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I was approached in my front yard by a very nice young guy with a company polo shirt and clipboard. He told me that they had done some work in the neighborhood and asked me if I wanted a free estimate for new windows. I said sure, not knowing what I was getting into. He placed me on the phone with a company rep who scheduled an appointment the following evening for 7:30pm. The salesman arrived and unpacked a variety of equipment and launched into a 2 hour long (literally 2 hours) sales pitch. I interjected several times asking him to get to the point, we had a long day, had not eaten dinner yet, etc., but there was no deterring this guy from the obvious script that the company gave him. After an eternity when he finally got to their numbers, the prices were astronomical. We turned him down, at which point he suddenly came up with several discounts that he could apply, including a low rate that only applied if we committed that night. I asked him to leave us with the estimate and we would be in touch. He replied that he could not leave a written estimate, as it was against company policy. Also I wanted to know where the alleged recent work in our neighborhood was done so I could take a look. Of course he could not tell me, and I now suspect that was also a lie.


Salesman was a nice young guy though. You gotta feel bad b/c these are some of the only jobs out there right now.


  • Da
    David Duval Jul 29, 2019
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    Sounds like the people that are sticking up for this P.O.S. company are paid by them or work for them. NO way in hell is this comany any good. They go to fairs and bug people into signing up for estimates and what not. You say no and they ask why and when you try to walk away they are like bla bla bla. Sorry not a good business they are scam artists.

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  • Un
    unhappyjeri Nov 14, 2018

    They came, they left, they called and then they said "YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT THE KIND OF CUSTOMER WE WANT" didn't know how to reply to that so I just hung up the phone I suggest that you just don't open your door or close it quickly!!

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  • Wi
    William Cole Oct 25, 2017
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    okay, so is anyone happy with their siding ? just got an estimate last night... liked the products, am looking for quality product and installation

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  • Az
    Aziyade Jun 08, 2017

    Today for first time a nice guy rang my door bell, he told me that they were in the neighborhood giving estimates for siding, he was wearing a blue royal
    sweater with the POWER word on the front of it. I told him my husband was not home and to give me his phone number, so I can talk to my husband about it and then we can call him after, he do not have a phone number to give {weird} if you have a business doesn't you have a phone number for the costumers? well he wanted to make an appointment to come to my house to give an estimate for the siding, he ask for some information so he can write it in a notebook that he was carrying with him. Well, when somebody ask me for information, somebody that I have not requested, A RED FLAG RISE IN MY MIND. So I said to him: sorry but I won't give you any information...By the way where is your phone number??

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  • Ti
    Timmmay Dec 14, 2016
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    I have a feeling most of the people on here defending Power's sales tactics work for Power. The defensive comments are clearly biased based on the vibe Power sales pitches, these comments simply don't ring honest.

    Power sells substandard NBP SL2700 windows with some huge design flaws for outrageous prices. These windows aren't builders grade, for sure, but they are not nearly as good as mid-range windows like Vista or certainly higher-end Windows from Okna or Sunrise. After researching and meeting with sales reps from multiple companies here in Chicago, I ended up going with an Indiana company that sells various brands, which is generally a good sign. Any company that sells one brand and, like Power, ONLY ONE MODEL, that isn't even that good, RUN.

    One thing people really need to realize about the SL2700's that they might not until they're installed and it's too late: they are ugly windows. Just downright cheap looking. The "fusion welding" looks cheap; the frames are bulky and the corners show seams. The risers aren't as smooth as block and tackle, the locks feel cheap and "sash lite" is simply a corner cutting manufacturing process that doesn't seem to pass any savings down to the consumer, because the windows aren't any cheaper than clearly superior alternatives.

    I went with Sunrise Restoration. Cost $8800 for 12 windows properly installed (decent capping work, glazed poly, clean trim, replaced some frame damage on two frames, etc.)

    I'd just throw out there that I almost went with a company that sold Vista exclusively but I wasn't sure about their seal technology. The estimate was for the same price as the company I went with that sold Sunrise (they also, not surprisingly, sold Vista, and recommended Sunrise over Vista at nearly the same price!)

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  • Pa
    patricia wexler Mar 09, 2016

    I bought there windows they keep breaking cant even lock them parts keep falling off i only had them 1 year they are junk do not buy they cost 1000 a window they are not what they say they are THEY ARE JUNK!!! sorry that i bought them. what a rip off

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  • Pu
    Puppybubbler Sep 19, 2014
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    Received a sales pitch from this company for roof replacement- Checking BBB and others and most comments are from out of state and confused with a Powers Windows based in Philadephia- Any information good or bad on Powers HRG?

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  • Ti
    tired ofrudeness Jun 03, 2013

    Just FYI these guys are NOT accredited by the Better Business Bureau. I had a red haried with a red beard and mustache. The man lied and said they were doing work in the neighborhood (they weren't). I finally got them to take NO for an answer. As they went away they said very inappropriate thinks. I called their company number and left a message for "Adam" who the operator said is the President of the company. Pick up the phone and leaves messages for Adam. Everybody !!!

