Qatar Airways / balance deducted without ticket confirmation

Georgia Review updated:

I have booked 2 tickets today from tbilisi to delhi dated 21 july to 25 september at 11:26 AM from tbilisi in georgia
amount 60483.53 INR is deducted from my account.
but I haven't recieved any mail from you official airways yet.
if the ticket is not confirmed you have to make me my full refund as soon as possible.
my email id is... [protected]

May 26, 2018
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  •   May 26, 2018

    The complaint does not match any reservations data / any ticket within QATAR AIRWAYS and AGENT system.
    Such text (complaint) can not be answered and no compensation can be provided.

    Mandatory data:
    - Full Name of PASSANGER
    - PNR = 6 digits and leters
    - e-ticket in full = which contains 13 digits
    - (1)agent reference number (2) phone, email to get access to the trip at agent site.

    If you do not know, how to submit the complaint,
    where to submit the complaint to,
    what you are entitled to,
    SEND / or ATTACH
    1) air carrier PNR, it is 6 digits and leters XXXXXX,
    the agent booking slip (PNR or trip number and name, email, phone )
    2) e-ticket in full, it must contain 13 digits XXX-xxxxxxxxxx
    4) credit card 12 digits, name, bank and bank country, which you had paid by
    and where the money should be refunded according your complaint
    / DO NOT submit security code /
    6) copy of the above complaint
    6.1) any reply if you have it
    6.2) your brief explaination in 1-2 sentances - a good reason of the refund in your favour
    7) phone number / time of the contact in range + / - 2 hours evening, e
    8) e-mail, city, name in full

    to e-mail: aryan(at)

    We can start process the legal complaint on your brhalf,
    if the date so flight not later than 1 week -3 months for you.

    Small charges are expected via
    150 Rs before the complaint submission (for country India only) or
    35 USD before the complaint submission (for US only) or
    30 EUR before the complaint submission (for Europe only)
    10% -20% after the compensation is issued in your favor, depending upon the complecity and length.

    Residence is place (city country), where you hold your bank account.
    Such refund procedure takes 30 days.

    If no positive result in your favor,
    the complaint on your behalf
    can be submitted to the court in your city/state or elsewhere.

    If you fail to submit all requiered documents or there was your clear falt before travel,
    your claim will be unanswered and/or your claim will not be processed.

    for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
    e-mail: aryan(at) / substitue (at)[email protected] in request on the submission and invoice

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  •   May 27, 2018

    *** charge 150SAR / KEW12 before the complaint submission (for Asia and Gulf) ***

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  •   May 27, 2018

    Mr Lavish Poonia,
    I have the other proposal for you.
    If you do not want to lose 60483.53 INR and to restore your tickets to your e-mail, kindly follow the advise
    1. Submit
    - your above text,
    - your village and country (location)
    - you phone number, time to get you, expl 16:00-20:00 or 07:00 - 11:00
    2. I will issue the invoice for the advise "how to get the ticket" for you USD 100, 00
    3. You will pay company s invoice (worth USD 100, 00) by credit card in
    4. I will call / or email you for 1 or 2 more documents and data about you within 24 hours after your payment
    5. Some one will issue the ticket for you by e-mail, if you paid in fill ticket and the invoice, in next 12 hours.

    Sorry Mr. Lavish Poonia, count you steps.
    for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
    e-mail: [protected]@)

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  •   Jun 03, 2018

    * email: air.irregulations(at), substitute @=(at)

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