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I have worked in the marketing department out of power windows and sidings cranford nj office for almost two years (the guys who knocks on your door or approaches you in BJs.) Power windows is not a bad company, in fact, they are a very good company that's treats it's employees very well. They are, however, a first-call-close sales organization, just so happens they sell windows.

All of their products are top of the line as far as quality, warrenty an especially energy efficiantcy. Sure it's gonna be a well dressed salesman at your home and not bob villa, but what company could possibly survive giving free window and siding estimates in this economy? Gimmie a break people.

I graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's from a major university, and because of the economy I couldn't find a job...doing anything! Having worked various jobs since I was 15 I was prepaired to take any job I could find. Growing up in northern nj you develop a stereo type for door to door sales. However, not only does this company offer a fair pay structure, and they actually pay you, they offer full health and dental benefits and a knock on doors. The run several promotions through the year and have an amazing Christmas party that p diddy would be proud of. They also do a great deal of charity work and have been featured of extreme home make over and recently on NBC Philly when they completely re did and elderly women's home after she was diagnosed with a life threatening ailment.

So to all you people out there spending all their time and effort trying to bad mouth this company, GET OVER YOURSELF! The fact is that the economy is ### and will continue to be ### for the forseable future. So the next time someone knocks on your door or stops you in BJs, don't brush him off like he's some scam artist. The truth is tht he's probably a college graduate, or a father, someone with bills to pay just like you, and goals in life. We all need to take a step back and scrap the door to door stigmata because frankly it's the people like us who hustle for a living tht made this country great once, not you miserable greedy ### who backrupted the country so you could be a little richier in your sad little world. Everyone should have to do door to door sales at some point in their life, it teaches you a whole new perspective on people, and just how cold thy can really be.

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  • L0
      Sep 24, 2010

    And it's people like you with your vulgar language and attitude problems that all these costumers are complaining about.
    The company is great to employees, sure... But you and I both know how poorly we're trained to treat the people we talk to.
    ###, in several of the meetings our regional manager would tell us NOT to give the customer a choice and find any way to get them into the sale.

    So yeah, PWS is, and forever will be, a poor excuse of a company with jacked up prices on slightly above-average products.

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  • Jc
      Nov 03, 2010

    I understand your side of this, trust me I am in customer service and deal with all kinds of people. But, beside that they are a great company to work for and spend my hard earned dollars that I paid them on a great party for you, the customer is usually left high and dry. They make us feel that they got our money and then disappear. Great employer, bad customer service.

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  • Wp
      Apr 09, 2011

    Apparently "PWS GUY" thinks that just b/c the economy sucks we should feel sorry for the salespeople and drop $20k + on windows or siding we don't need. And for what- a shoddy product and sloppy installation? No thanks. Andersen or Pella, 10 times out of 10.

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  • Bu
      Apr 29, 2011

    After 2+ hours of a powers guy in home I am about ready to cut my wrists. But what I would really like to know is what major university pws graduated from. My third grader has better writing and spelling skills. Just want to make sure no one I know decides to enroll there!

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