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  • Am
    americandad Feb 19, 2013

    These people (not even in uniform) keep knocking on my door at night and offer afree estimate. I have said no each time. They keep saying they are 'down the street doing jobs"..yet I have never see a truck or worker anywhere !
    The most recent time they cam eto my door I had just had my roof done the day before and the contractors sign was in my front yard.. THEY STILL OFFERED TO QUOTE !!! DUUUUUUUHHH. My neighbor got a quote for 3.5 Times what I paid.
    Spoke to my roofer about them amnd they said they try to get one big job eto make up for all the others they did not get .
    What a dirtbag company

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  • Mo
    mom23 Oct 16, 2012


    A friend recommened this company. . .so I blindly called without checking the numerous complaints about their sales tactics.

    Scheduled an appt for Thursday night at 7:30. . .

    Thursday afternoon I got an automated message asking me to call the 800 # to confirm the appointment time - I did - after almost 5 minutes of pushing buttons & finally chatting with a human, my appointment time was confirmed.

    Thursday night at 7:30 rolls around - no one shows. . .finally at 7:50, I call the company to see what was up. They put me on hold and finally find the salesman who is somewhere on route 95 (at least 30-45 minutes away) I am furious! How could a salesperson be so late without calling the homeowner to let them know, or reschedule?! The person on the other end of the phone apologized, and I STUPIDLY rescheduled for tonight - TUESDAY. . .

    Tuesday night a very nice young man shows up. . .complimentary, polite, great salesman...goes through an hour long presentation with all his toys & tricks until I finally say - "All this for ONE window?? Our primary focus was siding and replacing a picture window with a bay - he apologized as he was not able to talk to us about siding- that was someone else!! I was so furious that now 2 evenings of my precious time with my husband have been wasted on this pushy company with extremley poor customer service

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  • As
    ASADY May 04, 2011

    Power group are power windows are what ever they call there company has been around long enough to come up with a sales pitch and marketing campaign that has been very successful. Truth be told the sales people they send probably don't really know the things they tell people in there presentation are lies and exaggerations. They are just repeating there sales pitch as taught in there sales meetings.Most of these guys really have no experience in the home improvement field
    which works out better for power because the sales guy really comes across as telling the truth. Everything they say and do and say is to get you to sign that contract the night they meet with them they have been highly trained like little actors on how to respond to any resistance you have not to sign on the dotted line . Let me tell you some of the things you may want to look into before paying $750+ for a window of most honest company's would sell for $200-275 range
    1. If they told you there installers are in house (company employees) that is a lie the window installers are sub contractors. I know a guy who was doing work for them who was hired off craigs list no background check he just went there picked up windows and went to the job ! 2. Real neat little trick banging on the glass with a mallet to show how special there glass is in fact it is not special it is double strength glass lots of company's come standard with it but it only cost about $8 to upgrade the average double hung are slider it by no means justifies there high prices .3 They have been known to make claims that they have a special window that you can't get any place else there windows are made by northeast Aluminum in Philadelphia . Google them go down there and see for yourself go down there between 7-8 am and the building behind will have about 20 subs loading up for the day ask them who they work for.Lots of those guys are working under the table for the subs! Don't get me wrong some subs do nice work but should you be paying top dollar to take that chance! They used to claim that there installers are aama certified this means nothing . If some are certified they are not doing an aama install when they remove a window with a nailing flange and install a window with out one its the same thing all the companys do .You can call it deceptive marketing practices I call a highly polished scam . If you like paying more and being lied to call power group or power windows What are you waiting for!!! I can tell some of these people on this board work for them they probaly changed there name because of boards like this if these lairs took advanage of you are some one you care about the best thing that you can do is call the bbb they hate that because they use there rating as a sales point call and watch them scurm

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  • Ja
    Jadore1102 Apr 16, 2011

    I had enter the Power Windows and Siding's $21, 000 Home Improvement Sweepstakes! From Mix106.1. When I had enter my info. to be entered they have called me the next day to tell me ty for entering and ask about questions on my home like how many windows, doors etc. They said they will come out to measure my doors and windows. I did tell them I am not purchasing anything I just wanted to enter the sweeps. They said it was no problem they just come out ahead of time to get all the measurement just in case if I was to win. So we set up a date and time. The day they were suppose to come they DIDNT!!! I had waited all day and night and they never have showen up they didnt even have the courtesy to give me a phone call to apologize and to set a different day when I had changed plans during that night cause I was still waiting. I see they still have that contest on Mix 106.1 from Power Windows what a bunch of crock!!!

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  • Br
    Brent S Apr 13, 2011

    i signed on a tuesday evening. after thinking about it called after the 3 day cancelation. it was sunday 2 days after cancel date. salesman came out tuesday and said three of the windows were already made and that we would have to purchase them because they were already made. if the project manager hasn't come out to retake measurements, how could the windows already be made? needless to say had to sign new contract for the 3 windows.

