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Complaints & Reviews

given someone elses money

I went to a PNC Bank in Philadelphia PA . I slid my card through and was asked to select from a language then a transaction type and an amount of withdraw. I was withdrawing $30. The whole time I'm wondering why it did not ask for my pin #. Before I knew it, it just gave me the $30 and a receipt. Guess what? Not my account and not my money. The balance on the recipt did not match mine and nether did the last 4 digits of the account number. I registered a complaint with PNC but these transactions come from any number of bankcards. I hope they will contact me. I would like to return the money. The balance on the recipt was not a lot of money at all and I'm sure the person needs it back.

2nd mortgage modification

National City Mortgage counselors advised we qualified for a loan modification since my husband had lost his job and was working for himself now and I still had my full time job. They requested a 50% good faith payment to get started since this would show the approval dept we wanted to work with them. At the time I was 2 payments behind. I gave them all the information filled out the forms and faxed confirmed the information and was told by my personal rep Jaclyn everything is in line and they will be able to lower my payment by 50% but need to run to the manager. I waited 5 days did not hear back and she informed me that it was declined due to not enough income. I said I have additional deposit that will show we have other money coming in and my spouse has been making a good bit this month and sent her this info. I had to call back again after a week and was told we made to much money but explained this extra money made was just for this month next month there is not as much. She said we would have to resubmit the documents and make another payment but she felt it would be acceptable and they would offer a 25% reduction. I told her I could not give her another payment until I knew for certain this was going through. All of a sudden the 25% reduction is not good enough for you she starts saying and will not listen to a word I say she than hangs up on me and I just received a letter stating the same thing and will need to make 3 payments to avoid foreclosure. This is unbelievable! Can anyone help? I want the tax money back that was given to them they are not helping anyone but filling there pockets with my TAX MONEY!

  • Te
    Terri007 Jun 18, 2009

    I am so sorry to hear what happened to you thats why I'm on here trying to make a difference and maybe help more people save there houses. These damn government programs aren't helping out anyone out but the lenders themselves. I recently did a loan Modification with the Al Verdi Law Group. They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish, I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful company to work with. If I may recommend any company to do your loan modification I would give them a call, they did my entire loan modification in exactly 47 days and anytime I had a question they were very responsive in getting right back to me. Its unfortunate there are so many bad company's out there, If anyone comes across any other bad companies please post because no one deserves to get there house taken from them. You can contact them at 866 400 1694 The gentlemen I worked with name was Cale Swanson.

    Thanks again Al Verdi Law Group

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  • L7
    l7ouie777 Jun 20, 2009

    I have had a horrible time with National City...who foreclosed on me into the middle of a workout package.
    Now I am hiring an attorney.. You need to immediatly go to state agency who specializes in helping you deal with banks...and save every document that you send and get from them.I do not know where you liove but I would get on it asap

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  • Ho
    homeowner in florida Oct 05, 2009

    We have been working with national City Mortgage Dayton Ohio for a loan modification since february 09, it took them 7 months to send us a letter telling we did not qualify. When our attorney who is also working on our modification process asked why they were told that the value of the house did not meet the loan to value crteria set in the Obama plan. Afterwards we tied again and they now say that the Obama plan is not a solution but a mere temporary fix. We were told that they would modify our loan by extending it 10 years and paying more than the origianl amount. We asked what was the value that they set according to the market in our area and we were told tha our home was worth 209k which is within .99% of the loan to value criteria. Why did we not get the modification? Beacuse National City Mortgage Company does not want to give up anything andthey want that upfront money they ask for as "good fatih" money. We have been told that o lawyer will get them to lower their interest rate or payment and that they did not know anything about loan modifications. How does this make me feel? Not very optimistic.

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  • They are many companies that are legitimate and can help homeowners stop foreclosure and keep their homes.

    Mortgage Assistance Group is one of those companies that holds an "A" rating with the BBB and has help over 500 homeowners keep their homes.

    They give a discount to the homeowners who have been scammed and treat each client with respect and dignity.

    You can reach them at 623-486-4505 and at

    Thanks and good luck,

    Randy D.

    P.S. If you know someowner they can help, They will pay a $100 referral!

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loss mitigation and escrow analysis

In November 2008 my husband was laid off and remained laid off for over six months. We requested the National City Mortgage work with us to modify our mortgage while he was unemployed so that we could keep our home. When they finally responded - in February! - with a lower payment we thought this was a good thing. We were wrong!! The modified payment was only for a 3 month period - February, March, and April. In May they would re-evaluate and see where things stood. It is now June and we have heard nothing - except that they have now lost the financial paperwork we sent them - TWICE!!

That same month we were notified that the escrow account changed - it went up by almost $300 per month! - due to an error on their part. They had put in the wrong amount for the city real estate tax. This was brought to their attention immediately and we asked for the analysis to be redone - we were told we would receive a new analysis within 10 days. It didn't happen. We asked again in April - it didn't happen. We asked again in May - it didn't happen. It is now June and it still isn't done.

I called them today - 6/4/2009 - only to find out that the 3 modified payments we made have not been credited to the account. Where are they? National City doesn't know. According to them, we haven't made a payment since December 2008. News to us!! We have cancelled checks from the bank which National City has cashed. So, where did they put our payments? Why haven't they fixed our escrow account? Also, they won't accept any payments from us toward the mortgage until the Loss Mitigation Dept. advises them that a new agreement has been signed. We haven't seen any new agreement.

When I asked to speak to the manager of the department, I was hung up on 3 times! The fourth time I finally got connected to a manager's voicemail (Ms. Jai) only to be told that the "mailbox is full - goodbye."

