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NICKI was the technician assigned to draw my blood and urine. She was annoyed when I asked her to put on new gloves before she drew my blood. I happen to have a blood disease and a very poor immune system but she didn't hear me and didn't care. I asked her please to be gentle with me as my skin is very thin and I bruise horribly. Again she did not care and was very rough with my veins and complained that I was de-hydrated and that I needed to drink water. Then she left abruptly and I was not told to either get my own water or if she would come back with it. I heard her service another patient with the weight check and something else. She then passed in the hall and I asked her what to do and she snipped that she is getting me water. After I drank the water, I asked her to change her gloves and she said, " didn't you see me do that?" I said "no, I didn't see her do that" and she insisted that she did change them again. Meanwhile, she had been touching the scale, water fountain and other objects from the same old gloves from the first round. I put myself in harm's way but I was afraid her attitude would interfere with my doctor's follow-up because she was very spiteful. The she told me to get my urine in the bottle. I said "what bottle?" She said pointing to a jar on my right, "what does that name say"? very sarcastic implying that was mine and that I knew that all along for that purpose. I told her that she did not tell me that was for me. Annoyed, she told me to go to the ladies room and then put the urine bottle on the shelf. Well, there was no shelf in the bathroom. So I asked her, "what shelf?" Again she was annoyed and pointed to a shelf away from the bathroom and said "I told you to put it on the shelf, " like I am an idiot. I then told her that she should have been clear as to tell me the shelf was outside the bathroom. Nicki has an attitude problem and is a poor technician who was not careful inserting the needle 4 times without care and hardly wrapping up the wound to tighten the area from wounding. She obviously hates her job. My two arms are black and blue from the elbow up today. She kept saying it would be OK in a day, not listening to my concerns at all. Was it such a big deal to change the gloves once more after dealing with the other patient in between me? I do not write complaint letters but Nicki should not be allowed to be in a professional environment because of her attitude and poor medical skills. I am a working professional myself with an MBA and would not allow that behavior or ineptness to jeopardize my team's workplace.

Please give me the follow-up with Nicki. I hope she is not allowed to be working with people anymore.

Thank you.

Nov 29, 2016
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  • Az
      Jul 20, 2017

    How can you trust a business, if it allows a CRIMINAL woman an access to the patient records and tests? That criminal is Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan, DOB 06/02/1966), an Armenian immigrant who has hardly survived deportation, and now residing in 4 Repton Circle, Apt. 4101, Watertown, MA 02472.

    From her country Armenia to the USA, Marina's biography is satiated with multiple crimes: fraud, identity theft, credit card hacking/using, shoplifting, bad wording about everybody, FALSIFYING documents (including medical records, IDs), mail fraud (randomly picking attorney names from the Internet and composing fake letters under their names and without their awareness), prostitution, libels, scandals, slanders, opening fake email account under the names of individuals she knows personally and sending vulgar and hacking emails to others from those fake (impersonating). She has stayed in the USA through IMMIGRATION FRAUD.

    Marina Noble came to the USA through Edmund Muskie program (when she did not know a single English word then), violated the 212 E immigration code and stayed after the program [protected]) against the regulations of the J1 visa and Immigration Law. She survived deportation by randomly locating an alcoholic unemployed lost person (William Noble from West Yarmouth, MA), dating him when he was still married, breaking his family and marrying him with her pregnancy from another man. The child, Sophia Noble, was born way before their marriage registration. The Immigration has been very nice to her, by closing eyes to her fraud and false intent statement (in waiving the 212E rule) and therefore, we all ended up in an intricate situation when this DANGEROUS CRIMINAL works in Quest Diagnostics.

    Marina Noble photographs patient records from Quest Diagnostics and embeds them in her anonymous Internet posts she opens under various doctors' names to put those doctors in trouble (for the breach of privacy, when her target remains unaware for years, of those impersonating postings). Marina Noble is a SICK-In-THE-HEAD MANIAC. She must be stopped!

    Everybody: follow your citizenship duties and report to the USCIS and Homeland Security about this woman (Marina Noble), so her immigration history and files will be revisited. More likely, she will not be deported as she formed a so-called family in the USA on the ruins of others, but at least she will pay the fine ($20, 000 - $100, 000) for her false intent and for lying to the Immigration Authorities. This is how this country must thrive, by recovering its budget through fining the grand-criminals and allocating the funs for the welfare of children, seniors, and veterans..

    Marina Noble is the low, petty and hooligan version of Bernie Madoff. She cannot keep a job as each time she is being kicked out for doc falsifications and fraud.. She has a wealth of criminal records and warrants. Doesn't the Quest D's CEO know this? Formerly, Marina Noble was bragging and false-misrepresenting herself as the owner of Atlantic Clinical Trials LLC (in watertown, MA) then the web-listing of that phantom company was removed by her, after her fraud was released (she would locate random names from cemeteries, or online, and open fake patient records to report to clinical trial agencies that she has performed phase-1 drug efficiency trial on those persons, who sadly would remain unaware that their names being used by that criminal woman). Marine Noble's elder daughter, Azniv Shahverdyan, has also worked shortly with Quest Diagnostics (an entire criminal family attacking on this serious business and patient records...)

    Below is Marina Noble's and her daugher Azniv Shahverdyan's pictures are attached, together with my receipt they have placed in the Internet.

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