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Renewal by Andersen Complaints & Reviews

Renewal By Andersen / Exterior glass pane severe staining

tmaron on Jan 15, 2017
21-22 windows bought, half in 2010 and remaindering 201.Both batches show window staining which look like dirty water sprayed on exterior surfaces, This does not come off with the regularly available glass cleaning products. The service technician tried to clean and was not able to effect...

Renewal By Andersen / Fraudulent license number being used

ToriDes on Jan 13, 2017
Javier Nunez is using his brothers contractors license number to conduct business with Renewal by Anderson. Javier Nunez is not a american citizen. In addition to illegally being in the United States he owes child support for ten children born here in the united states. This is why he...

RenewaL by Andersen / Double-hung windows and casement windows

KimGail on Dec 19, 2016
We had these windows installed throughout our entire house on December 28, 2015. They have always leaked, especially at the bottom and the middle of the double-hung windows where the two sections meet. Even the four casement windows leak around the edges. When I got up this morning...

Renewal By Andersen / Financing

windowman on Dec 10, 2016
Renewal By Andersen promotes in their advertising and with their sales reps what is called same as cash financing. They offer no payment no interest " deals " for one year to close the sale. What is not mentioned is if you do not pay the entire amount of the loan within that year, you will...

Renewal By Andersen / Double hung windows leak cold air

Gail Lotzer on Dec 9, 2016
On 10/26/16 I had 6 double-hung windows installed in my farmhouse. This past week we had two days of nasty 35 to 50 mph winds & the windows were definitely leaking air.. mostly in the slides so I texted my saleslady & the next day a window tech did come out and insert plugs, some foam...

Renewal By Andersen / Advertising issues

windowman on Nov 24, 2016
Renewal By Andersen is marketed thru franchises. In The Greater New York State Capital Area and The Hudson River Valley Area these windows are sold thru Eric Minkiewicz. Here is some facts you should know: 1 ) RBA has their own Andersen Window while all the other retail outlets - Home...

Renewal By Andersen / Windows and sales guy

ArizonaMarine on Aug 22, 2016
Called this company for a quote on my Windows, and it was a complete nightmare. Not only was the pricing on the Windows a joke... like 40% higher than the reputable replacement window companies, but the sales guy was the most rude and unprofessional person Imhave ever met. He threatened...

Renewal By Andersen / Warranty

windowman on May 9, 2016
Their latest advertisement no longer declares that Renewal By Andersen both manufactures and installs the windows like their previous adds. Now they are proclaiming " Renewal By Andersen provides one rock solid warranty that covers your windows, doors & installation ". Well, here...

Renewal By Andersen / Incorrect advertising concerning installation

windowman on Mar 2, 2016
RBA Eastern NY latest advertisement claims " Renewal by Andersen is the Manufacturer and the Installer" This is a lie! The ad's small print reads " Some Renewal by Andersen locations are independently owned and operated. " The plain truth is that all Renewal by...

Renewal By Andersen / Windows

Reviewer34374 on Nov 12, 2015
This company likes to scam it's customers into buying over priced windows. They had a minivan full of kids walking around, at night, knocking on doors convincing people they need to replace their windows. I was concerned with one window but the young man convinced me to let them look at...

Renewal By Andersen / Window screens

Reviewer96770 on Oct 3, 2015
Every time it rains, the window screens capture so much water, I am unable to see outside my window. The rain comes through the screen and even coats the outside of my new Windows. I brought the windows to be able to see out of. I am also concerned that in the Cold weather the snow and or...

Renewal By Andersen / Not nice stuff

Reviewer21659 on Sep 8, 2015
I had originally had a quote for (3) gliding doors to be replaced at my house. To high of an estimate put the brakes on that, then Renewal by Andersen called and made a second stop in to re-quote me a price for the doors. To much of my surprise I looked at the contract really close a few...

Renewal By Andersen / They refused, when I asked that I wanted to help

Infermier on Jul 31, 2015
I have no idea how the hell it has happened, but the company Renewal by Andersen has lost my large order. It was really big and they somehow lost it. And after couple of days they continued to tell me that they haven’t found it and blah-blah. They don’t care about the customer...

Renewal By Andersen / Customer service

SANDRA DAVIDEIT on Jun 1, 2015
Problem with one of the windows that were installed on 4 / 13 / 15 and 4 / 14 / 15. Have called and emailed numerous time for technician to come and look at window. Only get the run around. The last email stated tech would be there on 5 / 30 / 15 at 12:30 pm. No one showed up or called. Was home all day waiting no one came.

Renewal By Andersen / Terrible customer service

KPKP on Apr 28, 2015
We are interested in replacing 12 windows in our house and asked Renewal by Andersen to come out for a quote appointment. I set up the appointment for Saturday at 3pm, and answered a list of questions - some necessary, some strange. Here are the discussion details. The representative asked...

Renewal By Andersen / Ownership

windowman on Feb 13, 2015
Snake oil From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia l Snake oil is an expression that originally referred to fraudulent health products or unproven medicine but has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone...

Renewal By Andersen / Product Duplication

windowman on Dec 1, 2014
Since 2009, Renewal By Andersen has been marketing thru a separate list of dealers than their own privately owned franchises, basically, the same window - The Andersen 100. I repeat, the same window that their own franchises sell. It makes no sense to me, but hey, if Andersen won't...

Renewal By Andersen / Price Quality

Bulldog22 on Oct 29, 2014
We purchased 4 windows and were told we could add additional windows later at a set price. I was not excited about the overall price but decided to start with 4. About a year later another rep came out (I was told the other rep no longer worked with the company) Bottom line I was quoted a...

Renewal By Andersen / Stealing my money

I was given the wrong date (3/18/2014 included Sunday) on the cancellation part of the contract. The following Wednesday and Thursday I tried to call the salesman to cancel but he never answered my calls. I know that I missed the 3 day window by speaking to someone in their Renewal by...

Renewal By Andersen / Mismanagement

windowman on Sep 5, 2014
Two complaints on craiglist 9 - 5 - 14 **caution huff n puff ***** This company does not perform to what they claim. Poor leads and few of them. Sales manager ricky lies and does not pay earned commissions caution huff n puff **** Do not trust the management of this company. They do...

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