Alside Windows Complaints & Reviews

Alside Windows / window seal failure warranty not honored

Oct 09, 2018

My contractor installed 13 Alside windows in my new addition. I wanted to use American Craftsman windows from Home Depot that I had in the rest of the house and who I knew (from experience) would honor the warranty. The contractor told me the Alside windows had a lifetime warranty and I...

Alside Windows / windows have failed seals

Jul 05, 2018

We bought these windows for the whole house about 11 years ago. In the last 5 years these windows have started to fail. The seal is apparently defective as the inside of the double pane is getting a brown film especially near the grills. About 2 months ago I called for another replace for...

Alside Windows / Vinyl windows

Oct 21, 2015

I had Alside windows installed in my home in 2012. Within a year a bedroom window lost seal and turned grey between the glass. I filed a warranty replacement with alside and they replaced the window within 4 months. Now, 3 years later two more windows have lost seal and are also foggy and...

Alside Steel Siding / Rusting. Warranty rejected

Jan 12, 2015

Alside steel siding was installed about 7 years ago on our house and garage. Bottom row of siding is rusting on two sides of the garage. Alside rejected my warranty request. After 3 months of calling and waiting for a response we received a letter saying this was not covered under the...

Alside / Warranty


Window World of Jacksonville "says" lifetime warranty. I have called for almost a year and keep being told that the they will be coming out to replace the window. Well, no such luck. They even said the window was in. Finally, I gave up and called the corporate headquarters and they said...

Alside Windows / Product Quality


The windows mentioned in these complaints is NOT the window used by RoyalExteriors in Oregon. The windows complained about here are a special makeup window made for a national window company, with a separate warranty, NOT the Fairfield 80 Series window used by RoyalExteriors. Alside...

Alside Sheffield windows / Leaked from day 1


Looking for others to join me in a class action suit against Alside for selling poor quality windows and not standing behind their product. Please let me know if you or anyone else has had an issue with this company.

Alside Windows / Defective Windows


Window World operates a total sham of a home improvement company. After I paid nearly twenty five thousand dollars for windows in my four rental properties, I discovered the complete lack of workmanship in the windows from their "exclusive" supplier: Alside Windows. Fully two thirds of the...

Alside Window / Fail Time After Time


Alside windows were installed in my home about 10 years ago. About 8 years ago the seals started failing and I started having them replaced under warranty. Here I am today and all but one of the units in my home have been replaced and now their replacements are failing. There hasn't...

Alside Window / Fraud


We have a new home with Alside windows installed by the builder. They leak so much cold air that we can't even sit by them because of the amount of cold air that infiltrates thru the window frame. We have frost and ice on the inside of our window frames almost all winter long. They...

Akron Window / Don't buy from them


In August of 2005 I purchased 11 windows manufactured by Alside out of the eleven 3 had hermetic seal failures. The seals all failed at the same time four years after my purchase. Don't buy Alside Windows the quality of their hermetic seals are poor. There is no charge under the...

Alside & Quality Contractors / Very poor Installation of windows


We bought 8 windows 1 picture window with 2 side windows attached & a patio door from Alside, they contracted with Quality Contractors to install the windows and door. I complained right away about the wind coming in around the windows and frost on double pane insulated windows the changed...