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Qatar, AU
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I arrived in Melbourne on the 27th of November 2016. Qatar Airways brought my baggage after 9 days and my man suit was stolen from my baggage. I made complaint about this and the baggage service company (Dnata Baggage from Melbourne) asked me to send them a lot of documents, including the receipt of the suit. Fortunately, I had all the documents, and I sent them to Dnata Baggage in the requested time frame. Since this day (18th of December 2016), 3.5 months already passed. I sent tens of emails to Dnata Baggage, and nothing happened. They didn’t answer anymore.
I made complaint to Qatar, and Antonius Gunawan ([protected], Airport Services Agent - Melbourne sent me the following email:
"Upon investigation, we were advised by our courier company, the bag was plastic wrapped and a small part was opened to allow handles to be pulled up. Furthermore, there were no signs that bag has been tampered.
In this instance, unfortunately we will not be able to proceed with your claim."

Actually, the baggage was opened when the mailman brought it to me, and the zipper was broken. I wrote on the document brought by the mailman the fact that the baggage was opened and there is an empty space inside. I asked Antonius to give me the name and the company the mailman works for, because I would like to sue him. He provided to Antonius misleading information. I showed to the mailman the broken bag and the fact that it was a big empty place in the bag. When the mailman arrived at my home, some other friends were there, and they are able to confirm this.

This is the reference number of my complaint:
Ref#A9037229 :AHL MELQR16012.
Dnata Baggage has all the documents, photo, and information related to this situation.
Please, be so kind to solve this as soon as possible. My suit was very expensive and the next step is to sue you and to get my money back. I honestly paid the flight ticket and it was the Qatar Airways duty to take care of my baggage. Qatar has rules, so, they must respect them. I sent all the requested documents to Dnata Baggage; now I would like Qatar to respect their own rules: to refund the money I spent for my suit.
Thank you.
Gheorghe Raducan

Apr 03, 2017

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