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Champion Windows reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 2, 2006. The latest review Entry Door was posted on Oct 13, 2021. The latest complaint seal compromised was resolved on May 12, 2014. Champion Windows has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 97 reviews. Champion Windows has resolved 34 complaints.

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Champion WindowsEntry Door

We had Champion come to our home on May 18th, 2021. We put a down payment on a entry door. First of all I was quoted a price and two weeks later I received a call telling me that the door would be $760. more than quoted. We went a head with the deal even though I felt like they were very unprofessional. I was told that Champion would be with me all the way, calling me and keeping me updated etc., as of October 13, 2021 no one has called me. I have left messages several times with Haden and Gary but they have not returned my calls. What the hell is going on with this company, I should have had my door by now. All I want is a phone call telling me when my door will be installed or that they can't find glass in the entire world for the leaded glass or that they can't find the material to make the door. Just a simple call would make me feel better. But, no lying, just the truth if that is possible for them to do!! They have the down payment and I am sure that Haden Porter has received his commission on it. Very Unprofessional!
Please call me! R. DeMill

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    Champion WindowsSun Room

    We had a sunroom installed by Champion Windows in April 2017. They claim to have a lifetime warranty. Last spring, the roof of the room started to leak. We have contacted the Denver location several times about this. It took months for them to finally send someone out, and when they did, they did not listen to the issue, so tried a solution that made no sense and did not work. After more calls, they finally came out again, and calked along the line with the roof of the home. This did not work, either. It has now been more than 9 months and not only is the leak not fixed, with fall coming, it will be a real issue as we get more snow and rain. We would like for the leak to be fixed before more damage is done to our interior.

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      Champion WindowsWindows seal has failed and windows are foggy

      Champion Windows were purchased on 3/06/2006 with down payment of $2613 via Visa card final payment of $5226. via Visa card on 04/13/2006.
      Customer ID: 943 Dot Davidson 15206 SE Market Ct. Portland, OR 9723. {2006 telephone number [protected] } 2021 new phone number [protected].
      Representative was Steve Terrell.
      The windows came with a Lifetime Limited Warranty." All Champion Vinyl-Sash Dual Glaze Weather-Weld High Performance Window and Patio Doors are GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN THEM. NO CHARGE for any necessary REPAIR, PARTS, LABOR OR MATERIAL due to any manufacturing or installation defect. ADDITIONALLY: NO CHARGE will be made to the original purchaser for GLASS SEAL FAILURE and NO CHARGE will be made to the original purchaser for SCREEN REPAIR."
      Customer Name: Davidson
      Customer # 06-1781-W.
      I have called several times for someone to come measure so replacement can be made and Champion does not honor the request.

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        Champion WindowsDamage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!

        I have sent numerous emails, complaints about service, text messages and not a sole at your company gives a darn!!! I sent MS. Rucker and email a week ago and no response! I expect someone to call me ASAP and get this resolved! I have 4 more days to get an answer then I'm done!
        Texted John in Columbia SC two weeks ago NOTHING!!! Absolutely uncalled for! I need my home repaired the only person I could get to come gave an estimate it was sent and ignored!!! I've done all I could do to lessen the damage to my home from the water getting under the house. It will turn into a bigger problem now! I want a check for $950.00 immediately and the $100 owed for a referral that I was sent $200 when it should have been $300 as they spent $20, 000. If I don't get a phone call by Monday I will know to take this to another source for help!
        Kathy Fuller
        104 Brookhaven circle
        Blythewood SC 29016

        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!
        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!
        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!
        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!
        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!
        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!
        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!
        Damage to my home!!! Wrong check amount!!!

