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I was approached in my front yard by a very nice young guy with a company polo [censored] and clipboard. He told me that they had done some work in the neighborhood and asked me if I wanted a free estimate for new windows. I said sure, not knowing what I was getting into. He placed me on the phone with a company rep who scheduled an appointment the following evening for 7:30pm. The salesman arrived and unpacked a variety of equipment and launched into a 2 hour long (literally 2 hours) sales pitch. I interjected several times asking him to get to the point, we had a long day, had not eaten dinner yet, etc., but there was no deterring this guy from the obvious script that the company gave him. After an eternity when he finally got to their numbers, the prices were astronomical. We turned him down, at which point he suddenly came up with several discounts that he could apply, including a low rate that only applied if we committed that night. I asked him to leave us with the estimate and we would be in touch. He replied that he could not leave a written estimate, as it was against company policy. Also I wanted to know where the alleged recent work in our neighborhood was done so I could take a look. Of course he could not tell me, and I now suspect that was also a lie.


Salesman was a nice young guy though. You gotta feel bad b/c these are some of the only jobs out there right now.


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    ASADY Aug 07, 2009

    The above comment is all true the with amount of lies these scripted guys tell I can not believe they get away withit.Please do not feel sorry for the little guy in the polo [censored] feel sorry for every one who pays $750 + for a $100 dollar replacement window that they pay unscreened subcontractors to install for $65.00 ea. Sometimes they hire guys off craigs list load up there trucks and send them out to install your windows I know my friend is an installer and thats how they started him!He could have been an axe murder for all they knew ! But thats not the lies they tell .If you like there junky window you can go to North east Aluminum in pHilly and get them add $6 -!0 dollars for double stength glass if you like there mallet Trick ! the window is the crusader series .Its unreal how people in 2009 still fall for sales guys lies

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    GD3 Aug 12, 2009

    This company came to my door last night with the same offer - to come in to provide a free in-home estimate. I got bad vibes when the polo-[censored] clad rep at my door handed me his phone and the guy on the other end asked all the same questions, the scheduled my appt. Neither guy could answer any questions about what to expect from the appt - how long it takes, etc. "Every appt is different" was the answer. He wouldn't answer my followup - "what's your average appt length?" So, bad impressions combined with this post caused me to cancel my appointment. Thanks!

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    newbjam Aug 19, 2009

    approached with the same offer in northeast philly. Once they came for the estimate the salesman would not take no for an answer and would not leave! He arrived at 330 pm and did not leave until 7 even after telling him several times i had plans and had to leave! The prices were ridiculous! for 8 windows they wanted 10 grand! then his final offer was 7 thousand if he could use my house as advertisement. I had to plead with him that i did not want this! and if you did not book there and then you couldn't get that offer! very very high pressure. The salesman asked me for food, drinks, asked if he could play video games and if I wanted to go get something to eat with him! do not let these people in your house! way overpriced and unbelievably pushy! dont waste your time with them! then on the way out had me carry most of his equipment out for him. Ridiculous!

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  • Da
    Darren W. Sep 17, 2009

    Whereas I can understand all of your complaints, I have to disagree with you to a certain extent.

    First off, of course you can buy windows for $100 each. They are called builders grade and they are inferior to most windows. What I mean by inferior is that they off you no improvement in quality or energy savings. All they do is REPLACE the old, tattered ones you have in your house now. There are tremendous differences in replacement windows. Heck, Anderson and Pella both sell windows in the $1, 500 range! Suddenly $750 isn't looking too bad! It depends what you're looking for, what you can afford, and how long you'll be staying in your house to enjoy your investment.

    Second, whenever I make any significant purchase, especially when it's for something in my home, I research the heck out of what's out there. Having someone spend 2 hours in my home is not unreasonable to me. I'd rather know what I was getting for my dollar than just throw my money at something now knowing what I was getting. When I had my window estimates done for my house, I had a few guys come to my house and measure each window and give me a full demonstration as to why their window was better... and I had others that came and just gave me an estimate without one single measurement! They just eyeballed it! Now, who would you rather have work on your home - a company that takes the time to go over everything with you so you know what you're getting or one that "ballparks" it all and gives no attention to you?

    Lastly, with regards to price options... do you really think they're the only company that does this? Go to a car dealership or appliance store and see if they can work deals for you. Especially with the way this economy is right now, is offering homeowners price options or incentives such a bad thing?

    Companies can't make everyone happy and this is quite obvious by the responses here. But there are a lot worse companies out there with lesser quality products and at cheaper prices. Just remember, you get what you pay for and if your home is your biggest investment why take the chance.

    Just one homeowner's opinion.

    p.s. - I don't work for the company but I did get their demonstration. They are one of two that I am considering using.

