Qatar Airways / the staffs of qatar airways cancelled my ticket illegal


The staffs of qatar airways cancelled my ticket illegal
I present my case below:
1/ i bought return tickets zurich - hcmc and hcmc -zurich : from 2 feb 2013 ( zurich-doha-hcmc) to 24 feb 2013 ( hcmc-doha-zurich)
2/ on 24 feb 2013, i was in tansonnhat airport in hcmc and i checked in and recieve tickets, staff of qatar airways weighted my luggages and no problem with my baggages . ( 23kg and 7kg)
Staff of qa tagged all of my baggages and she said that, my hand baggage is 7kg, and i can share some things of my shoulder- bag to my baggages .
3/ when i ready to went to the plane, these staff prevented me and they ask me must reweight, this time, they said that my baggages over weight 3kg (because i shared some things as medicine, cosmetic along with the boots, jacket because it was so warm )
- so i took out these things and put in my shoulder-bag ( camera, medicine, jewels, laptop) and back wore my boots, my jacket
-so my hand baggage returned 7 kg .
- but they still not agree and they forced me that : must pay or cancel my shoulder-bag, it was unreasonable ! because i was not wrong, i did not agree and i required them to reweight my baggages, they did not make .
- after that they cancelled my tickets, i could not go step on the plane( !)
4/ when i required them to make record and resolve my case, they threatened me and call airport security come, while i was not crime . mr dung and mr vinh said that : i must waited until the plane close the door, they will take me to airport security to made record .
5/ the staffs of q-a at airport kicked me out the passengers area, they treat me as a crime and they
Have bad attitude to me, they are very insolence, they challenged that i can not do anything about them ...
6/ rule of qatar airways :you are allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage without charge (depending on the class you travel), as well as any duty-free items you have purchased on the day of your flight. you may carry personal items such as a purse, briefcase, cane, camera, etc.
-i made right this rule : - my hand luggage (7kg) )- my shoulder-bag with personal items ( camera, jewels, medicines…etc…)
-i felt very surprise, because all of my baggages, which i brang from zurich airport, but i did not have any annoying and i bring these baggages to vn safety, but in vn, staffs of qatar prevented me and cancel my ticket
7/when mr vinh took me to airport security to make record, they just wrote with reason : customer did not accept rule of hand baggages of company. ( please pay attention: they did not write 15 kg on this record)
-i required them to give me a copy, but they did not agree, so a staff of airport security said to me that i could use camera to take picture this record ( enclosed this record with my complaint )
8/ next day, i called to booking office at hcmc, staffs of qatar airways said that :
- all of tickets of march to zurich were finished
- if i want to travel early, i must pay extra, as on [protected] flight at 23.00, i must pay extra 350usd
- i did not agree, because i don’t have money to pay extra .
-she gave me phone number and email address of mr philip odhiambo (airport services manager (sgn), but i couldn’t contact to him, i just spoke to mr dung, staff of his office, but this man said that mr phillip has not the right to resolve my case.
- after that, i have went to booking office again to require supplying a new ticket for me, but they said that just have tickets come to geneva, if i want ticket early on 6-3-2013, i must pay extra 300usd .
- so they supply for me 1 ticket on [protected], so i will not pay extra
- - i must be in vietnam more 18 days, this thing did not have in my plan, i remind : i just had 3 weeks vacations in vn( from 3-2-2013 to24-2-2013) so i did not prepare money for more these days, so where is money let i pay extra ???
Mr ali n alharazi (senior officer qatar airways ) always said that , he said very easy, but they are very unreasonable, why must i pay extra while their staffs were wrong ???
I was not wrong ! ( make sure 100%)
9/ i sent my complaint to manager of tsn airport and customer relations department, but mr philip odhiambo and mr ali n alharazi did not resolved my case objectively and accurately, they just listened and trust your staffs and do not care about the interests of customers,
10/ from the reasons above, i have some requests and questions below :
-- i want to direct meet mr phillip and his staffs ( mr dung, mr vinh ) face to face, so he can consider and resolve this issue more objectively. ( i required this thing 3 times, but he did not reply )
- i want to see the record, which he said that it wrote 15kg ? in original record, the staffs of q-a at tsn airport made and with presence of the airport security along with the signatures ( of mine and mr vinh –staff of qatar airways ), please pay attention :
+if the record had had not signatures of both( i and staff of qa ), it was invalid
+if the record was corrected - it is different with original record, it is illegal and break law
- which rule allowed staffs of qa check and weight baggages of passengers 2 times, before they go step on the plane? i saw only in vietnam ! i was not wrong, because staff of qa had weighted my baggages and changed me tickets and tagging on them, (if my baggages are overweight, staff at check in desk did not give me ticket and tagging baggages)
- i just have vacation in vn in 3 weeks, and i must come back switzerland for my jobs, for my family . but staffs of qa cancelled my tickets illegally . it was wrong ! so i require qa must compensation for physical and mental for me
- the staffs at tsn airport made late of my job and bad effect to my family and my health, my husband said that he ask qatar airways in zurich, they told him, i bring baggages 14 kg (?) how do you think, while mr ali and phillip always made sure my baggages 15kg
- i have history of stomach disease and heart disease, and i was not prepared for medication for days was stayed more in vietnam(18days), i must went to see doctor and have prescriptions
Vietnamese staff of qatar airways at tan son nhat airport (hcmc) is very bossy and generally making it difficult for passengers, even asking passengers to pay but they keep this amount (in 2011, i have flight of qa, my luggage is overweight about 2kg, they have demanded that i must paid $ 20, but they did not give me the bill, after that i do not want to carry luggage overweight, it is very complicated and it is bribery ( i used to have 8 flights of qatar airways )
I feel very surprised, because all my luggages, which i brought from zurich airport, but i do not have any trouble and i carry the luggage safely to the vietnam . but in vietnam, the staff of qatar to stopped me and cancel my ticket.
I only stayed in vietnam for three weeks, and i have to go back to switzerland for my job, for my family. however, the qa staff cancelled my ticket illegal. that is wrong! so i asked them to compensate for the physical and mental for me. but managers of qatar airways ( mr ali n alharazi (senior officer qatar airways ) and mr philip odhiambo (airport services manager (sgn) resolved my case bias and defended wrongdoing of their staffs .
I was not wrong, so i would like the justice must be done !

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Mar 08, 2013

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