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I told PNC Merchant Services about my business, that it was only open 3 months out of the year and made 25, 000 dollars a year with about 10 percent estimated to be from credit card sales. I trusted them to set me up with a service that would suit my needs. I was told I would pay $29.00 a month for equipment with the option to buy. A $15.00 access fee would also be charged per month but I would not have to pay the $20.00 per month Buisness Checking Account fee with PNC Bank for signing with their service. It sounded good until I started to study my charges after my business closed for the season and I no longer had money coming in so I could easily see what I was being charged for a service I wan't currently using. The business account fee of $20.00 was now being charged. My lease was now $36.75 A new security charge of $25.00 was there and with the $15.00 access fee I was paying $96.75 for a service I wasn't using. I had it cancelled to avoid more charges. That cost $600.00. I thought I was through with them until I found out I had to pay $1100.00 to pay the remainder of the lease on the machine and there was no longer an option to buy. It is now useless because it cannot be used with any other companies. This experience was very crippling to my small business. I have payed Merchant Services $1600 so far and still owe $1100 for the machine. $2700 total to use them for a year. More than I actually received in credit card sales. My bank account fees were refunded after I brought the situation to the manager's attention. That was all she could help me with she said. Little consolation. I did not include that in the $2700 dollar total. PNC Merchant Services has caused me a lot of grief.

Mar 11, 2017
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  • Al
      Mar 13, 2017

    Despicable act showing this company “PNC” (in cahoots with the credit card company) are the typical corporate sharks just setting traps for the hard working small business owners. My mother presently does business with PNC bank, I won’t reveal her name here because I don’t trust PNC any farther than I could throw one of their bank buildings. It seems they have little hesitation harming people, at least where their money is concerned.
    I will absolutely encourage my mother to switch banks, hopefully many others will also.I will also post negative reviews about PNC for the rest of my life when and where I see an opportunity to have people avoid this corporate monster.
    SHAME on your company PNC!! This was truly sickening to read about. How DARE you knowingly set up a credit card scam system to profit off a small hard working family business with your web of deceit and trickery. PNC, if anyone has a conscience in the PNC bank company then make this right for this man and his family, also you need to apologize publicly and restore to them the money PNC has taken in this corrupt immoral deal.

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