We don't think National City has any intention of "helping" us at all. This is all a pretense. They are simply prolonging things and waiting until they can legally make a move to take our historical home away from us, since we owe much less than the home is worth. Well, here's hoping we "beat them to the punch." I just hired an attorney to file litigation against them!! I plan to sue them for anything and everything we can get. It might cost me money, but hell will freeze before I let them have my historical home!!

  • Ge
    GeraldV Oct 22, 2009

    Hello Carol in Quakertown. I too have experienced very similar if not identical situations as you mentioned! Dealing with National City Mortgage is like trying to paddle a canoe up river with a bathroom plunger! If you all out there know what Carol and I have gone through. Many of us accross the country I am sure have been a victim of National City Mortgage's failed attempt in using part of the billions of dollars originally supposed to help families out there. We have been "Punked" for real! Is National City Mortgage executives this dumb?...I don't think so! Quite the opposite...they know which loans to foreclose on! ALL of them! They have not helped very many if any and are getting richer. Wouldn't it be interesting to see their salaries and bonuses they have been enjoying with the bailout money? They did a good job of bailing out only themselves! I could not agree with you more! National City Mortgage should be worried about their criminal behavior if I were them! Many people are now taking this to a higher level. Hope things work out for you there in Pennsylvania! I set up an email just for this purpose to hear other stories and communicate and ban together to fight NCM. Kind of reminds me of the movie "A Bug's Life" where the little ants realized that in numbers they could make a difference and joined together to fight the grasshoppers! this case NCM! Anyway, would like to hear what steps you have taken how things are turning out.

    [email protected]

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  • BobnJoJo Oct 22, 2009

    Hell0 Gerald,

    My name is Joesephine. I am from Ft. Worth, TX. I signed my loan with National City Mortgage in 2004. They started me at a fixed rate of 6.4% which my husband and I were very happy with. We almost thought it was too good to be true because of some dings on our credit. We figured since my husband made good money and our debt to income looked pretty good, that we were in good shape. We also felt like we were 'due' in a manner of speaking. Anyway, within 6 months our payment went from 1200.00 to almost 1800.00! Just like that, without warning. Now this was a fixed rate, right? So what in the world happened? Well my husband called and he was HOT! Initially his tone was very rough. he asked them to explain what had happened. Apparently there had been back taxes on the property that were not paid by the developer or something. We were told that there was nothing they could do but tack this amount on to the mortgage and that we would be responsible to pay it! We were outraged and felt totally taken advantage of.
    Long story short, our realtor recommended the services of a forensic auditing firm. When she told me they had an 'A' rating and that the Attorney General had agreed with the results in one of her homeowner's audits, that was enough for her to recommend the company. The company performed a forensic analysis of all of the homeowners documents and had found multiple violations and fraud. (Yes, we are talking about National City Mortgage) The homeowner utilized the services of TILA (Truth In Lending Auditors) out of WY. Anyway, they used the violations in the loan as leverage to basically strong arm the bank into giving better rates, terms and essentially re-writing the loan. This is the same thing TILA did for us. They compiled the evidence in less than a month and had the loan modified in about 45 days. Man there were some doozies in there! My husband and I were tickled because we also got a principal balance reduction of 7275.00! We had started with an interest rate of 6.4%, but worked out a 25 year fixed 4.15% rate for the remainder of our years. It was nothing short of amazing. I almost fell out of my chair when my husband told me the news. We were also told that we would probably not have received a look from our bank with a traditional loan mod company doing the work, because we didn't really have any leverage. TILA created that leverage. They were also professional, courteous and caring. Their staff were genuine and always returned calls and e-mails. It was a small price to pay (1650.00) for the return we received. In fact, we recommended our parents look into their services and since mentioning them, my dad signed up immediately when he heard what we saved.
    If you are still in the same situation with National City, I recommend calling them. Within the first 20 minutes on the initial call with them, they made us feel in control of our situation.

    A happy ending for once!

    God Bless.


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  • Kn
    knowledge18 Apr 11, 2010

    As an experienced Loss Mitigator with a wealth of mortgage servicing experience I can for sure understand the frustration you feel while waiting for Loss Mitigation assistance. I'm not sure how much you know about the mortgage industry, but when your loan is originated the lender (in your cases, NCM) sells your loan to an investor... such investors could be Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae or other private lenders such as Wells Fargo, B of A etc. Lenders do this to make money, because afterall that's what they're in business for. When it comes to servicing, the lender is required to follow the investors guidelines. In regard to Loss Mitigation, such guidelines are put into place to protect the homeowner, servicer and investor from future default. In the economic market we're in today a numerous amount of loans were originated by brokers who qualified homeowners that really couldn't afford the loan. So to help stabilize the market many investors have became very conservative with their Loss Mitigation guidelines. The process was very timely to begin with, but then you add more stringent process requirements put into place not only by the investors but mandiated by the government and on top add millions of homeowners requiring assistance all at one time. Then, on top of that add a brand new program created by members of the treasury who have no servicing experience. What do you end up with?? A HUGE bottle neck! Instead of filing complaint after complaint with the servicer, contact your congressman about the ridiculous Making Home Affordable Program, better known as the Obama Modification. Regardless of the servicer or investor the program is nearly impossible to qualify for... and even if you do qualify, you're just setting yourself up for future financial problems. The review does not take any expenses into consideration... it just looks at your income to see if your current mortgage payment is less than or equal to 31% of your gross monthly income. First of all, who operates their monthly household budget on gross income? If you're current payment is above 31% of your gross income, they will lower your interest rate to a minimum of 2% (which sounds great, but it isn't fixed for the life of your loan) They'll extend your term to 480 months and then if it's necessary they will forbear part of your principal balance. Meaning that you're not paying on a certain portion of you mortgage. You're not gaining interest on it, but if you sell your property or pay off the "active" portion of the loan, you then have a balloon payment of the remaining balance. (Have you started to see what I mean about the program?) Unfortunately the Making Home Affordable program is set up to require TONS of documentation and most investors require that program to be reviewed prior to any other options. So what happens is you sit in line waiting on the HMP program review, you don't qualify because you didn't send some ridiculous piece of documentation or you're already below 31% because you're real problem is an increase in your monthly expense. And in the mean time you've fallen further delinquent which could result in you not qualifying for any other Loss Mitigation options.