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    grateful1 Sep 30, 2009

    These people stopped by my house around noon today with the same spiel. I have been looking at different window installers lately and said that I would accept their offer of a FREE estimate price-protected for a year. Made an appointment for 4:00 pm. Around 3:00 pm I received a call from a woman in their office, who was confirming the appointment. Everything was fine until she asked if my wife would be here also. Told her no. She said that maybe we could reschedule for a time when my wife would be available. Told her it was not necessary and that I was perfectly capable of making the decision on my own. She said it was their policy to have both spouses meet with the estimator and that this was the only way they could price protect the estimate for a year or more. I began to smell something rotten with the deal and told her to forget about it. She kept saying that maybe we could reschedule. I said no. It was either today with me alone or not at all. She said maybe you will reconsider later and call us back. I said, "Not likely" and "Goodbye". That is when I decided to google their company name and came across this series of complaints. The remarks of "savvy consumer" really hit home. Thanks for the information.

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  • Be
    bean67 Oct 01, 2009

    STAY AWAY FROM POWER WINDOWS AND SIDING!!! This company is a RIP-OFF!! ESPECIALLY the window department!! I would NEVER recommend these people to anyone. They installed windows for me and the job was EXTREMELY sloppy and unprofessional. They claim to not bill you until you are 100% satisfied. That's a LIE. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. No one answers the phone or bothers to return your phone calls. It took them 3 months to come back and fix the caulking around my windows. Of course, I was already being billed for 2 months! I'm still not happy with the way they tried to fix it, but I'm so sick of dealing with these people that it will have to do. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB, and anywhere I can say anything negative about them, I WILL.

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  • Sa
    Sandgirl883 Oct 07, 2009

    1. They NEVER EVER hire people off craigslist. My best friend AND my husband work for this company and I know this for a FACT.

    2. Their windows are high quality. Yes, you can get a window for 100 bucks. Is it custom-made to your window? Life-time warantee with NO holes in it? All the guarantees? Good luck. The most expensive job is a job that you have to do twice.

    3. The reason that they ask for your spouse to be home is because buying windows is an expensive investment and usually (usually!) both spouses have to be home to make a choice like that. The presentation of the window, and the LESSON about windows, is something that both spouses should see before making the choice... plain and simple.

    4. The REASON for the "presentation" is so that you can be educated about windows - in general. There have been SEVERAL people in the time that my husband has worked for the company that have declined the estimate BUT told him "thank you - at least i know what to look for in other companies now."

    Okay. Now. Really? Before you spout off on the quality of the windows - do you know the specifics?

    Like a previous poster said, they ARE sales people. WHAT IS A SALES PERSON THERE FOR? to make a sale. to sell you their product. YES.


    -they are NOT seedy
    -they are NOT liars

    -they have NO upstanding complaints and have a star rating with the BBB.


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    True Customer Review Nov 10, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Sandgirl883 That is a lie!! I paid 12K for 6 windows they sold me and yes it's a scam! guess what? the cheap contractors they use goes out of business and then they don honor the guarantee. My windows all are defective and have now dirt and condensation between the panels, they look disgusting and dirty after 8 years! the seal gives up. There is NOT customer service the call is ALWAYS redirected to VM. Check BBB and Yelp, I wish I had checked this earlier before I got scammed. For the payment they don't finance you, they make you apply for a Visa card and whatever the amount you get approved is the amount they finance! I got stuck with a 12% fix interest rate!! STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Lo
    Lovethem Oct 20, 2009

    I got power windows and I think they did a phenominal job. I am surprised to see people upset about the two hour presentation. I had a great time with the salesman and enjoyed my time with him quite well! He was a very nice young man. I am more than happy with the product and recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work done on their home.

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  • Ed
    EDWARD K Nov 09, 2009

    i had my windows installed in 2004 and loved the experience, from salesman to customer service everything was above and beyond expectations. i sat through a 2 hour presentation and didnt mind at all, at the end i knew more about windows than anyone else i knew. my nieghbor bought windows in 2006 from home depot and had a friend put them in, she spent half as much as i did and now is very upset she went with cheap windows. two no longer work and 5 out of 9 have water in the glass, GUESS WHAT THEY SAID WHEN SHE CALLED FOR HER "LIFETIME WAURANTEE"... SORRY THATS NOT COVERED!!! THERES A DISCLAIMER ON THE BACK THAT NO ONE SHOWED HER. now she has to get new windows again. i love the waurantee i have EVERYTHING IS COVERED FOR LIFE!!! AND TRANFERABLE!!!