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  • Wp
    WPBeal Apr 08, 2011

    These jackals tracked me while I was shopping at Sam's Club, and caught me by surprise. Before I even knew the guy was a salesperson (was dressed like a normal shopper) I had already allowed the discussion to begin. He started off by asking me a question, so I just thought he was another shopper about to ask me where something was...well, I quickly realized it was a sales pitch and knew right away that whatever this company sold was snake oil, but I made the weak mistake of feeling sorry for the kid so I let him schedule me for an estimate for siding or windows (forget which one, didn't care). I obviously called the number on the website as son as I got home to cancel.

    I resent businesses like Sam's Club and other places, notably grocery stores that have bank branches in them, who let their sales vultures solicit their own customers while they are trying to shop. For this very reason I am canceling my membership there. Not that I ever got anything good there anyway. Shame on them.

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  • Xt
    xtremely disappointed Jan 27, 2011

    While reading "RBD" posting, I am thinking OMG this is what happened to us. I heard the advertisement on the radio and called, had someone come out to meet with my husband and I. Although enlightened by some information I was extremely annoyed since my husband and I work different shifts to meet with both of us at the same time. After my "ill" husband and I sat through the speil several hours later the salesman left when I strongly explained to him that we would not be signing anything that night. (My son fell asleep in a chair waiting for me to put him to bed). Several weeks later I receive a call from PWS saying we have a great price for you...however they can't give it to me over the phone they have to come out and once again see both of us. An appt is made for 7:30 one evening and they call at 7:10 to confirm and I missed the call so they called back at 7:20 to confirm...REALLY...they should have been at the front door at this time. Needless to say they were a no show...I followed up with an email after the new year and never received an acknowledgement. What a shame really liked the windows but really was only doing it for the "Sweepstakes", had no intentions of getting new windows at least not at this time. After all the postings it won't be from this so called "company" and will add my complaint with the BBB

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  • Th
    The-Rickster Jan 27, 2011


    I know from prior experience - the reason they want both you and your wife present at the time of the estimate is that so they can educate you both in the products and services they offer so that you can make a better judgment call on who to go with and what - if anything - to purchase. They're doing it for your benefit!

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  • Wa
    waldo pepper Jan 20, 2011

    I just got off the phone with the most Rude person from PWS. I was approached by a pws salesman at BJ's whole sale club with whom I agreed to have someone come out & give Me an estimate for a new roof. My wife called Me about thirty minutes prior to the appointment to tell Me pws just called Her to confirm the appointment. One problem, My wife was at work & I never gave the salesman Her phone number. I proceeded to call pws & was told they would not come out to do the estimate without My wife & I both there. I proceeded to tell the gentleman on the phone to please remove My name & number from his computer.

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  • Os
    OstapBender Jan 07, 2011

    They went around door to door in my development seeking appointments for windows and sliding glass door replacements (my development did have shoddy original doors). Their phrasing suggested they were authorized by the association. However they were *too* nice and it smelled shady to me, so I called the association, and of course they were not authorized - and solicitation here is not allowed. So if the first impression you have on me is by breaking rules, you're out.

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  • Bo
    BobToxin Nov 03, 2010

    I agreed to the free estimate for windowsb/c we were planning on replacing them. The pitch was about 2 hours but seemed to take forever. The salesman was knowledgeable about his product as one would expect. The things I didn't like about the pitch were the Buy Today discount and the fact that both me and my wife must be present for the appointment. The first price he gave us was over $23, 000 but the Buy Today price was $16, 000 for 19 windows. That's right, over $7, 000 discount for buying today! The salesman said it was because they would save money by not having to come back to sign the paperwork. Part of thier GREEN INITIATIVE. (Gas prices aren't that high anymore). Well we signed the paperwork then cancelled by signing the two cancellation sheets and mailing them back by the end of the third day. They called to make appointment to have someone come to finalize the cancellation by signing another form. When he came back (the same salesman) he said it's odd that he had to come out because we mailed the forms within the time period. He checked our copies for the date and signatures. Mainly he just was trying to see if we were going to get the work done by someone else and if he could contact us in the future.

    I ordered windows today and will be installing them myself with some contractor friends. The windows are the same without the laminated glass. The new cost is about $5, 000 minus tax credit. Laminated glass was about $57. Even if thier windows cost $550 (high) they were charging $300 per window for installatioin. 300 x 19 = 5700 installation for 2 guys 2 days.

    You decide. Get other Estimates first. then thiers.

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  • Vw
    vwsteve Oct 24, 2010

    FWIW, I got pretty much the EXACT same experience with a Home Depot windoe sales rep. If you are going about purchasing windows this way it is pretty much industry standard. Home Depot pretty much did the same thing...high initial number...low WAY lower to sign before he leaves and a fairly high pressure sale.

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  • Do
    Domnic 000 Oct 22, 2010

    That guy Lasareath - is the only one who keeps saying positive things about this company - Come on man we know you work for them - or at least getting paid to say this stuff - You think we're all that naive? And even if you are telling the truth - Youre one of the few and far between that didnt get the BS we all got - Im glad it worked out for you - For the rest of us it has been a nightmare!