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          Champion WindowsSun room installation

          Fourteen years ago, I contracted with Champion to install a sunroom. Last Sep/Oct time period, we noticed a soft spot in the corner of the floor. When we pulled up the linoleum, we noted rotten boards and very wet boards. I contacted the local office and on four different occasions, service personnel were dispatched and put silicon on some of the paneling. That did not stop the leaks, After several additional calls, a Supervisor came by and viewed the issue. Several weeks later, and insurance adjuster for Champion came by and estimated the damages to be about 1200 dollars. Before I could accept the settlement, that insurance company called back, and said they would not over it, it was a warranty issue for champion. I made several more calls, and now I cannot get anyone to call me back from this office. It has been 8.5 months since this started, and I cannot use my sunroom. Hiring an attorney will be an expense to me as corporate offices already have attorneys on staff.

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            Champion WindowsSun Room

            In 2008 Champion fixed a sunroom for us. Now in 2021 there are major problems with it. It needs extensive repair caulking inside and out, a new window and door. Also some of the vinyl has come off the eaves. I tried unsuccessfully last year to get in touch with them. I am still having the same problem. One repairman did come by last week but it was pouring down rain and was not able to check anything. He stated that he would reschedule the appointment but as of yet I have not heard about another appointment. I have tried to call and left messages but I do not hear anything.

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              Champion WindowsJunk

              Champion Windows are absolute junk they were supposed to be fulfilled their total Hollow when they put them in my home causing noise how's traffic to be intensified all the hardware latches on the windows are not working correctly or have never worked correctly I've asked for my old windows back that were wood structure a lot quieter then these so-called Champion Windows I would not buy any products from them they do not stand behind their warranties or workmanship

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                May 14, 2021

                Champion Windows — Company has gone downhill fast and is not trustworthy

                This is the third time I have used Champion Window but the first time I've used them in about 8 or 9 years. I...

                May 01, 2021

                Champion Windows — 3 season room warranty repair not accomplished after 9 months. Ref: ID # 18693/service order 30628

                1) Please take the time to review completely the number of times over the past 9 months. I made my initial...

                Jan 27, 2021

                Champion Windows — Crappy customer service

                We entered into a contract to have a custom sunroom built in August 2020. Unfortunately, we were duped into...

                Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Companysiding

                We had hail damage to our home and had to have the siding replaced on 2 sides of our house.
                Champion came out on 8/30 and gave us a quote we signed a contract and they took and a deposit.
                Deposit was promptly cashed. We tried calling the salesmen several times to follow up, but never received a response. Someone else finally called and came out on 9/12 to take remeasurements. I hadn't heard anything by 9/23 so called to get my install date...after a run around, we were told that they put the job on hold because they can not do the job for the price quoted and needed over $2, 000 more. I emailed the CEO of Champion Todd Dickson who just had someone call me back to say that its thier right and in the fine print on the contract states that they can cancel at any time.
                Very shady business practice. Not to mention wasting a month of time that I could have spent having a reputable company do the job.

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                  Aug 15, 2019

                  Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company — windows

                  My fiancé and I purchased 28 windows over the past year, which has cost us over 30, 000 dollars. We decided...

                  May 24, 2019

                  Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company — poor quality of work and really poor customer service!!

                  My Name is Michael Tice and this is my complaint. Clearly after reading many of the other reviews, mine will...

                  Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply CompanyI am complaining about an installation of a sunroom on the back of my house.

                  About 3 years ago I contracted with Champion to build a sunroom on the back of my house on an existing patio that was there. My home is a single story ranch type house with 3 bedrooms. They came out and measured everything and they said they could do it on the existing patio. My house has what everyone calls a hip roof line, that is, a hang over of the roof line from the outside wall of the house. They told me they had to cut some of this hang over to tie in the roof beams of the the sun room they would be building. It has been over 3 years now and there is a continuous leak on the back wall of the sun room where the sun room connects to the original roof line. during this time mold has developed in my attic from the water penetration of the leak. Champion contends it was my roof that was bad and that is why there is a leak. I have been in the house over 5 years and there has never been a leak in the house ever. I have been in battle over this for the past 3 years, champion has tried to fix the connection of the 2 roof lines but has not been successful, the leak continues ! Champion is blaming me because they are saying my roof had a leak in it before they started the construction. This is not so, I had a roofer inspect everything when we purchased the house and there was nothing wrong with roof, especially Mold that now is in my attic. I have hundreds of pictures of me emptying buckets of water from the continuous leak. I now have an attorney on the case and we will see if anything gets accomplished. Stay tuned, I will be back !