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  • Dl
    DLML118 Nov 10, 2009

    Same exact experience. Kid approaches in my driveway - we are doing work in the neighborhood. Puts you on the phone with the scheduling mangaer who is insistant that your spouse is there?? 2 hr agonizing window seminar. My kids are crying because they are so tired, guy still won't leave. The problem for me is they make it sound like some one will swing by, measure and give you an estimate, I'm thinking 15-20 minutes. 2 hours of company history, every other window is crap, our installers are the greatest. Then the best part the quote - hand written on a blank piece of paper. If I sign up write now I save 10, 000!!! NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES THERE? Total nightmare. I am embarrased to admit I let this person into my home.

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  • An
    andrealeev Nov 12, 2009

    These people are constantly in my township and have to constantly be chased by the police because they solicit where no soliciting is CLEARLY posted. I was polite with them all 5 times that they came to my door. Today tops it though. I was in the back of my house and heard someone forcibly shaking my door knob. Both dogs went nuts and I thought whoever it was would go away. Five minutes later more hard rattling of my door knob. I have a doorbell which wasn't used. I peeked out the window (past my growling dog) and saw a figure holding a clipboard still at my door. I was terrified and called 911. When the police responded, who was in our courtyard but sales reps for this company. I soon found out from a neighbor 3 doors down that they were actually pounding on his door so loud it sounded like the police. He is a big guy in the military who almost had an altercation with the guy. The guys finally left when the police told them to. Sales people should not be scaring the hell out of homeowners. I plan to file a complaint with the company as well as my township.

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  • Lo
    LOLAVOO Nov 18, 2009

    now i know why they came to my house! i just recently saw a tv commercial for this company telling you to enter their "sweepstakes" for a chance to win free windows. it reminded me that several years ago (yes i was young and stupid!) i actually "entered" for a chance to win. i remember some woman called me about my "entry" and when i realized after about 10 minutes that it was actually a sales pitch, i called her on it and she became angry and hung up.

    now i dont remember how many years ago that was...then about 3 weeks ago i got the we are doing work in your neighborhood line from a guy at my door. (incidently, Omaha Steaks uses same line saying they are making a delivery in my neighborhood so i SHOULD have heard the alarm bells then) but we needed windows anyway and i thought what harm is an estimate? so i gave them my CELL number not my home number. i waited all day for the confirmation call i was supposed to get before the guy came. nobody called and nobody showed up. i told my hubby to look them up online and he found all these complaints and then remembered my sweepstakes entry from several years ago. later i realized they had left messages on my HOME phone (which i had not given out) instead of calling my cell number as i had instructed them to do. i had my cell with me the whole time and they never even attempted to call.

    So, do NOT enter any of these types of sweepstakes. I am just so thankful for people like you all who take the time to warn the rest of us. chances are though, i would have slammed the door and called the cops if he would not leave. and i cannot believe the guy who said they refused to give written estimate! i was told that the current estimate i got would be good forever even if i decided to buy 10 years from now. how can one prove that if they dont have a copy of the estimate?


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  • Go
    goodperson Nov 22, 2009

    You complainers are the same type of bigots who try to get free food at restaurants, movie theatres, etc., just because you are rotten inside and have no supportive social skills so you sit on your dirty couch and waste your days away complaining about everything that isnt free and hate your life.


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  • As
    A satisfied Customer Nov 23, 2009

    I love how the people on this board complain about a 2hr presentation. So you'd rather them just give you a price and take your chances on the quality of the product and company? I'd admit they are annoying with their phone calls but the company does a great job of informing the consumer. I can guarentee the people who agreed to a presentation learned more about windows and/or siding then ever before...I know we did. Also just because they give you a price good for the night doesnt mean they are high pressure. Yes they might try everything they can to get you to sign that night, but they are sales guys who are trying to put food on the table. Cut them some slack. They also have a fantastic product. their windows are absolutly amazing, I actually cut my energy bills in half! Granted I had single pane wood windows but it's still amazing! Also yes there prices are a little higher than some other windows out there but you get what you pay for. The poster above me said it great that all the people that compain want is a great product at little to no cost...its not out there Im sorry to tell you.

    With that said yea these guys do things a little differently but what matters the most in the end is the product and that is by far the best!

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  • Oe
    oef Dec 02, 2009

    Power Windows and Siding just received the 2009 Dealer of theYear award from Window and Door Magazine, in the category of Overall Excellence, in Leadership Serving Homeowners. I'm proud to work for them and will continue to do so for a long time.

    Go Team.

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  • Al
    Alan3354 Dec 04, 2009

    I'm interested in power windows for my house, that is, windows I can open and close with a remote control, or on a timed basis.

    My cars have power windows, why not my house?