    In my personal and professional opinion, if you're in need of hardship assistance opt out of the Making Home Affordable Program.
    Research Loss Mitigation... find out from your servicer who your investor is and then visit their website to find out what their requirements are. The process in a nut shell is very convoluted, but if you do your homework you'll begin to understand the lingo which in turn will help stream line your review.

    From working one on one with borrowers like yourselves, it's often hard to understand why this process takes so long... and it may even seem like the mortgage company is trying to take your home. TRUST ME: That is NOT the case. Mortgage companies and investors all over the country are bleeding and trying to hold on to as many borrowers as possible. Servicers get incentive from the investor to resolve delinquencies, not foreclose.

    I hope this bit of information has helped. Find a person like myself at your mortgage company that you can buddy up with who will get you answers. Trust me when I say there isn't anyone who works in Loss Mitigation who wants anything more than to help a borrower stay in their home.

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unethical practices

My husband and I recently decided to do a refinance for a lower rate and get cash out for home renovations. I spoke with nine mortgage companies (national companies through Lending Tree and some local banks) and got "Good Faith Estimates" (GFEs) from four. National City Mortgage was in that final four since they already hold our mortgage; I was assured by their agent that they would do "everything possible to keep our business." What a lie!

The agent was cheesy and usually distracted when he spoke to me on the phone.

The good faith estimate included junk charges totaling about $1500!

He tried to rush me into closing "tomorrow" or "the next day" twice.

The fees he promised to remove were NOT removed on the second and third drafts of the GFE.

He told me in a couple of different e-mails that he had "talked to his manager" and "contacted corporate" to get rid of the fees I knew were bogus. (Is this a used car sale???) They STILL were not taken out of the final GFE.

In the closing costs, he charged us the $350 appraisal fee which we already paid. He told me we would "get a check at closing for the $350." Why would I want to finance $350 for 30 years when I've already paid it?

Each GFE came out to the same number (about $2, 000 more than we asked for in the loan, but the charges were creatively shifted to different spaces on the GFE.

The closing costs (PLUS the prepaid items) came to about $6, 000! It's important to note that since we already had our mortgage with them, we had $2, 500 in escrow.

The copy of the appraisal that we are entitled to by law has never arrived. It was done the first week in Feb. and I've called about it twice.

Overall, it was a horrible experience. The agent tried many times to talk me into a quick closing and had hidden junk fees all around the GFE. When I looked at the mortgage agreement we did with them nine years ago, I can see that we got rooked; we were young and stupid and wanted our first house, so we signed without thinking.

I told the agent that we would not be closing with them no matter what because I was so unhappy. I just got a letter today saying that "National City Mortgage will not approve our refi because of credit issues." Interesting. My husband and I have credit scores in the 800 range and have no credit card debt - two of the reasons the agent said they were "so eager to keep our business."

I have found a local bank that I am closing with on Thursday. 4.75% with no points for 30 years. Closing and prepaid totals $3, 100. No one at this local bank works on commission. Dealing with the local bank was a pleasant experience from day one.

DO NOT use National City Mortgage unless you are ok with being ripped off!!!

  • Ad
    Advocate 4 the people Apr 04, 2009

    (Is this a used car sale??) ... didn't have to go there!!

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  • Pe
    peteralfred Feb 07, 2010

    National City foreclosed on me after saying that they would postpone. I filed bankruptcy as a last ditch effort to protect my ownership. They sued WITH the new buyer (because the government gave them all that money so they could afford as many as three attorneys at once in court against me and my single attorney) to enforce the foreclosure sale and eventually won. I am still in the property (Feb 10) but facing eviction now from the new owner. Does anyone have any information about the succession of businesses that have been calling themselves National City _ _ _ _ _ during the eight years of my ownership and whether this has any bearing on the correct entity's right to foreclose? Write: [email protected] Thanks and I pray you are more successful than I have been in fighting against this unjust unlawful taking.

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mortgage underwriting incompetence

Upon submittal of loan package to the lenders loan officer we moved forward with our due diligence. It is Jan 25th.
We were told underwriting was "working on it" .
We moved on and received all our inspections and got all our approvals.. and got the sellers lender to approve all credits and changes to contract. We submitted all changes to our lender. We are ready to close on the 20th.
oh but wait;
Underwriting is still reviewing an appraisal that came in on the 13th of Feb. they still cant get the appraisal corrected/changed to meet their guidelines of having 2 comps less than 6 months old. the comps dont exist we tell them.
they charge us for a second appraisal.. saying that if we do that then all will be ok.
well, guess what? all is not ok still! big surprise.
underwriting is reviewing the first appraisal still to see if it can be corrected to say that there is comps available... .which their are not!
they now bring up a completely different appraisal issue on the 25th of Feb. the day before closing. saying it has to be resolved right now! we did on the 25th.
here we sit still on the 27th.. still dont have their approval.. they have so many files to deal with they say... oh we will get to it soon... they say..
the sellers lender will charge us now for every day we dont close timely... and the bank still cant make a decision...
that is what is happening with these banks that dont know how to lend money anymore.
when will the regulators get it right???

