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I am writing this complaint so that no one else falls into the same situation.
I was initially lured into the center by the radio and television advertisements (Lose 30 pounds in 30 days for $30). There is no such thing as this.

I was depressed because I am heavier than I have ever been. I thought that if I got a jump start of 30 pounds, this would help me.

Quick Weight Loss Clinic is designed to take advantage of vulnerable overweight clients, such as myself. Everyone that works there is very high pressured. They knock you down, get you depressed even more, work on your self-esteem and reel you in to signing a contract and paying an enormous price for enrollment fees, pills and supplements to get you started.

I came home and was upset with myself about signing up for this and making this commitment. I signed up on March 8th (Thursday) and told them that I could not start the program until March 11th (Sunday) due to having to go for a fasting lab work appointment for my thyroid levels and physical. Well, I ended up with a bad virus over the weekend and ended up losing 6 pounds due to the virus. I called them on Monday and told them that I wanted to get a refund due to losing my job on Friday. They told me that there were no refunds. I told them that I am no longer getting a pay check and cannot afford the amount of money I just paid. By the way: $658.00 was my initial cost. They said they could not accept any of the pills or supplements back. I said that I would like the enrollment fees, etc back and they said there was a no refund policy. They had no sympathy of me losing my job or me wanting a refund. They convinced me of coming back in and speaking with them. What they did for me instead of refunding me was to add a few more weeks on to the program since I would not be taking some of their supplements for the weight loss. I spoke with my husband and he said for me to give it a try since I can’t get my money back.

I went ahead with it. They claim they have individual plans. This is another false statement. They have plans that everyone follows regardless of medical conditions. They give you paperwork to follow. You have to take a bunch of pills every day and eat according to their list of foods that are acceptable and eat their supplements. Every day for 2 weeks you have to go in to be weighed, blood pressure and look at your food diary for the day before. If you do not follow everything perfect, including going to them daily, you are not following their plan. They humiliate you, knock you down, criticize you and give you negative feedback regardless whether you have lost or not. I felt very depressed every time I walked out of there and my blood pressure always was high. They always find fault. There tactics are to try to get you to buy, buy, and buy. If you are not a buying customer, they rush you out the door.

Their nutritional class is in a room that is filled with all of their supplements and a DVD player for you to watch. This, they claim is a nutritional program. Basically, it is another way to sell you more items to guarantee your weight loss.

I was feeling nauseated daily because of the amount of food they tell you to eat along with taking 2 appetite suppressants. They told me that in order for me to be successful, you must eat and eat. There was no way I could continue. I was getting really bad stomach pains at night and not having proper bowel movements. They again told me this is normal.

They claim that I lost 6.6 pounds in one week. I did lose that amount, but, remember, I lost 6 pounds in a weekend and I was not even on the program yet.

Please, do yourself a favor and everyone you know, spread the word that this place is not a good place to walk into. You will be trapped if you walk in.

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  • Ra
      22nd of Mar, 2012

    I forgot to add the facebook website that I have created so that the word can get out.!/QWLCenterRipOff

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  • No
      7th of Apr, 2015

    I love QWL!!! I lost about 30-40 lbs in 2-3 months. I stuck to the plan which had me eating more than I normally did and everyone including myself saw a difference. I would definitely recommend it especially if you go in with a positive attitude towards it all instead of a negative one. It's 100% beneficial and I'm going to jump start my diet again soon.

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