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  • My
    myfavoritepetsally Dec 12, 2009

    I was duped by thinking I was entering a contest. I am not that stupid! I know that they were just getting my information to sell me windows. I was not thinking about installing windows, but I said OK to have the salesman come out. He would not leave and was at my house for 3 and 1/2 hours. He wouldn't leave until I agreed and signed up for the windows. The price is not that high--- four windows for $3, 299 and with the government rebate, I would get $821 back. But, I didn't like the way he wouldn't leave and kept giving me different prices. The more I said I didn't want to buy windows because I had other plans for improvements in my home, the lower the prices became. They started at over $5, 000 and ended up at $3, 299. Until finally, he convinced me that if I allowed them to advertise my house with before and after pictures and my street address, the price came all the way down to $3, 299 for four windows. I don't like the idea of my street address being advertised and people coming by to look. Also, I don't know if I got a good price because I didn't get any other estimates. Does anyone know if this is a good deal? They are double hung energy star rated windows. I don't have enough time to get more estimates. I usually get several estimates before I sign up for anything! I let him talk me into this.

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  • Ja
    jamoka3 Dec 15, 2009

    I know its long, but please read in full to understand, thanks!

    I was close to getting the siding and everything done on the outside ( facade, trim etc.) And i got a quote of $51, 000. That’s when I said politely said NO THANKS!
    Then he said, "BUT wait, today only you can get it for $26, 000 bucks, complete, done, out the door!" So i told him to write it up so i can see the payments and terms, so he sat back down for another hour and wrote it up, and here is what he originally said.The loan was going to be $407 a month for 72 months (6 years). We spread it out through two loans, a GE and a wells Fargo, at $187 a month for 72 months and 220 a month for 72 months. In the end it was a grand total of $29, 304, including the loans interest. . I agreed since i knew i could afford it at that rate and term length ($407 a month for 72 months aka. 6 years)

    A few days went by and i got a phone call from there " finance guru", telling me that the sales guy messed up and that my new payment would be spread out over the two loans like before BUT..., the loan was to NOW be $170 a month for 108 months (or 9 years) and the WF loan was going to be $250 a month for 59 months. now I knew right then and there they were trying to play me. Here’s how…
    If you take the "Original" quote and agreement that I agreed to of $29, 304 in total and calculated there "new" term lay out then the grand total was now $33, 110. That’s a $3, 804 difference!!! Remember the cost to do my house was only $26, 000!
    So I asked how the interest went from $3, 304 to $7, 110? He had no good answer!!

    What made me very angry is that he kept saying it was a "minor detail", and "its not a big deal"... "Must have been overlooked". That’s a difference of almost 4 grand, that’s a “minor detail” to them?? Come on…
    Now if the company took the hit since they messed up and kept my interest at the $3, 304 like before then I would have continued with the job, but over the next 2 days, and talking to 5 different people, it still was no good. Not only did they not admit fault to such a lie, but also they wanted to extend my loan term from 72 to 108 months. That’s 3 years longer! Also they could not tell me why my interest basically doubled from the original quote.


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  • Ha
    HappyForNow Dec 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our 7 year old home's window seals have been broken for most of the time we've lived in this house. We've tried repeately to get the builder or window company to replace the windows to no avail. Tired of the $700-$900/month propane bills we decided to start checking out window companies. After meeting a PW&S salesperson and learning about their products, we actually hired PW&S who installed 38 windows, a front door and french doors over the course of 5 days in March 2009. While we apprecited the time the salesperson committed to us during the 'pitch' (4.5 hrs and worth it due to the size of the job) we did not appreciate the lies.

    We were told the new windows would be about 1/2" wider than the original windows and that we can still use all of our window treatments and shades and we would lose minimal window sill space. Far from the truth. I think the windows are about 2.5" wider, and of the 38 windows installed, most treatments could not fit in without some engineering. The remaining shades had to be pitched for replacements that install over the window. Plus, our sills are about 2" deep now with no room to display some of the pictures, etc. we used to display.

    The other lie was that no bugs would be able to enter the window past the screen. This claim was THE major reason that suaded us into purchasing these windows. No-one else would make that statement. Well, EVERY window allows bugs to enter via the two weep slots, and like the old windows, we cannot open the windows in the summer to keep the bugs from entering the house.

    Other than that we are happy with everything and all the neighbors rave on the front door and how nice everything looks. So far so good. They do guarantee a 30% reduction in energy bills. We shall see. Don't let this be a selling point as they will gladly pay you the difference, should you not save 30% in the year, FOR THE FIRST YEAR. For remaining years' bills - all bets are off. Our anniversary is around the corner and I can't wait to see how much we are going to save. Thus far the only thing I noticed is that our heat would cycle 2x / hour and now it cycles once ever 1.5-2 hrs. Also, we have had the new doors replaced due to some defects that we could not live with, esp. due to the crazy price we paid. Additionally, a couple windows were replaced out due to minor defects by the manufacturer. Never did I hear from PW&S that customer satisfaction wasn't a top priority. I've seen it thus far.

    Don't be so hard on these guys. Remember, you get what you pay for. So, if you are going to be in your house for a long time, it is worth the extra prices for a 100% guaranteed window and door.