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                    Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Companypoor customer service

                    Ok... Salesman came out and spoke with Timothy didn't hear from him again... They had a booth at the Home Show we were going to walk past and they stepped out and approached us Timothy just politely told them they had there chance and blew it... Explained a rep already came out and 3 weeks later all we heard was crickets... he took Timothy's information and stated "Oh I remember this address" should have been a clue... we gave him the name of the rep and asked he not come again... doorbell rings... guess who. same guy... I had reservations about letting him in so gave him the Benefit of the doubt and let him in anyway... he sat down and asked me to turn off the View, I had the sound turned almost off and plus put all 4 dogs out... doesn't address what he's there for launched into a spiel about his political and religious views, held my tongue if anyone knows me at all knows how hard that can be... I just asked is he here to sell windows and doors, speak about politics or give a sermon which neither I"m interested in... he turned kind of red and pulled out his measuring tape we went thru the house and he measured... I asked him what happened to the ones he took when Timothy had him here the 1st time... oh my wife threw them away cleaning off my desk... ok got measurements... now can we get a rough estimate for replacement windows and the sliding door... oh I have to have Timothy here can't talk to just one of you... week goes by crickets again... Timothy then called and spoke with the Supervisor that we had talked who advised he would get the measurements and send us an estimate... that's been a week... all I'll say I thought this was 2019 not 1950... If you don't want a Same Sex Couple as a client then tell us from the get go there are other companies...

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                      Feb 27, 2019

                      Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company — champion windows throughout our entire home

                      We purchased Champion Windows for our entire house in 2005. We had to have all the original windows replaced...

                      Champion Windows — installation/service

                      Puchased $25, 000 worth of replacement windows in 2013. Installers did not flash any windows which caused...

                      Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Companysun room

                      Very disappointed - big mistake ordering from this company. We purchased our screen porch in late summer of 2017 and promised to have our room installed in December. When negotiating the price, we were given a "discount" to wait until December because they were behind on installations. We were convinced to apply for their financing for down payment with program to pay only interest while we waited for the install.

                      When December approached we attempted to contact Josh, the project manager several times and never received a call back. When finally visited the showroom in person, we were given a promise to resolve issue but again no follow up or call back from the project manager ever. January, February, March without a definite install date and project manager avoiding our calls, we made the decision to contact the finance company to file a complaint that we were paying for something we never received. Their finance company called on our behalf and guess what - we got a call that the work would begin the next day and there was no need to call them back.

                      At this point we decided to cancel the order because of their poor customer service and lack of confidence in this company - if they don't call us back to build we're pretty sure they will avoid us if problems come up and not have issues resolved. We felt strongly that we could not trust this company to perform structural work on our home.

                      We are now stuck paying $1, 000 to the finance company for absolutely nothing!!! In the end we felt we fell prey to their promises and scam to finance through them. So disappointed we didn't get our sun room and even more disappointed we are $1, 000 in the hole. We went with this company because they are a national chain and family members have purchased from them in other states. So disappointed and after going through this experience can honestly say this is how they operate with all customers - buyers beware!

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                        Champion Windows of Boisesiding

                        Champion Windows of Boise on Franklin Road doesn't know their product line or how to install their product. We waited for MONTHS for them to complete a simple (less than 1, 400 sq. feet) siding job. We told them our windows looked less than professional on several occasions and they have completely ignored us. It took them two times to get our fascia so that it looked half-way presentable. If you want nothing but frustration and the run around, contact Champion Windows of Boise, Idaho on Franklin Road.

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                          Champion Windows — warranty replacement of 2 windows.

                          I have 2 replacement windows on order from July 24, 2017 & August 24, 2017. On the July window I was told 4-6...

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