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  • Do
    Domnic 000 Oct 22, 2010

    Hi - We are not being whiny and we are not complaining too much - These people are almost like a cult - they are very scary in their tactics - not violent scary - just very weird and strange scary - they dont take no for an answer - they never leave - they're rude - they need to speak to both me and my wife - i was ready to get some windows until they wouldnt make the sale without both of us there - I had the same run in with a pool company as well - i almost physically through him off my property because he used the same tactics - I dont know what they're trying to do? It's almost like they get off on making you angry and upset! When i bought windows from Anderson, they didnt ask to speak to my wife - anything i ever bought or my wife has ever bought, did we need to both be around - the pool guy wouldnt take my check with my wife at the window telling him it was ok !!! The window people were the same - guy wouldnt take no for an answer - and the more mad i got - the more he seemed to ask the same questions - any normal person would say thankyou for your time and get out of there real quick - but he kept going and going and going - and he wasnt getting mad back he knew he was pissing me off! so in my world its the same thing - im surprised i didnt hear anyone saying they physically threw them out - These people are a cult or very strange - i dont trust them and i want them away from my family

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  • Ms
    MsMidnight Oct 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do see a lot of people complaining about "whiners" on here, and yes, after being mildly deceived and worn down for 3 hours, I can feel a little "whiny."

    I had all the things everyone already said happen. Young guy at door, schedule of appt, phone call to company while standing outside my house, 5 follow up calls next day with no message left for me to return when I couldn't answer my phone at work, spouse must be home, how's my credit, man comes in acting casual then launches into 2 1/2 hour pitch.

    What gets me is that the deceit to get into your home starts with that kid on your front porch. I told him I MIGHT be in the market for a new front window, that was it. Technically it counts as "2 units" which I found out from the salesman in my home. According to the young man, that was fine, let's schedule the appointment. According to the salesman, PW&S doesn't come out for less that 4 units. UNLESS they are absolutely desperate, have been in your home for nearly 3 hours and you refuse to purchase anything from them RIGHT NOW. Then they start making deals for things that were IMPOSSIBLE 2 hours ago. Also, the young man very much stressed that we had a year to decide, and that became very evidently false within the first ten minutes of the salesman's pitch. He said almost immediately that the tax credit was up at the end of this year (which honestly I'm not sure about, but I'll take his word for it) BUT that to receive it through them, I had to book within 6 days because they are so backed up on work that if I wait longer than that, they won't have time to install before the end of the year. I felt pressured before he even measured the windows.

    Look, I know how sales work. I knew I was going to be given a pitch when I signed onto the appointment, that's obvious. Also, of course they're going to work deals with you, even your cable company will do that if you threaten to cancel service. What I do expect is that someone respects you in your own home. When I ask for final numbers now and to stop hearing about what everyone else is offering because I was getting "tired and cranky" (yes, I did tell him that exactly), just give me some numbers and take a hint that you're not making a sale simply because I'm starting to really not like you. They would have had a better chance with me if the man would have taken cues from me and just left me my 30 day number and my year estimate and have had that be that. The fact that you can't respect my wishes NOW completely goes against everything you've just told me over 3 hours about your fantastic customer service. (Plus, just a note, they did not leave me anything in writing either, thought it appears the whole time that they will and at the end he tells you he'll "put it in your file" for a year.)

    I respect what sales people do. I actually felt bad for that man when he left empty handed tonight. He did provide me with a lot of great information, and from what he was able to show me in samples, their product actually does seem good. That's something that was actually beneficial in his pitch, but that part took only a half an hour or so.

    The problem lies in that fact that they repeat themselves many times, trash their competitors and break down numbers repeatedly, and all that takes the extra 2 hours that are frustrating, tiring and wasteful of my time. I swear to goodness, if my boyfriend and I get follow up calls everyday from now until forever, I'm going to flip my lid. I literally cringe every time I hear a car door outside after reading these reviews and it's been over an hour and a half since he left!

    Unless you have the time to put out to hear a SERIOUSLY long pitch and are SERIOUSLY considering work to be done within days without receiving estimates from other competitors, avoid the pressure sales of PS&S. If you do find that you want to go with them DON'T TAKE THEIR FIRST OR SECOND OFFER! They'll go down as many times as it takes!

    I'm just lucky that I can keep cool under pressure. When he gave us "alone time" to talk, I just looked at my boyfriend, asked if I was just "drinking the KoolAid" and that answered my own question. I knew then to walk away from the crazy low price he was offering me on the spot. I'm just disappointed I didn't nip it in the bud when that young guy came to my door last night!

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  • Ja
    JanetBarnes Oct 07, 2010

    The scheduler was in my area last week and stopped me and my neighbor. He scheduled an apt for my neighbor on Monday and mine on Wednesday since my husband would be home... HA HA HA They never showed up for either appointment. My neighbor and myself are anti-power windows and siding now that we wasted our day waiting for some one to stiff us... Bad business move...