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  • Nj
    NJ Dad Jan 07, 2010

    Two days ago my fifteen year old daughter came home from school, and had to squeeze past a salesman from this company who was on my doorstep, in to get into the house. Later that same day he was at the door again, before I got home, asking when her parents would be home. He returned again at dinner time, I was home, and he very reluctantly gave me his clipboard so that I could write down the website information for Power Windows & Doors. I left a very detailed voicemail message that evening for someone to call me about being put on a "do not solicit" list; of course no one returned the call.

    Not long ago there were a series of similar hard sell, door-to-door sales routines, involving exhorbitantly priced magazine subscriptions. Young kids were recruited from inner cities as "independant contractors" (an effort byt the company to shield itself from liability), and these kids were trucked from town to town as they wore out their welcome and were chased away by the police. These salespeople would frequently take advantage of the elderly, rob homes once they concluded no one was around, and on occaision rape or kill people whose only mistake was to open their door to a smiling young person . Google "Azriel Bridge" to find accounts of his brutal murder of Shirley Reuter in Toms River, NJ.

    I doubt I'm the only parent who finds strangers on my property and/or at the door asking questions of youngsters home alone to be a menacing and potentially horrific situation. I do not buy any products or services from, or do business with anyone who "cold calls" at my door, and would urge everyone to call the local authorities when their neighborhood is invaded by these people.

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  • Cj
    CJJD Jan 12, 2010

    This is long, but i think it will help...

    well, i just took the time to read all of these posts. interesting points on both sides. I had a sit down with a power windows sales guys last night and was also surprised by the length of the vistit. HOWEVER, the sales rep was very knowledgeable about what to look for in windows. Obviously, every salesman is in the business of making money so with the education of windows comes the sales pitch.

    That said, I have 30 windows that need replacing. That's 30 openings in my house that i have to worry about drafts destroying any hopes of being energy efficient
    ... I'm sold there.

    That is 30 windows i have to worry about the seal being compromised. Lifetime guarantee... I'm sold there. The guarantee carries over to the next owner. The value of that will be HUGE when i go to sell my home... sign me up

    i have dogs that will rip screens with their claws if they see another dog outside... again, lifetime guarantee on the screens.

    I view my house as my number one investment. An average home will give you a 12% return over any 15 year period INCLUDING the recent crash in the housing market. For me, adding guaranteed windows increases the value dollar for dollar on my home, but that is because my home is at least 130 years old with the windows being at least 50 years old. An energy-efficient home is worth from 5 to 9 percent more at the time of resale than a similar, but less energy-efficient home. (

    And then there is the efficiency savings. i spend an average of $200 a month to heat/cool my home. The guarantee of a 30% reduction of that cost has me saving $600 a year x 10 years = $6000. theres a third of the cost right there. $1500 tax credit plus their tax credit of $1500 more. so i'm getting up to $9000. over ten years for these windows (not including the increase in equity because thats not tangible until i sell) windows are already half payed for.

    As for the discount to sign the day the sales rep comes out, its all about efficiency. Obviously there are way too many people that waste other peoples time by sitting on a fence for weeks because they can't make up their mind. Nothing in this life is free and time is money. you figure it out.

    All said and done, you get what you pay for. I for one, want quality and I'm willing to pay for it. I think i read somewhere here that the most expensive window job is one that you have to do twice. i couldn't agree more.

    I do not represent these guys and all the numbers here are what I think and what i researched. I find it interesting that 95%-ish of the negative posts here are from people who did not buy the windows. Don't be afraid to be sold a quality product, not everybody is out to get you.

    That is all
    Sellersville, PA

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  • Hu
    hubba hubba Jan 22, 2010

    holy moly, I can't believe the level of whiny little cry baby-ness I am reading right now!

    get real, people complain about every little thing possible. Do you really think you can get a window for $200 bucks, quality installation, capped, with a lifetime warranty, energy efficient, and eligible for the Obama plan tax credit? really? REALLY? what are you ###s smoking?

    I had Power Windows come to the house and give me their little spiel. It was annoying that they called like 87 times to confirm the appointment, but other than that I am completely satisfied. The guy that came was a good guy, well-rounded, intelligent, and VERY informative. He told me everything about the window (yeah, 2.5 hours is kinda long), but he was careful not to hide anything or leave anything unsaid or questions unanswered about the way the things are installed, or the way the warranty and energy savings and tax credit works. I had several other estimates before, but none were even CLOSE to this impressive. I bought the windows and they were installed two days ago. I was so impressed that I googled the company to see what other work they do, and was amazed to find all these people complaining. Weird to complain about people being TOO thorough??? right???