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Well, pnc bank has found another way to bleed it's customers. Now they charge an over draft fee for pending...

excessive charges

PNC will kick the hell out of you when you are down.
I am at fault for not realizing i had overdrawn with my ATM purchases which were $10 here $25 there ($200 over 5 days), BUT a NSF penalty of $36 for each one!
plus $6 per day until it is cleared up. i went in to talk about the $400 in penalties and they said "nothing we can do...". too bad...
I get monthly statements emailed (online banking)
I found out myself there is an 'overdraft warning' email set to OFF by default.
thanks for not telling me @#$%%$#

  • Pn
    PNC HATER Feb 19, 2009

    I agree with you...I am in the same boat...I PRAY That GOD gives them what they deserve!!! Taking advantage of people especially when they see the average balance on your account is little to none I am not a millionaire...Don't take from the poor and give to the (ROHR) I mean the Rich..If I knew where that Jim ROHR CEO lives I'd look into his account I bet he has no negatives and he got food on the table everyweek I dare him to come live in my shoes for a week...THIEVES that will kick slap and beat you when you are down!!!

    1 Votes
  • Do
    dont try to rip me off Apr 21, 2009

    I love how people want to complain about the banks when it is YOUR own fault for not keeping up with your money. If you need an accountant, hire one..otherwise suck it up, pay the fees (because I hate to break it to you but every bank charges overdraft fees) and try to keep better track of your money.

    -1 Votes
  • So
    southampton nj Apr 23, 2009

    PNC doesn't post all information on online banking - so that if you make a mistake and forget to write in a check - they charge you 36.00 for the mistake (which is ok) but then they bounce everything else that comes in that day @ 36.00 a pop - it is definitely a racket that needs to be addressed - if they paid all of the others first, there would be enough to cover, but they pay the check (which never did show up on pending transactions) and wack your account for everything. I'll be looking for another bank.

    0 Votes
  • Pb
    PB Aug 25, 2009

    i agree 100% in my opinion pnc banks so called overdraft protection sucks out loud i think its time for people to take a stand ! i faxed a letter to my bank stating i was going to start sending out flyers within a 25 mile radius of the bank stating warning do not bank @pnc bank they will steal your money in excessive over draft fees and then i added this web sit info bank excessive over draft my next move is to picket ! the only protection i need apparently is from my freindly neighborhood bank!!!

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  • Sh
    Sheila 1970 Apr 08, 2010

    My sentiment is...PNC SUCKS. That is the search term I used to find this website. How ironic!!!
    Since National City Bank has become PNC Bank, we have been charged overdraft fees in the amount of $864.00 in the past five weeks. My husband is laid off, so they are basically stealing from the Government. These are unemployment checks they are deducting these fees from mind you. The concensus seems to be that PNC Bank is charging overdraft fees for items cleared even though deposits of checks, and cash are pending as well. I am sure there must be something we, as consumers can do. Banks used to protect your money so they could make money, now they steal your money so they can make money, and they do it right in front of your face. We are closing out the account immediately. We have been customers with National City for over 10 years. Now it seems that credit relationship has been disolved. I hope all you others do the same.

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  • Sh
    Sheila 1970 Apr 08, 2010

    I was doing some research and there is a website It shows you step by step how to file a consumer complaint against a bank. If as many as we consumers make complaints to the Federal Reserve as we have this website, perhaps things might change, and as a few mentioned, 'PNC Bank may get what they deserve'. We need to make 'em bleed some green, and gives us our money back!!!

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  • Di
    Diamond30 Feb 26, 2011

    I happen to agree, with these negative reviews. It doesn't have anything to do with monitoring your account. That goes without saying. When a customer makes a purchase through a seller, not receive all the merchandise, that he or she order. That's a problem within itself. I provided PNC with proof that I never receive the remaining of my order, and produce document to support my claim. PNC still reverse the provisional credit out of my account. Now, fees have access to my account. I will get to the bottom of this matter, by going into a branch with my documentation. If they decide, not to further resolve this matter, I'd take further action against them. Also, I stop my direct deposits and other monies from going directly to that account. Unfortunately, I can’t close the account, until the balance is at zero. I just receive a claim settlement. Fifth Three was improperly assessing overdraft fees for the same foolish reasons. Now, they have a lawsuit pending against them. Fifth Three denies all of the claims. These banks specialize in ripping customers off with these ridiculous fees. People need to read more about these bank reviews and other related resources before banking with these entities. PNC customer service and dispute department is unskilled; they don’t have good customer service speaking skills either.

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  • Oh
    Ohio Cigar Mar 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PNC Charged me illegal fees and I just filed a complaint twith the Office of the Comptroller. They had the gall to charge overdraft fees when the account was NEVER overdrawn. They said that only part of my deposit is available the same day. When a bunch of bills came due on that same day of my deposit, they charged me 4 - $36.00 fees. They are insane if they think anyone is going to stand for that.

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mortgage foreclosure

I have been in loss mitigation for 8 months now. Thats a long time, but National City was requesting everything under the Tuscan Sun to submit via fax only. Of coarse, they claimed to never recieve forms and when they did, it would take 4-6 weeks to process. I would call and be on hold for at least an hour (my lunch break). I would have to hang up and call again at 5:00 am in the morning. They are not west coast friendly!

To make a long story short, I finally recieved their workout offer. Get this... my payment went up a $100.00 higher!!! Are you kidding me! Is this what you call "help"?

