PNC Bank / overcharge

NJ, US Review updated:

Pnc is pulling the money out of my account for pending transactions that have not been posted yet. I am going to go several hundred dollars overdrawn due to what seems to be a very illegal practice.
I understand there is a class action lawsuit about this as well.

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  • Ro
      Aug 20, 2009

    MD FITZ. when will u stpo whining like a little kid for your own mistakes and take action and stop blaming others, how stupid do u have to b not to understand when you spend 100 dollars in your account, if its pending it does not mean u didnt spend it, it means that the 100 dollar is being jkept by the merchant to where u made the transaction. dont be stupid and come here and blame others for ur stupidness please. simple as this, u have 1oo dollars in your account u go spend 80 somewhere. that leaves you with 20 dollars available in your account, now maybe that merchant will not present a receipt to the bank so the bank will hold the 80 dollars u spent in pending, so u dont respend the 80 again, and it will tell you that u dont have 100 available, now if you go spent another 50 or take 50 from atm, sure you are going to get a fee for that, because you dont have that money in your acc, stupid, take a math class. and read about banking before u open an account, and read the [censored] accoutn agreement ...

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