    I guess my point is, you can't please everybody, this world is full of impatient cry babies, and MANY people think there is some magical deal out there where you get the best quality for the lowest possible price...GOOD LUCK!

    p.s. my new windows made my house look sweet...willing to bet all you people still have old beat up crap!

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  • Cw
    C Ward Jan 22, 2010

    I just hung up - or more correctly, they hung up on me- with the representative from Power Windows and Siding who had called ( 2nd time) to confirm appointment. I have no problem with confirmation of appointments since so many contractors just don't show or don't show on time. I do have a problem with Power Windows and Siding. About 6 months ago they knocked on my door. I was very interested in replacing my 20 year old windows. Everything was fine until the scheduler on the phone told me my husband had to be home for the sales call. I explained that I had just recently married and that I alone owned the house and made all the decisions for anything related to the house. They insisted my husband be home. As a management executive and a perfectly capable woman running a large organization, I was not happy with the insistence on having my husband there. I explained he owns his own business and I can't guarantee that he'll be home...they told me to call them back when I could get him home - that was their 1st opportunity to sell to me blown! They came to my door again this week. I listened to the representative and decided to try again. I told them this was an extremely busy week for me and my husband but that if they could come early today, no later than 10 am we could meet with their sales person. I asked how long the appointment would be, I was told " not long, about an hour"...I made it clear when I scheduled that we had other appointments that day and it had to be at 10 am. Yesterday, they called to confirm and said the sales person would be here between 10 and 11. I repeated that I had made it clear that the appointment could be no later than 10 because we had other appointments and that I had told the scheduler that as well. I was then asked "why? do you have some place else to be?" Which frankly is none of their business and I found fishy...making me wonder if this would really be only a 1 hour appt. I asked again, how long will the appt be and what do they do. She said, "Oh, about an hour and they'll leave you with an estimate and a monthly payment. How's your credit?" I was flabbergasted that she asked me about my credit over the phone before I'd even heard the sales pitch!..I let it go. This morning they called the second time to confirm. Again, I got the same question: "Our salesman will be there between 10 and 11, is that OK?" Again, I explained that it was not OK that it had to be 10am. Again I was asked: "Is there someplace you have to be? what time to you have to leave?" I told them I had to be someplace by 11:30 and that I was told the presentation would be about an hour and that should be plenty of time. The woman said "It takes longer than that, maybe you should call back when you have more time." AND SHE HUNG UP!!! Sorry, but I'm not an idiot. I will not go for strike three. This company is nuts.

    Hillsborough, NJ

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  • Pw
    pwscantwait Feb 03, 2010

    Our experience with this company has been great so far.
    The solicitor rang our doorbell, explained why he was in the neighborhood, and asked if we were interested. I would normally have told him "no thanks" and closed the door politely, especially since my husband has been out of work for a few weeks. The last thing we were planning on doing was any home repairs! The short sales pitch I heard was enough for me to ask him into our home. I thought it can't hurt to listen for a few minutes, and he probably gets some type of credit. Mark was one of the nicest young men I have ever encountered. We felt no pressure at all. Our home is over 20 years old with the original windows, and we knew we could use new ones. Especially with the 30% electric bill increase coming. He explained that an estimate would be good for one year, so we decided it would be a good opportunity to get an idea of what new windows would cost. We set up an appointment for the next evening. The scheduler, Jay, did not require that I be there for the estimate as others have stated. We made sure everyone knew that we were in no position to buy windows in the near future. They all understood and were still willing to go ahead with the estimate. Jay called the day of our estimate to confirm our time. Alex was right on time. We chatted some and then he began his demonstration. I felt like I was in a college lecture and loved it! I never knew windows could be so complicated. We were given an estimate in writing for our 7 windows and 1 sliding glass door. It contained 3 prices - the first was if we bought that night, the next was for buying by the end of the next month, and the final was for buying within a year. We knew we could not afford the price for all of the windows. But they have a great program where they let you do the work piece-meal. Our sliding glass door is our biggest problem. The seal had broken and the draft is terrible. Replacing this door has been on our list for a couple of years. The product was so impressive, plus they saving guarantee, we decided to have it replaced. While we were talking we mentioned that our gutter over the door had been blown down during a wind and rain storm earlier in the week. Alex was able to include replacing the gutter for FREE with the purchase of the door. This was all agreed to AFTER we received the price for the door. So far, I would highly recommend this company.

    -1 Votes
  • Al
    AlfromPA Feb 06, 2010

    WOW! My neighbor bought windows from PWS last year...nothing but trouble with the installation. The window was OK but when I heard the price they paid, I almost had a heart attack! I told my neighbor about a company I heard about from Chester Springs Pa and what a fair priced, professional job they did. He ended up buying the last 10 windows from them and has been thanking me ever since. Lesson to be learned...if the pressure is high, the price is too! Do a little research and find a company that has a great product and integrity!