My house is worth less than 1/2 of what I owe, I repeat, less than 1/2. Stockton CA market is unreal! They refuse to refinance me at current market value. Can anyone tell me why I should continue to fight? I have no neighbors, faxed, phoned & written forms and letters and this is my outcome.

Come on National City Mortgage, you know about getting bailed out, how about bailing out your consumer. Wasnt the releif meant for us?

  • Dj
    DJ Sixforty Jun 10, 2009

    I agree with all the Complaints... National City Mortgage is Some Straight Bull-###!!! I Hate Those M.F. They Some Lying S.O.B... Straight out of Ohio???? That's why They're whole city is at home watching the damn NBA ChampionShips They WILL NEVER... EVER!!! WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP IN CLEVELAND!!! I'M GLAD THEY GOT THIER ### WHIPPED!!! AND NOW THE COMPANY WAN'TS TO screw over its consumers!!! F** Me??? No F*** You!!! I hope the whole company BURN IN HELL!!!

    1 Votes
  • Ch
    charlie38marie Sep 12, 2009

    Same crap happened to us after we paid our 6 year new home mortgage on time for 4 years until I lost my job and was unemployed for a short time which caused me to be a "slow payer" and get behind. When I regained employment, the stock market downturn hit and since I was behind on everything else, I had some major financial catch up to do so I submitting tons of paper work to the lendor multiple time via FAX per the preference - they don't offer alternatives and they kept telling me they didn't receive my info. I performed every step they asked me to on several occassions over the course of a year and they kept offering me higher and higher payments. When I researched the Obama Affordablity Housing program and learned I pre-qualified, National City disqualified me stating the investor didn't participate - but clearly their website said I qualified. And getting a hold of them was very painful...long minutes on my personal cell phone during lunch hours at work almost daily...for weeks on end only to get no answers. Now, I've racked up my attorney fees, cell phone charges, my time, and obvious personal stress, which I should bill THEM for! Now I'm going to be forced to leave, have a crappy credit record for a short time, have to rebuild after I poured my sweat and blood into my home ownership. I've also tried credit counseling, attorney's advice, a realtor to sell the home, and almost got scammed by a company that wanted me to pay them to buy the house - later I found they were on the Attorney General's office Most Wanted List.

    I don't know that I'll ever trust buying a home again. The advantages of renting a house, which I've recently secured from a private realtor, is so much more appealing now.

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  • They are many companies that are legitimate and can help homeowners stop foreclosure and keep their homes.

    Mortgage Assistance Group is one of those companies that holds an "A" rating with the BBB and has help over 500 homeowners keep their homes.

    They give a discount to the homeowners who have been scammed and treat each client with respect and dignity.

    You can reach them at 623-486-4505 and at

    Thanks and good luck,

    Randy D.

    P.S. If you know someowner they can help, They will pay a $100 referral!

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I called their customer service line on Sat. 11/22/08 to request a balance summary. At that time, I wa...

fradulent charges refusal to remove

PNC Bank and their Visa cards are the worst to associate yourself with. They will not correct a fradulent...

atm scam

I have had two problems with this bank. I'll admit I am not a customer (and never will be after finding...

stealing my home

My husband and I decided that we would like to refinance our home in 2005. Pnc offered a great rate and we thought lets give it a go. Big mistake!!! First off our loan officer quit in the middle of the loan process, then they lost the loan application. When it was all said and done instead of rolling our truck and home together in 1 morgage they drew them up as 2 seperate loans and now we have 2 liens on our home. Last year after some set backs we got behind on our morgage. Fast forward to 2008 we recieved a letter from pnc that they were forclosing on our home. I called the loan center which is now called clc and was told "oh sorry it was a mistake it should have never happened". Ok the forclosure was pulled and we went on about our lives... Until 2 weeks ago when we recieved another letter that they were forclosing again!!! This time I called and spoke to yet another rep and was told "sorry my manager never got the e-mail i'll stop the proceedings" I then asked for something in writing. Ok sure I was told call tomorrow with the fax number and we will get it out to you. I called the next day and was told that he took our acct. To his supervisor I was told that they can do a beeter loan for us and we would need to send some finanical info to them and they can get started. Ok yea someone to help us. No!!! Here it 2 weeks later I have not gotten our written statement that the 2 forclosure was a mistake and now we are being told that we have to pay all the lawyer fees of said forclosure before they will refinance. Now we would have no problem paying these fees if they were our fault, but each time I called on a recorded pnc line I was told that they had made the mistake not us. I was told yesterday that a supervisor would called me to discuss this but I still have not heard anything. I called a housing counseler and was told we have a case if we want to file a complaint with the banking commission. I called yesterday and was give another number because pnc is a national bank. All said and done I filed the complaint they were happy to take the complaint by the way and still no call from pnc supervisor.

  • Gd
    G D Jul 29, 2011

    At least they are just confused in your case. In May, PNC Bank offered to move a loan payment on my mobile home to the end of the contract. I asked if we could do two, and they agreed. After that, I got one call and a woman told me it would take a long time to put the change through. Then silence. By July, they still had not put the transaction through. I was late with the July payment, and they POUNCED. They put in order of replevin with the court. It was a set up. Now I have to go to court and prove that they promised to move the two payments to the end of the contract. I may lose my home.

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fraud and scam

National city mortgage has this so called counseling dept. And they send you a financial form and a very nice brochure. All this gives you a sense of hope. Unfortunately, it is just a scam. I have been trying to get some sort of workout to keep my home as it is in an upside down loan. I was served foreclosure papers in july. I hired professional mitigators to deal with things as I can't get anywhere.