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  • Ca
    carolsmags Sep 29, 2010

    I bought windows from Power Windows & Siding and they are awesome! They were efficient, worked hard, knew what they were doing, were well-trained, polite, prepared, and completed the entire job in less than a day. Complete. The windows are beautiful and well built. I give them the highest rating there is.

    You can go with builders grade if you want, but the same value will not be there. Most people hate cold-callers, and anyone who has done it knows they will usually get a bad reception. I happened to be working in my yard when the scheduler approached, AND I happened to need new windows. They alleviated a real problem that I had, and I am grateful they showed up when they did. I love these guys.

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  • Jo
    JoeFrancisco Sep 27, 2010

    Just noticed something else shady as I reviewed the documents I signed. The form specifying the terms of the financing agreement doesn't mention the salesman's promise to waive the first 5 or 10 payments (I don't recall how many exactly), and it doesn't describe the terms in any form I've ever seen--and I've had four mortgages and dozens of credit cards over the years. It doesn't specify the periodic interest rate, the frequency of payments, the total number of payments, or the total amount I'm paying over the life of the loan.

    I can't believe they're getting away with this. But worse, I can't believe I was dumb enough to sign it in the first place. The guy let me ask all the questions I wanted, hoping 1) I'd convince myself I was getting a good deal on a quality job, and 2) I'd eventually become so mentally exhausted that I'd overlook all the loopholes in the contracts. I'm embarrassed to admit that it worked, but I'm channeling that shame into determination--and GETTING OUT IMMEDIATELY!

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  • Jo
    JoeFrancisco Sep 27, 2010

    I went through the sales process with Power Windows and Siding last week, and I have to say that there are points to both sides. Ultimately, however, I became very suspicious and am canceling my installation agreement, because the salesman sent up a red flag right before leaving. Here are the key points:

    * I want a LOT of information before making a huge purchase of this kind, and I actually kept the sales guy for FOUR hours to make sure I understood what he said I was getting and under what terms.

    * Quality products and installation, with a long-term guarantee, just plain cost more than the "you can get windows [or siding or roofing] for half the price from X" option.

    * The sales "presentation" seemed very good, and the salesman answer all of my questions. He built up my trust, and I was ready to just go ahead and get it done.

    BUT, then things started getting fishy...

    * As we closed the deal, he said something like, "Great, Mr. Francisco--we'll do a great job for you and bring everything up to code." Gee, I thought, neither he (not that he was qualified to judge) nor anyone else had ever pointed out any specific code violation around my home. Then came The Bomb...

    * As he got up to leave, he said (again, paraphrasing), "Before I go, Mr. Francisco, I'd like to know that you're 100% behind this project." I said, "Sure--but if you want me to promise I won't back out, I can't do that. Doesn't the law give me a three-day right of recision?" He said, "Yes, " skipping over the word like it made him nervous, and went on to say, "but I'd just like to know that you're 100% committed." That sounded even more coercive, so I got more forceful in return: "If what your asking is for me to waive my right to back out of the agreement, I simply can't do that." We went back and forth for about 10 minutes, because he didn't want to leave until I promised that I would not cancel the agreement. ALARM BELLS WERE NOW SCREAMING.

    Now VERY suspicious, I thought about everything that had happened:

    * He only took one quick, rough measurement.

    * He started with an astronomical price, then immediately dropped it 30% as soon as I balked--to make me FEEL like I was getting a big discount, even though the price still seemed very high even for a top-quality job.

    * I told him I still couldn't afford it, so he said he would help me out. He offered to finance the job at something like 13% APR. Obvously, that was way too high, so, just as with the price, he immediately cut the interest rate in half, remarking on what a deal I was getting compared to their "standard" 20-some percent rate.

    * The next morning when I reviewed the package of information he left me, I noticed that the part of the agreement specifying the products and services that I was getting, for more than $15, 000, said only "Roof"! There was no itemization of the specific system and materials I had chosen.

    * I realized that I had started out asking if they could patch one leak over my garage, and the next thing I know, I've been sold an entire roof replacement. Even if I thought the whole roof should be addressed, the building code would allow me to simply tack another layer of shingles on top of the single one that's on there.

    * Finally, I discovered that he had left his clipboard and calculator in my living room. I suspect this was a tactic to create an excuse for coming back and twisting my arm if I attempt to recind the agreement, although I haven't gotten the expected follow-up call/visit yet.

    Needless to say, I am now sick to my stomach and plan to cancel immediately. The Better Business Bureau gives this outfit an A+ rating (their very top), and I haven't had time to confirm whether or not the offer was reasonable, assuming the quality would be as outstanding as he promised. But the whole process he went through in order lead me into signing an agreement to buy a very, very costly job that I don't need, and then trying to seal it with a promise that I wouldn't back out STINKS LIKE A PILE OF DEAD RATS.

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  • L0
    L00fah Sep 24, 2010

    I actually used to be a canvasser (the "nice young man who approaches you on your lawn") for this company, I know most of the ins-and-outs of how it works (though I wasn't there long, I learned A LOT).

