and never had this problem and they started selling their own warranty instead of the other company that used to handle it little issues with the other company where never a problem now they do their own warranty and they want me to send my 2 couches to their repair shop for an undetermined number of days and sit on the floor

  • Gr
      10th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I work for this company. I can understand customers frustration if merchandise arrives damaged, but out of my office we really do go above and beyond trying to satisfy the customer. It is always our intent to deliver undamaged furniture and we do inspect the furniture prior to delivery, but sometimes minor cosmetic defects may be overlooked. Also, take in to consideration, the high cost that it takes to deliver merchandise. We certainly would never deliver damaged goods intentionally, because we are loosing a tremendous amount of money everytime a delivery is declined and drive teams don't get paid. Customers also don't understand the process of furniture delivery and just how many people are involved in that process. Much of this furniture goes through an enormous amount of transit before it reaches our facilities; some of it is shipped from oversea's vendors. Companies like Raymour's are often at the mercy of the vendor. It is just as frustrating for us, waiting for special orders to come in, but it is out of our hands how long the vendor takes to ship replacement parts or special orders to us. No one in the company likes having to make a customer wait for parts or special orders. Please remember we do care about our customers and we will do everything we can to help you. Remember that the voice you are talking to on the other end of the phone is a real person. Speak to them with some respect, it is not ok to be verbally abusive to anyone and thats what many of our Assocaites face from impatient customers. We are just trying to do our job the best way we can, with the resources that have been provided to us, but there are guidelines and steps that must be followed just like any job. We also have to work within the manufacturers warranty guidelines; just like you research the warranty on your car, you should be doing it on your furniture. We do care about our customers and realize that without you, we wouldn't have jobs. We are here for you and it feels so good to help a customer, especially when they're appreciative. It's only too bad that there are not more websites that offer praise for companies and associates, because I can guarantee that the situations that you all have described are not the "norm" and our happy customers far outweigh the dissatisfied ones. Our companies successful deliveries are in the 90th percentile. For the furniture industry as a whole, the standard for successful delivery is in the 70th to low 80th percentile. So people can certainily shop wherever they want, but in reality, you have a lower chance of having a successful delivery elsewhere. I'm sorry if we've even let down one customer, because our customer satisfaction is truly of the utmost importance to us.

  • Jo
      14th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Bought over 7k worth of furniture in Dec 2010 from Orange Ct location. Delivery staff damaged my floors. Spoke to a Diane who was suppose to have someone out to look. Shes not returning my calls and noone ever showed up. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! DELIVERY TEAM WERE THUGS, STAY AWAY!

  • Az
      21st of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Delivery was on a Friday. I bough 3 pieces. A dresser with mirror and nightstand. Delivered me a broken mirror and left it there. My boyfriend signed for it and wrote BROKEN on it. I called store immeidately upon arriving home. Took numerous phone calls to store. I was told that they were notifying the warehouse and I would get a call to reschedule a replacement. No on called me. I called the store on Sunday, same spiel. Called again on Wed. and was given the number to call my self. I did. The young lady who answered the phone sounded miserable and just did not care. She wanted to schedule the trade off during the week, three weeks later no less. I told her I am not taking another day off to have them deliver. They had to come on the weekend. That's a month asway. That was their earliest. Tell someone else to get in their car drive it to me! I should not have to wait like that! They brought me broken goods and I already go the bill! It's total B.S!

  • Be
      30th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    This guy above, Joe Mase, who works for the company, (see post 04/10/10) sounds like a typical corporate suckass. He should order some of the crap his company sells and see how he enjoys it. He talks about, "take into consideration the high cost of delivery..." like it's not worked into the price. I would love to know where he get his "90%" figure on successful delivery. I'm sure he used some internal company stat to back that up with. It's one thing to say something inane like that but it's another thing to prove it. Do an internet poll of your customers and see if your sliderule shifts just a bit. My wife and I ordered a sofa, loveseat, 3 corner tables and a cocktail table from the Carle Place, N.Y. store . When the guys delivered the cocktail table the glass in the middle would not fit because of a structural defect. You would think some one in the wearhouse would have tried to put it in before wrapping and delivering it, no chance. All 3 corner tables had an assortment of nics and divets. The sofa when reclined spit a broken screw and a washer out. The service guy who came to work on the furniture wouldn't even turn it on end. He said, and I quote, "A lot of times when they make these extra hardware ends up in them." I told him, "Well I prefer my sofa with no extra parts thanks". Told them to replace the sofa and when the second one came the diver tells me, "yours is in better shape we'll just give you new back pieceses". My wife and I inspected the 3 corner tables and put small pieceses of blue painters tape on all the defects, (80 on 1 table and 20 or 30 or so on the others. The service guy tells me my wife and I were "Nitpicking". I called to have another service guy and complained about his remark and of course not a thing was done. The coffee table was redelivered 3x, each one worse than the one before so we cancelled it all together. At least 5 attempts was made to contact our origional sales person before he called back. The entire order was a train wreck including the credit company they deal with. With every return we made some one should have contacted the credit company and had the item removed from the agreement. Never done. So now we have to call the credit company and explain all this and they could care less telling us to get in touch with the furniture company and have them explain everything which we couldn't accomplish in the first place. So now we have to deal with 2 corporate ###s instead of 1. I wouldn't use the toilet in Raymour and Flanigans not less buy anything again from them again. I would have to say their biggest problem is with their warehouse. No one does a proper inspection before they ship anything. The guy who did our inspection must have used a dog and a cane.

    Kevin Shanahan

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