Everyone tells me the banks don't want your home, but national city seems * bent on taking it. They want me to pay the original mortgage or nothing at all. They keep citing deficit of income. They have not let me pay anything in over a year. I lost my job of 21 years and needed an adjustment. I am about ready to just give the home back. This is one dishonest institution. Plus they lose my paperwork and claim I never sent it.

I put $42, 000 down on this place and don't want to lose it. I am at my wit's end. My credit is bad now, but now I am employed (2 years) but I just don't make what I used to. I even filed a claim with the occ and they believed ncm regarding the lost paperwork. It's horrible and frustrating. I would totally like to sever ties with this bank.

I recommend to anyone to never finance with them. They are not out to help the homeowner and are dishonest.

  • Ab
    abby Rodriguez Dec 08, 2008

    I completely agree with you! Im in a similiar situation and I would love to be out only $42K. How does $280K sound?

    They still refuse to refi me at current market value. Why not help us, the H/O who currenly live there and taking care of the house?

    If we walk, they will be forced to sell the property to someone else at market value...why not help the current H/O?

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  • Ch
    charlie38marie Sep 12, 2009

    I agree totally with your complaint... similar things happened to me...they should be barred from ever being able to lend mortgages to anyone...and you gotta feel sorry for the peons that work there having to take away houses (under their executives orders) from people like you and I who had lost a job but are back on our feet and still can't keep our home.

    What a crazy system the American mortgage lending institution is.

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  • Is
    Ishness Dec 09, 2009

    I respectfully disagree with your position. I'll be emailing you to explain how I might be able to help you should you still require assistance. I'll say for one thing, the "professionals" you hired were the worst thing you could do. Anyone who charges you for a modification, is a scam. Plain and simple. If anyone else needs free assistance with Loss Mitigation @ PNC and understanding the process, please let me know. I'll try to help everyone I can for free...

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scam charges

PNC bank, among others, uses the predatory practice of clearing checks 'highest to lowest' first. This creates a huge profit capitalizing on small customer errors.


Account balance on any given day is $500. Yesterday, you used your bank card for $20 and say $30 and didn't enter the items in your checking account register (an error which I agree you should pay for, after all it is your mistake which will cause the following but it is PNC's greed which will exponentially raise the cost of your error).

At the same time those two debits are clearing a check which you wrote comes through your bank for $475. PNC now employs the predatory practice of what is called 'highest to lowest'. Here's how it works. By disregarding the order in which the debits are presented PNC formats their internal program to clear the highest presented item first and continue in that order until everything is cleared.

If by random chance the other items comes through first, here is what will happen to your account. Balance $500. Deduction $30 (cleared). New balance $470. Deduction $20 (cleared). New balance $450. Check in the amount of $475 (overdrafted) balance negative $25. Total NSF charges $36.

Here, instead the predatory way PNC calculates the withdrawals, disregarding the order in which they are actually presented but instead re-ordering them in the way most harmful to you and most beneficial to them. Balance $500. Deduction $475. New balance $25. Deduction $30 (overdrafted). New Balance -$5. Deduction $20. New Balance -$25.

So, because of their greedy, anti-customer predatory practices PNC has now manipulated your withdrawals to double the fees you were charged for your error. If you ask PNC why they did this, they will give you the continued repeated lie every bank involved in this process gives you. We take these out highest to lowest because the highest might be a mortgage and we don't want to ruin your credit or cause you any embarrassment.


The fact is, if your account is presented with a check for $475 which overdrafts your account $25 there is NO bank in the country which is going to return that check and cause you 'embarrassment' or 'ruin your credit'. NONE!

What makes this deceiving practice all the more detestable is this above stock lie they give you. Banks, wake up! You may be able to continue to lie to each other because you're all out of the same ilk (which is probably why none of you will lend any money to each other and we, the american people, have to go into our pockets to bail out your greedy ignorance) but don't underestimate the intelligence of the average american.

There are those of us that know exactly how you operate and this post is intended to inform even more.

  • Gd
    G D Jul 28, 2009

    PNC Bank has many more predatory practices. They charged me more than $100 dollars claiming that my account was overdrawn because of a PENDING charge (a charge that never came through). They also took money out of my account to pay a loan that I have with them WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION.

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  • Je
    Jean Calder Mar 28, 2012

    I just went into a PNC Bank that is right across the street from me. Yesterday I asked for a check to be made out-she did that, then that night I had to open it and ripped the check-which is definitely my fault.But today I took the chek in and they said they needed the receipt, I called yesterday so why didn't they tell me then? When I was there I wondered why they wouldn't ask the person who had signed the check.I had to go back. Today I was calling about you doing it at every branch when on your answering service it asked for my ID # it should say 9 digit so I won't get confused, it asked a second time for a number I thought it was talking about my 4 digit # it wasn't- again it should say 9 or 4 digit # so I won't get confused.When I finally got thru I forgot what I was calling about.I was wondering if the receipt had to be sent to home office, is that the reason? Another thing why don't you have a Debit machine there for
    the customer to use? Oh, and I do get confused-so please don't get me more confused, Okay? This branch is 11700 East 15 mile Sterling Heights Mi. I really like their personalities so please Don't change thir positions. Sincerely Jean Calder-I have to take a bus to get to other banks

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  • Je
    Jenf35 Mar 28, 2012

    Can someone please tell me how I get a hold of Verizon Pen-it is showing on my credit report and I paid it over a year ago. I cancelled my landline and they evidently assigned me aother account number but never told me about it. I never received a bill until it went to a collection agency as soon as it was explained I went and paid it and now it is showing on my credit report paid but for pay status it is showing Collection/Chargeoff does any body have a number I can call to get status to show settled-it really messes your credit up when it shows up as Collection/Chargeoff. My email is [email protected]

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rip off

I often "pay forward" on the mortgage, making two payments at once so I can skip the next month. There is no financial advantage to this, I just hate paying bills! In September, I sent in 2 payment coupons (for September and October). Unfortunately, my math was wrong and I underpayed the second month by $200. Now it turns out that National City did not even apply the $900+ toward the October payment because they "don't take partial payments." Nor did they send the money back to me... it is just in limbo. It should have been applied regardless of whether it was the full amount or not. National City has had the use of my money for all this time, without even applying it to my loan. RIP-OFF.

