PSI Seminarsjan kempton

DO NOT TRUST JAN KEMPTON. She took private conversations I had with her an twisted them into a bunch of lies and then embleished those lies into severe allegations against my husband without having any validity or verification - because they are all lies.

Jan is the Los Angeles Basic Coordinator - No wonder the LA office was shut down. No wonder PSI's legal council is denying she is an employ of their company.

Jan's accusing my husband of being unfit around children, when her own boyfriend looks at porn and her husband looks at porn and has hired hookers! Maybe we should be more concerned with the environment her little girl is living in...hmmm.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Los Angeles, CAAlso this is the greatest form of hypocracy since Jan had her own sons taken away from her by the courts for being such an UNFIT MOTHER. Her son still won't speak to her because of how UNFIT SHE IS. How dare she say anything about anyone else.
Questioning my character and calling me a drunk - Screw you Jan. You were homeless at one point in your life. I'll make sure my attorneys crawl up your history to see if you've ever had a drink or drugs.
Funny how you judge and gossip about me and yet you question my character. If you had concerns regarding me you should have just picked up the phone and addressed them with me. But no, instead you say these filthy things about me. What did I personally ever do to you????????
All of this coming from an employee that works for the seminar that teaches "win-win", "givers gain", "agape love", "see people in their greatness". Jan you're a hypocrite

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