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Hello - My name is Yasmin Murad and my membership number is 157-[protected] and the reason for this complaint is that, me and my mom, travelled in Business Class, from Houston to Karachi, on December 30, 2017 and the first bad experience was at the counter, where the lady asked me to transfer 2 kg, from one bag to the other (to have exact weight, in both the bags).
I took out a KitKat box, from one bag and as I put it on the counter and was try to open the other bag, the lady at the counter requested, that I should give the KitKat box to her, which I did.
I have been traveling with your esteemed airline, for a long time and this is the first time, I met a greedy staff like this, at the counter.
The reason I chose Qatar Business Class was that my mom is a senior citizen and we were looking forward for a VIP service, instead nobody treated my mom as a senior citizen or even a Business Class passenger.
My mom was so frustrated with the service and had to go through a mental stress and as we reached Karachi, I requested to get us out of the airplane, as priority, because she was not feeling well and had a lot of pain, in her legs, but nobody listened and we were the last passengers, to get off the airplane.
It took a long time, for my mom, to recover.
The management at Qatar Airways, should look into this matter.

Kind regards,

Yasmin Murad
USA : [protected]

May 29, 2018
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  •   May 30, 2018

    Such complaint has no grounds and is not connected to any air carrier.
    If you are discagee, kindly send by e-mail
    1) your relative e-ticket / your eeticket
    2) your and relative name
    3) change reason of benefit in 1 sentance
    4) what do you expect

    I am not connected with the Qatar airways.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    e-mail: < aryan(at) >

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