    2 Votes
  • Sh
    Sharene Feb 12, 2010

    This company is beyond shady they are extremely crooked. Unfortunately we opened the door when a salesperson claimed to be in the area. Do not give them your information, the harassment of phone calls are through the day and night. The sales pitch is extremely long but do not be fooled by the nice salesperson at first that offers you a great deal if u sign day of. Once they know you are credit worthy they try to obligate you to financing you never discussed. If you have a bad feeling please believe it and go with your gut, there work ethic is very questionable. If there is a company that represents what you do not want to deal would be them. This experience has been very eye opening and quite ridiculous at the same time. The calls continue and they change there story each call whether its the new price they want to offer, financing changes anything they can think of. Stay Away, there are many companies that do the right thing by there clients and this is clearly not one of them. Please Beware!!!

    1 Votes
  • Be
    berengere Feb 21, 2010

    can't stand the way they operate. very fake. the two guys who came to our house just wouldn't leave !!! they knocked down the price twice !!! then when that didn't work offered us a free entry door of our choice!!! well, thank God we didn't agree right away!!! never did anyway !!! they are just terrible, pushy sellsperson, doesn't mean their product is bad though. i hate all their confirmation phone calls before they show up as well. wasted more time bragging about the company then actually talking about the options for OUR HOUSE !!! don't bother, I would NOT TRUST THEM, ever !!!

    1 Votes
  • Be
    berengere Feb 21, 2010

    oh yeah, GREAT COMPANY !!! the two guys would'nt leave the house !!! they knocked down the price twice, 10 000 all together!!! that didn't work so they offered a free entry door !!!
    thank God we didn't agree to anything right away, we would'nt have a beautiful FREE entry door !!! come on you out there defending this company !!! where have you been lately !!! when i go to the supermaket don't don't want to pay for my groceries do you think the manager would offer me free loafs of bread to help me make the decision !!!
    Get real !!!

    1 Votes
  • Be
    BennieJoe Mar 03, 2010

    They just showed up at my door. I told them no thanks, they still won't leave. In my opinion, if your product is so good, do what 98% of companies do... wait for the customers to contact you! Any company that is going door to door knocking for customers has got to be bad.

    3 Votes
  • Xf
    X files Mar 10, 2010

    To the lady whos husband and bestfriend work for PWS they do recruit from craigslists, I know for a fact I went to Media to corporate, and sat in a boardroom with a bunch of hacks not saying their all ham and eggers, but no trucks in the parking lot at 6:00pm come on, im sorry I didsee fred sanfords truck.First impression is everything.I work for Sears they are not locust that feed on a region for 3 to 5yrs like Gutter Gaurd, these people flood the market in advertising, pray on the senior population and the stay at home housewife .To all who read this if you feel threaten and that there trying to rob you just say what I say "please put a mask on if you going to rob me"ps stay away from window world they say they installed over a million windows their full, just a franchise like burger king doesnt mean youre burger king sold a billion people burgers their a franchise, go down window college for weeken and get your degree what a joke!Stay with a company who"s been around for awhile not one that floats up and down the coast till their fullps a small contractors are local same manufactures warranties that the big companies have to much to list

    1 Votes
  • Ha
    HarrassedbyPowerWindows Mar 11, 2010

    Somehow Power Windows got my work number about a month ago and have been harrassing me ever since. They have called EVERY DAY for a month asking for Lisa or Ron (I am not Lisa or Ron). I have told that to every rep who has called. Each time they have apologized and said that they would remove my phone number from their database. Then the next day I come into work, the phone rings and it is the Power Windows yet again to harrass me. STAY AWAY from them. I believe it is their companies policy to harrass their customers. If you see a sales man from Power Windows, RUN! Run far, far away. If you see Power Windows on your caller ID - change your phone number! Or they will NEVER stop calling!

    1 Votes
  • Je
    Jenny Noone Mar 16, 2010


    I am so confused about the things I have read about the demonstration for the window. I have had them out to my house. I was very happy with all the information that the nice sales guy gave me, he was a pleasure to talk to, he really listened to my needs. I wanted to replace my basement windows, he told me not to because that would not make to much a difference with my energy bills. I appreciated that. Being a single mom I don't know the first thing about windows, all I know is that my house was so cold!! I have two young children and I just wanted to give my kids a comfortable home to live in. I have lived in this house all my life and I just asked myself now, why did I wait so long? To be honest it did not occur to me that that was my problem, so I for one am very happy that I did replace all my windows, it made such a difference in my house. My energy bills have gone down dramatically, I can actually open them now, and they look beautiful, the guys that did my work did a great job for me, they certainly delivered on everything they promised me. It was worth every penny I spent. And for those of you who really believe what you read about getting a $1200 window for $100 then who is the gullible one?