  • Kn
    knowledge18 Apr 11, 2010

    It's written in your mortgage note that the lender cannot accept partial payments under any circumstance. The limbo you're referring to is called a suspense account, which does not accrue interest, nor does it subtract anything from your balance. Typically, depending on the specific investor guidelines, the funds are held there either until the remaining portion of your payment is received or after passing of several days/weeks. I assure you this is not fraudulant or a rip off... it's stated in your original mortgage note that you signed when the loan was originated. If you're not sure, contact the customer service department and request a copy of your security instrument.

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what customer service?

We bought a home and moved in May 2017 from a home that we had financed with National City. After over a year of carrying 2 mortgages because our home didn't sell we went to National city to see if they would refinance for us and take our 15 yr to a 30 yr to lower the payment to help us until the house sold. they wouldn't help us. so in Jan 07 we did a deed in lieu of foreclosure (after losing over 40, 000 and giving them $16, 000 in equity). it took 9 long months but was taken care of in Sep 07. we went to get a loan for our daughter to go to college last month and the national city loan was still showing open and dilinquent and they denied us the loan for our daughter. then i find out from a friend who works at that rotten bank that the amount they sold the house for and the amount we owed they are going to keep open on our account, and I have a quit claims deed in my hand. why on earth would we have ever done a deed in lieu of foreclosure if we would be held accountable for that money. now here i have been trying to lodge a formal complaint against that bank and can't get anyone to help me for the last week. If I could find a lawyer to sue that bank I would because they have defamed our character and have totally been unresponsible about helping us get this resolved. I normally don't do anything like this but I am totally frustrated, mad, angry and needed to vent.

  • Ti
    Tim Adams Jan 02, 2009

    I closed a loan on November 4, 2017 and our loan was fully funded 2 days later. As part of our closing we were required to pay off our Taxes, then National City Mortgage would refund us the amount that we had in our Tax Escrow account (a little more than $5000). The law states that the Mortgage company must settle all accounts within 30 days, so we waited until mid-December and when we haven't received our check we called. The customer Service Rep said that our Check was just sent (December 15th) and we should get it within a week. I asked if they could sent it Next Day Air (at my expense) and they said they would.

    Christmas came and went, no check, New Years came and went, no check. I called today Jan 02, 2017 and the customer Rep said that the check was printed on Wednesday.

    The customer service rep admitted that they are in violation of the law, but I pointed out that I have been lied to on several occasions, that the check was " in the mail" and that they would send it "next day air".

    I am going to pursue legal avenues but wanted others to be aware.

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  • Ro
    Robert Jan 16, 2009

    You will not be held responsible. Because the courts view the lenders interest in the property, they can not come after you for losses.

    Do not worry. You can challenge the item on your credit and they have to remove it. If they don't, you can find a lawyer who will sue them for violations under the fair debt credit and collections act.

    Good luck

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  • We
    wendysisso Feb 23, 2009

    My father inadvertitly missed his January payment, but sent it in with his February payment. So on February 11 we started receiving calls twice a day from NCM company. My father told them he sent it out and that he was aware that he missed the January payment, but he included that as well. The calls didn't stop. Of course they said "ok sir, we'll make a note on your account". The next day, they called again. And again, and again. My dad went to his bank and got a print out of the $3000.00 cleared check and faxed it to NCM company. We're still getting 2 to 3 calls a day and each time they're going to make a note on the account. That company is a joke. He's been dealing with the harassment for a week and a half now. This has stressed my father out to the max. It's absolutely ludicrious to me that a company cannot locate a payment that has been processed and has cleared the bank, not to mention the service is in shambles.

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adverse practices

National City Mortgage has an outrageous and adverse practice of cashing a mortgage payment check...

unethical/deceptive business practices

I obtained a home mortgage with national city mortgage in 2003. We had never missed payments, nor did our homeowner’s insurance lapse. After the birth of our son, I have been unable to work for several reasons, mostly health related. My husband is still working, but it is not enough to even cover the bills. This has created a huge financial stress on us for the last 20 months. It has taken all that we have and borrowing money to even make our house payments. Our homeowner’s insurance also lapsed, (which we knew we were required to have) and have been trying to get the funds together for that next.

I had called both national city mortgage’s customer service department as well as their counseling department regarding our situation to see if modifications could be made to our loan where we could reduce the payments to where they were affordable. They had indicated at that time that they could not work with us to lower the payments. During this time, I had also received letters from national city stating if I did not re-instate my homeowner’s insurance, that they would obtain it themselves. Each month, I would be hopeful that we would have the money for the insurance, but it never worked out because we barely could even get together enough for the payments. As I called national city about the payments, I would also talk to them about the insurance situation. It was obvious they knew we were in great financial distress, due to the recent payment history and the mere fact that I was frequently calling their counseling department. I had asked the representatives on several occasions, “has national city taken it upon themselves to obtain insurance yet”? The response was always “no, but you need to get your own together soon”. My response was: “thank god they haven’t got it yet; we are still trying & should have it soon”. I was told this in both 2007 & the first part of 2008. This would lead one to believe that nothing had been obtained and therefore, we still had time to get our own. It also would lead one to believe, if nothing has been obtained yet, there is nothing extra to pay for.
*especially* because we had received no documentation whatsoever of proof of an insurance policy. Usually, one does not expect to pay for something until after it is obtained.