    They really are as bad as this dude says... First of all, they train you how to manipulate and ultimately force any of the potential clients into setting up appointments... We are given reasons/rebuttals for literally ANY argument you give us (with the exception of that one time a dude threatened me with a shotgun). We are encouraged, in fact, to stand at your doorstep with a grin on our faces for HOURS if that's what it takes to get your appointment...

    But that's besides the point...

    Yes, it is a lie when we tell you we just did some work in the neighborhood...
    "Hi, my name is so-and-so and I work for Power windows and Siding. We actually just finished a window* installation in the neighborhood and I noticed you still have your original windows*. While we're in the neighborhood, we're giving you and your neighbors free estimates on our energy efficient, vinyl windows. We're going to be here all day today, or would tomorrow work best for you?"
    Sound familiar?
    *I'd like to note that we're supposed to critique your home as we walk up to it... We find what part of your home needs the most work (windows, siding, roofing, etc) and we lie to you and tell you "wow, you know what? A neighbor JUST got that done too!"
    If you notice, we never give you a chance to say no in the canvas-pitch... We just ASSUME you want the product... We're supposed to treat you like a bank, basically.

    Our salesmen are even worse, as evident above. Most of them are arrogant and loud and really only care about the money the company gives them... We don't care about your questions or concerns, we don't care what you think... You're buying this product whether you want to or not. Most of the time we get sales PURELY because the home owners want us out.

    The article up there says it best, though.

    I actually left the company due to how we treat our customers... All of my past experience is in customer service, so I have been "brought up" to value my customers and treat them, almost, better than I treat my mother.
    This company has almost zero ethics... be thankful you could even get them out of your home.

    I'd like to point out, when I was learning the sales pitch about our product: the window sample they had broke when the demo tried to show off its durability. Thought that was awful revealing.
    To their credit, the glass didn't shatter into harmful shards...

    That's all I have to say about them... I'm actually really against their business practices... No pride in what they do.

    -1 Votes
  • So
    SoccerFamily Sep 13, 2010

    One point I forgot to raise in my previous reply: I don't think a 2 hour presentation regarding windows is 'too much' IF THAT IS WHAT THEY HAD SCHEDULED. I was told to expect them to be there for a total of 30-45 minutes. I had already gotten the demo at their site display. If you tell a customer you need 30-45 min, take 3 HOURS, and then STILL won't take no for an answer - you've gone from being a salesperson to being a nuisance.

    As to the person saying Andersen windows are going for $1500 a piece, you are nowhere close to reality. I can get Andresen replacement windows at Home Depot for $450 ea (without installation). The biggest reason I was looking to an outside firm to do the windows is health reasons as I can no longer do some of the things I could a few years ago. Otherwise I'd put Andersen TW400s throughout my house.

    -2 Votes
  • So
    SoccerFamily Sep 13, 2010

    I had a similar experience. In late-July, 2010, I encountered this outfit when they had a display set-up at a soccer tournament. I should have known better - but since we had been considering window replacement, I figured I'd give these folks a shot. I set up my appointment for the following Tuesday, 6PM, expecting it to be a 45min sales visit. The salesperson arrived by 6:15 (a little late, but OK). As he was entering our home, I told him that no matter the price, I was not signing any contract that evening; there were other contractors I was also considering and only after I met with <at least> three of them would I make a decision.

    His first order of business was to take measurements - but what he was really doing was casing the place to see what our economic threshold was, tried to find out what I did for a living, what my spouse did for a living, etc as I 'helped' him take measurements. This took far longer than it should have, as he was very observant of the room contents - made comments about our kids' trophy walls, etc. While some of this was trying to open a line of communications, part of it showed his high level of attention to detail and of observation. Rather unsettling.

    After the measurements were done, he went into the song & dance over their product line, etc. First was the heatlamp demo with the thermometer. Next was the impact test. Then the cut-away window frame. When we asked for him to work the numbers, he said he had to retake a few measurements - and during this time, he focuesd on pointing out that there was no need to have to go through this all over again with other contractors because he was confident PW&S would be the best value. By the time he finished 'crunching numbers' it was after 8:30PM! (So much for the 45min visit). He gave us our estimate and said he would pack his things while we discussed his quote. His estimate was way overpriced & we asked him to pack his things and go.

    He took some of his things to the car, but as I looked out, he was on the phone. When he came to get the rest of his belongings, he had 'new' numbers and wanted to go over one item (service & warranty) he forgot to go over with us earlier. Trying to be the courteous homeowner, I felt I would hear him out but told him that under no circumstances would I sign anything that evening. He then presented us a 2nd quote that was half the first quote. Just like that, he knocked 50% off the estimate. It was now after 9PM at which time I again told him we would not sign any contract & asked him to leave.

    I <thought> I had finally gotten rid of him when the doorbell rang. He was there to let me know his associate (who had an appointment a few blocks away) had gotten a contract in place & that if we placed our order, we could get a volume discount with our 'neighbors'. I saw this coming, and had the phone in hand when I opened the front door. Through my storm door screen, I showed him the phone and replied: "I've been very courteous, but have asked you to leave more than once; you can either leave now, or I will call the police & have you arrested for tresspass", at which point he left without further comment.

