DoorDash Complaints & Reviews

Doordash / food delivery

Aug 04, 2019

I ordered a $150 + celebratory dinner to celebrate my release from the hospital invited my girlfriend over after I've been in several months recovering from pneumonia and ordered what I thought would be a great dinner for Black Angus it was surf and turf prime rib and lobster and boy what...

Doordash / jobs

Oct 16, 2018

Used to use you quite a bit. Now it seems almost impossible to look for a job. You need to rid yourself of the ridiculousness of companies such as the ones I will list below. Not worth it to me (and others) any more. Oct 16 have a car or a bike? You can get paid to deliver in toronto! (toronto...

Door Dash / all around service

Aug 25, 2018

I am a driver for Door Dash. Earlier this evening, I had received a pick up order that was to be picked up by 6:45 pm. I had arrived at 6:35 pm. Store located at 3130 Plainfield Rd. in Joliet, Illinois. Upon arrival, I had tripped over the sidewalk into the store. It caused me to scrape my...