Ralphs Grocery Company / employee treatment

Culver City, CA, United States

I am a weekly shopper at this location and have been for years. I Love all the friendly faces and how they are so polite and helpful. I have noticed for some time now there is a man by the name of Alex that is some sort of manager and he is so ridiculously rude and over the top with his emplyees. This man screams at them and has no nice way of saying anything to anyone and the worst thing is he obviously does it front of customers. I feel so bad for the emplyees and I feel so uncomfortable when he's around I have even considered of going to a different store. I was speaking to a lady in the bakery named Michelle about a certain bread and then I turned around to look some more and that man alex walked up to her and started to tell her why is this not here and where is that? He was so rude and loud. When the employee tried to say something he said I don't want to hear it and put his hand In her face and walked away. I think he is so bad for your business and mistreats his employees to the point of me not returning and I I'm going to post this all over social media and tell everyone I know not to shop there until he is gone. No one should ever talk to someone like that. Alex is a horrible person and I have no idea how he is some sort of manager.

Oct 28, 2018

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