Ralphs Grocery Company / pharmacist

Redondo Beach, CA, United States

I called redondo beach ralphs pharmacy to see if it was ready. When i left it they said they would call me once it was received from where ever they had to order it from. Juan Carlos then proceeds to tell me nothing is ready . I ask again, he said the same thing that they had nothing. I explained to him what was dropped off and when. He then gave me an attitude and said " well it's been 2 weeks so it got sent back ." I explained how i was just following their instructions. He then argued with me that it was my fault for not calling and that Ralphs doesnt even call people. Which is very false. I then asked to speak to somebody else as i was getting no where with him. He said no one was available. I askes for a supervisor or anyother employee beside him. He then puts me on hold for 5 mins . In that time i hang up and call back and speak with another pharmacist who has way better customer service skills. He then does what the 1st one should have done to begin With and put my perscription in . Allen says it will be ready shortly. I go into the store and Juan is at pick up I obviously do not want to interact with him after his attitude problem. He then proceeds to argue with me in person. I have never experienced such disrespect and unprofessionalism. I am a patient advocate and something needs to be done so that so one else goes through what i had to. I know how to treat a person with dignity and respect. One must always remain professional.

Oct 26, 2018

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