    The following day, the phone calls started. My cell phone, my home phone, my spouse's cell phone. "No, not interested, please stop calling." I finally had to ask for a supervisor of one of the callers to have all of my numbers removed from their system. Thankfully, this was <all> it took to get them to stop.

    -1 Votes
  • Ha
    Happy Customer1 Aug 30, 2010

    You get what you pay for, I had their salesman come into my home he was polite and kind to all of my family...Yes the presentaion was longer than i anticipated...But, I became very informed...You might think their prices are high atfirst, but with a lifetime guarantee on EVERY SINGLE PART OF THE WINDOW...I dont see how paying that little bit extra isnt worth it...I am now saving money on energy and i wont have to spend another penny on windows for the rest of my life...the most expensive job is one you have todo TWICE! I DEFINETLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ALL OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

    1 Votes
  • Fa
    Fairfield homeowner Aug 21, 2010

    I had the same experience w/ the cute polo college student asking me to make an appointment w/ the company for an est. for vinal siding.( I am a sucker for kids out of college as i have college kids and as a hs teacher am supportive. OMG the guy they sent the following day was here for 3 hrs. I was okay w/ the measuring but when he brought out the "book" it was typical sales crap.They begin w/ what is wrong with other options and eventually they get to what is so great about their product. I tried to pass through the pages but he insisted. I actually walked off my deck into the house and refused to talk w/ him. But he would not stop!!!He continued to measure and dance around the house as if he was inspecting many important details ( bull [censor]) He got on his cell phone making "important decisions" about my house quote in a most dramatic and theatrical way that was so obviously staged. I told him I did not want to listen to his calls. He continued to talk as if he wanted to provided me w/ info I needed to make an intelligent choice, again calling on the failures of the competetors.

    Overall, I think their sales pitch is based upon creating an aura that they will do it right and that their price justifies this job.That was what all of the jumping around every once in a while to measure was all about. And I think they also rely on ramdom hits of innocent people who will sign up because they have the cash and they lack the knowledge.. I would like to add that after giving me the crazy price of 90, 000. he dropped the price, due to the sides I selected, to $30, 000. Crazy!

    I should have dropped kicked that guy out after two hours. I am a good person and it takes me a night to figure out what bs I have tolerated. I will never do business w/ them.

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  • Pa
    PA Homeowner Aug 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels embarrassed about letting this company enter my home. I wish I had the time to have looked this up information before the sales pitch. I stated that I wasn't signing on to work that night about an hour into the presentation. I could tell from the escalation in the sales person's voice this didn't go over well. I don't respond to the "hard sell", If you can only give me a price that's good for that night, I'm not doing business with your company. Does that seem so unreasonable? It seemed to be to this sales guy. My only regret is that I was polite and followed social norms to not cut the person off to tell him to leave me home. After he left without giving me a written quote, and taking up 2 hours of my Friday evening, I really wish I had the nerve to tell him to get the “F” out after the first hour. It's too bad they didn't just give the window information in about a reasonable amount of time like a half hour and leave a written quote good for 30 days. I probably would have bought some windows from them. Now I'll look for someone that doesn't make me feel like I’m a captive in my own my home. By the way, it's nice to see that the company also reads these posts and adds their own counter responses. Maybe if they just didn't employ these sales tactics there wouldn't be these complaints.

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  • Ro
    Rorschach Aug 20, 2010

    Never, ever EVER let these parasitic [censor]s into your home. If they knock at the door, tell them you are calling the police. I am not kidding.

    They came at dinner time, would not take no for an answer and kept coming back. All I wanted was for them to leave. They would not stop calling despite having been asked 7 times to put us on their do not call list. I had to resort to calling the phone company and putting a system block on their number so that it would never reach our house.

    I also suggest following my lead by answering the door with a baseball bat when they are there. Nothing gets their attention faster.

    3 Votes
  • Bo
    BossYugo Aug 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You people are crazy. You are getting upset because a salesman is asking for your business??? Why do you think there is the word "sales" in salesman?? If you go to a doctor wouldn't you expect the doctor to diagnose your physical condition? Or would you writing a complaint here and say "that doctor wanted to cure me and charge me thousands of dollars for it"??? And you all need to wake up about price inflation, sure there are companies out there that add an astronomical profit margins on their products or services. But, 1) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY, 2) Imagine if your current employer told you that the company will cut its profit margin in half but expect half the pay, would you say yes??

    Lastly, would you rather have a pushy salesman (who maybe irritating but just trying to make living) or a thug with a gun pointed at your face asking for your money??

    WAKE UP!!

