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I flew with Qatar on the 30th of May from Perth Australia to Ireland. As I was flying with my baby and my husband I decided to call qatar to check the baggage allowance a day before our flight, because according to our tickets we were allowed to check-in 3 bags 30kg wich. As the website site is not clear enough, I called Qatar AIRWAYS on the 29th of May, and the information I got was the same I had. 3 bags of 30kg plus 11 kg of my baby bag to carry on the plane and 7 kg each.
When we went to check in our bags, the staff got confused about our tickets because according to them, my baby ticket was process like an adult ticket. After 30 minutes waiting they simply decided we had to leave 1 of our bags or we wouldn't be able to fly, I try to explain that I call Qatar one day before and I got confirmation about the information I had.
The bag had my baby clothes and my husband clothes. As we didn't have alternative we left our baggage.Our situation is very hard as the alternative we have is shipping the bag wich would take a while to arrive here, and in that way probably most of my baby's cloths won't fit him anymore.
I would like to know what you can do to fix this problem.I want to aware you that, simple apologies won't fix my problem, so I am requesting a solution for the problem that your company created.
It was the first time I flew with Qatar and so far I am not planning to do it again or even advice anyone to do it.

Jun 03, 2018
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  •   Jun 03, 2018

    *** The rules on claim leave you the time till 5JuN for the decsion. After 5 June 18 you the chance for complaint is lost.

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  •   Apr 14, 2019

    To the author,

    1. Nobody has a duty to respond or to examine the anonymous complaint,
    or purely indefinite complaint,
    or the complaint, which does not disclose the evidences (receipts), such as:-
    - e-ticket,
    - PNR,
    - boarding pass,

    - BAG TAG to the bagage related issue,

    - additinal receipt, if any,

    - explanation, what exact service was not provided or provided gainst the rule of the ticket (class of the service).

    2. There are no evidence of the paid booking or of the flight related to anyone in the complaint.

    3. If the author does not know,
    - when,
    - where
    - the way of the submission of the complaint, the author can hire the profesila in reelated field.

    4. We can provide such legal service for the complainant for a small charge,
    starting from equvalent of AUD100, paybale online againt invoice.

    Time limit for the legal action before the authority / court: 1 year,
    following the last flight or the last complaint.


    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters (Asia and Europe)
    Aryan engineers Ltd UK
    email for request with documents to
    substitute {at}[email protected] in email field .

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