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  • 2h
    2HELPMYPEOPL Apr 05, 2010

    Geez what a bunch of pinheads! It's called sales for a reason. Of course theyre sales people are going to negotiate! Thats sales 101. I prefer to buy my products from a well trained sales person that can answer all my questions as opposed to some T-[censored]ed contractor with a big belly who reeks of beer !!! Seriouslt this company did my windows 3 years ago and it was all goo. They completed the project in one day and came out within one day when I had a complaint about one of the windows. I would not be surprised if that first post was from a contractor or competitor! This is a greart company...25 complaints in three years??? R U Kidding thats awesome. What a bunch of whiny women!

    -2 Votes
  • Se
    sellersvile, PA Apr 06, 2010

    We had a GREAT experience with PWS. The sales guy did his routine, but was very knowledgeable about the product and confident that we would be satisfied. He was right! 26 WINDOWS IN TWO DAYS! We had a small issue with one window and they came out and fixed it no questions asked. The fact that the lifetime guarantee transfers over to the next owner is outstanding and will prove to be a huge selling point. To all who don't like PWS, that fine. That's why they make chocolate and vanilla people...don't buy their windows. But to bad mouth them based on one sales visit? I don't get it.

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  • Ga
    GARY Brec Apr 06, 2010


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  • 2h
    2HELPMYPEOPL Apr 09, 2010

    Becuase these are not legit...they are from competitors !!! I've seen this a mllion tuimes. Good company gets slandered by comopetition! Shame

    -3 Votes
  • Ha
    HappyForNow Apr 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wah! Get over it. Who cares. People love to complain.

    As I said in my prev post, I purchased 38 windows and 2 doors in Mar 09. Yes, they sucked up a lot of my time (4.5hrs if I remember correctly) during the first sit down and the job took 5 days to complete. These guys busted their ### and did a great job. Anything less and I guarantee they would not have received penny one from me. Propane comsumed/month is down and the house is way more comfortable. Worth the $$ and even all the extra $$ for a lifetime guarantee.

    Want to save even more money?? Go geothermal. I could have saved $13k and the ROI would be 1/10 of the time it will take me to recoup the window/door costs. Replacing the windows made more sense as we wanted a comfortable home. Plus, from a green perspective we thought it would be more responsible to fix the problem, faulty/unsealed windows, as opposed to keeping the problem and throwing out the less expensive heat/AC had we gone geothermal. When the HVAC units go - so will the propane/AC units and hello, geothermal. Until then, I have some kick ### windows and doors and I am the envy of the neighborhood.

    -1 Votes
  • Do
    Dont rip meoff Apr 11, 2010

    So far so good for me. the guys that walk around door to door suck. Really, dont give them youre phone number unless youre really thinking about windows or siding.last year they called 5 times a day for a month strait. Got me agian this year but my wife was really interested in windows. This works out great for me (let the servise come to you) I have two kids and would have never lasted in a showroom somewhere. Now the estimate was very long 2 to 4 hours will be the time spent on this. I didnt mine this beacause i wanted to know everything about the product i was getting.Their is alot of reasons I found to make me want to get windows.they are not Home depot specials and their not the best either. The things i like are the safty glass. the guy hammers a nail in a 2x4 with glass, .(lame I know the damn window will crash out from the frame before the freaking glass will break )This should buy you some time if someone is trying get in youre house. double pain (thermo sash) self explanitory! half way locks- this great for parents who have children and a second floor. energy afficiant, and a good warranty ( hardware stores lack on the warranty) and the screens are memory type screens if you poke a small hole in it it should return to its original shape, all my axisting screens are toast from my kids and these guys are giving you a warrenty on them.(will see ) they look cheap because they are all plastic, But again their lifetime windows, Fancy wood windows dont last more then 10 years. again Im only halfway through this project if i have more problems I will post. Remember if you dont want anything the i wouldnt ask for an estimate.

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  • Cl
    Clef Apr 17, 2010

    Ha-Ha...OMG!!! I am glad I read this post. They were just in my neighborhood an hour ago. They told me that they work together with my association to replace the neighborhood windows. I said HUH!!! OK I felt for it and and my appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, and because I never heard of that company before I decided to google it. BINGO!!! several hundreds of complaints. After I read about 20 complaints, I immediately picked up the phone and called to cancel my appointment. Guest what I got? Yes, the company voice mail and silence thereafter.

    Alright, maybe the office is closed today (Saturday). I am going to call and cancel it first thing Monday morning. Oh Yeah! It's funny how they come knocking during tax refund time...ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Do your research, if it smells funny, walk away.

    1 Votes
  • Ri
    RICH21 May 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    201 Willowbrook Blvd
    suite 403-4th floor
    wayne, nj 07470


    SUITE 403
    WAYNE, NJ 07470

    2 Votes

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