    -3 Votes
  • Je
    JeninPA Aug 05, 2010

    These people keep calling me from [protected]. They claim to have gotten my phone number from 102.9 WMGK. (I know, however, that I gave it to them when I inquired about a sidng project we completed this spring, which, incidentally, they never returned my call on to give us a quote) The weird thing was that they knew who I was before I even told them; they have my cell phone numberin their system. Regardless, the issue is that I received repeated hang up phone calls. No one would answer when I said hello and/or they wouldn't leave any message. The Customer Service person said they knew and that they had problems with their dialer. Instead of taking the thing offline until it was fixed they have apparently decided to just allow it to keep cold crank calling people?! I told him that they were being extremely unprofessional and that my phone number was listed with the State Attorney General's Do not Call List and to take me off their call list immediately. He then told me that no one was calling me and hanging up...From that point on I was also a little less than PC and used a few other choice words I won't relate here but... Whether or not this continues I don't know, but the rep (craig) was all full of excuses and not all that eager to apologise or assist with a known issue. I'm so glad we chose not to use these people for our siding job. God only knows what our house would look like right about now.

    1 Votes
  • Ke
    Keep the Estimate Aug 04, 2010

    The same pitch is now being posed in Northern NJ. They just did a house in the area and mentioned the street name. I asked for the address and they were unable to provide it; I figured the guy is just the sales rep and forgot the address, so I drove the street to see if any houses just had siding work and could not find any, small street. I assume they get the name randomly as the drove through the neighborhood. I made an appointment anyway, for it could not hurt to get an estimate. The information left had no phone number just a website; well anyone can create a fluffed up website to make their company appear to be of any size and quality. They never showed up and tried an contracting tactic; make an appointment if you can't show up call, hangup and the number is on the caller ID. Then they called two days later to say they attempted to contact us, however, noone answered. Boo Hoo!!! Once this was the case, I noticed a PA area code from the phone they so-called attempted to contact us on. Why a residential contractor would be so far from home can only be for bad reasons and the above comments are solidifying this claim.

    No Thanks, Get a contractor on your own free will, not a door knocker passing through the area. The free estimate is not worth it.

    1 Votes
  • Sc
    SCSMD Aug 03, 2010

    Called to schedule an estimate for a simple job: replace a few windows and 1 door. I own a home I rent out in another state. I have a property manager who handles the porperty. This was an unplanned expense, one he wasnt aware I was planning on doing. I called PWS, scheduled an appointment for a time when I knew he would be there, explained his role and that I would not be there. No problem.
    Told him this was scheduled, no problem.
    He calls to change the time of the appointment because of a conflict that arises. All of a sudden they need me to be the one to meet them. "We only meet with the homeowner" they explained to him. I explained initially that I live 10 hours from this house, and there is zero chance of me coming in for an ESTIMATE appointment. My being there has no impact on the cost of something. GIVE ME A NUMBER. If your product is that good, put your TWO HOUR SALES SPIEL ON YOUR WEBSITE AND LET YOUR CUSTOMERS MAKE THEIR OWN DECISION.
    Now perhaps I am dumb as some other posters- who clearly work for this company- will put on here (I have an undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard, and an MBA from another IVY school), but I know business practices that indicate a company is trying to make a short term profit and not be around for a long time.
    When they called me repeatedly at my office (I am still unsure how they got that number to be honest, but kudos to them for that) I ignored the call. When I finally picked up this evening not recognizing the call, I explained if they needed me to be there for an estimate, I would not do business with them. I have a well educated property manager onsite who can make any necessary decisions on the property, and frankly has made much more important and costly ones than replacing doors and a few windows. I hung up.
    If I receive any additional calls, I'll contact the BBB.
    My simple question is this: for everyone out there who touts the lifetime warranty they offer that is also transferable, please, if you work for the company and are posting this, think about how stupid this sounds. If you actually bought into this, think about who you are going to call for that warranty when they are out of business 5-10 years from now. (silence).
    YES. Sad fact, tough to get a bankrupt company to send someone to replace your torn screen door isn't it? The math doesn't work, windows and doors wont last forever. To offer a transferable lifetime warranty on such a temporary item amounts to a bit of a pyramid scam. They all eventually break. My guess is the company wont last that long though for this math on breakage to work out, the sheer number of complaints will crash their sales soon enough.

    1 Votes
  • Mi
    mindyourownbusiness Aug 02, 2010

    Well I was approached by this company today, and the same things happened to me. I was working in the garage, with the door opened about 18 inches, the sales guy walks up and looks under the door and starts his bs. Well I like to give people a chance, so I listened. He started out talking about the rebates and the quality of the windows and the history of the company, then he started talking about the other neighbors in my developement. Telling me that they were on vacation, or that they were in poor financial situations, etc. He even asked my wife and I what we do for a living and how old our daughters were. Towards the end of the spiel, he lit up a cigarette and then when done put it out on my lawn. Then he was eyeing up another nieghbor and asking how old she was? I also don't understand why I had to talk to Dustin, the sales rep back at the office? Who asked the same questions. Definately a scam here. And then people wonder why people are rude to door to door salespeople???

    2 Votes
  • Ye
    yellowdemon327 Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had an appointment today with this company between 6-6:30. guy never showed up. what an extremely unprofessional company and i will never recommend then to anyone. i feel as if it was some sort of scam, kid walking around the neighborhood door to door and then puts you on his cell phone to the company. what the hell is that about?!?

    1 Votes

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