Then just march the 6th, 2008, I received a letter dated 2/13/2008 that I was expected to pay over $5800.00 for insurance coverage that I supposeably “have had” since 4/20/2007. But as of a letter I received dated feb. 5, 2008 they were still asking for a copy of my insurance policy. Which again, leads one to believe it had not yet been obtained. When I read this, I called national city immediately. I spoke to charmaine anderson, customer service supervisor. I told her how deceptive this was to be told over & over again by both their customer service department and customer counseling departments that “insurance had not been obtained yet by national city” and never receive any proof of any policy at all, then miraculously out of the blue, I am sent a copy of the policy a year after the fact (backdated) and worse yet, the payments I could not already afford raised even higher to pay this bill (which is totally inflated anyway - regular homeowner’s insurance should be about $1600 per year – their amount was $5866.71). Instead of simply adding it to the “back end” of my loan, they remodified my entire loan without my knowledge and charged $1200 extra in additional fees to my loan to pay for this. I understand we needed to get our own insurance, but I was led to believe it was not obtained yet by national city, nor again, did I have proof of such until after the fact. The “proof of insurance” is even dated 2/13/08.
Ms. Anderson told me that if they don’t receive my new “modified” (higher) payments (with the insurance payback portion included) that she would not accept the payment, mail it back to me, & I would face foreclosure.

I reminded her about government legislation that has been passed to help homeowner’s in financial trouble and these kinds of practices are what is costing people their homes!
I told her I wouldn’t have consistently called customer service & customer counseling if we were not in financial trouble. I had expressed that to them many times very clearly. I also wouldn’t have kept asking about the insurance over & over if I had any proof or documentation the insurance that already been obtained!!
The matter in which this insurance was obtained is totally deceptive and unfair. Specifically, I am requesting national city to provide several things..

•1.) show proof of my signature where I authorized them to modify my loan without my knowledge or consent
•2.) show proof of my signature where I gave them permission to tell me for a year insurance had not been obtained yet, then backdate it and charge me for it.
•3.) knowing from my many phone calls to customer service that we were experiencing financial hardship, why they did not simply add any fees to the back end of the loan so it would not have cost us $1200 in additional fees & upped our payments even higher from an amount we were already having trouble with anyway.
4.) prove that they spent that money and there was really coverage during the time they are trying to charge me for, because over & over I had been told it had not been obtained. And again, up until now, this is the first i’ve heard or seen of the actual policy.
5.) explain why I was not informed back in 2007 that they had already bought it rather than: “they’re going to if I don’t get it soon’. They even had sent a letter stating: “they still needed proof of coverage”.

I believe they are very likely charging us fees that they really did not pay, nor did we have proof of their coverage for the entire year of 2007.
What if we had a claim?
Fortunately, we didn’t. But the point is, we had no knowledge of it at all.
Again, I wouldn’t have consistently been asking their customer service department about it otherwise!!! Not only am I requesting these modified loan fees & the backdated insurance fees removed altogether I want my house payments lowered back down not only to what they were, but we still need help in getting them lowered in the first place to where they are affordable and we do not lose our home!!

I can understand being charged for insurance from the day they obtained it for that current date forward (& it added to the back end of our loan due to financial hardship) but the manner in which this has all taken place does not seem ethical or legal at all. We would greatly appreciate some proof and clear cut answers as well as any feedback from others who may have also experienced problems with them & what they did. As of this point, our original complaint letter has been completely ignored by national city mortgage.

  • Aa
    aaa123 Apr 19, 2008

    Per your closing documents you must have insurance cov at all times and if proof is not provided the mortgage company can obtained coverage for you. So of coarse its going to backdate to the day your own insurance cov lasped.

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  • An
    Angel Mar 10, 2009

    I am with National City Mortgage myself and I have been having problems with them for a few years as far as me being behind. I get caught up and then fall behind again due to the fact of not having a job and then having a job and this was on going so I called them and told them. Then my father died, then my mother, then my sister in law and it just got crazy. My family just started dying like flies.
    I will be caught up this time and now since I am at least working I am going to try to get back on a repayment plan with them now to see if I can get caught up by the end of this month or the being of next month.
    I am praying on having my school money that I have come in every few months and I know that it will be stopping soon due to the fact I am getting low on funds now. I am almost at max for my graduate degree funds and it has been hard for us too. I understand your situation but I just say call them do not duck them and keep asking to speak with a supervisor or someone else inside the company. Do not give up at all because it is your home and without that you will be in the street. It is very important that you make sure that they provide you with the necessary documents showing that you do have insurance on the house through them before you try to pay anything. It is always best to get it on your own and that is what I did but it is included with my mortgage and it always have me short at the end of the year.
    I just got a letter stating that my mortgage is going up and now it is higher than before, but I just have to try and deal with it. I was hoping that I could pay the shortage but I wasn't able to with everything else that is coming in on a daily it seems. The gas bill always come in very high and it got to a point it was cut off .
    We are in the same boat, but what I was thinking is go back to school and get the max on the loan from them and that is about $4500 per session and take that to pay the bill that is what I have been doing for months now to try to get caught up and will be doing it with the next one too. I am only working part-time and what I make every two weeks I am making now every week.
    I would also like to know if you go to church and if so talk to the pastor and tell him your situation. They always look out for people all the time to make sure that their people are not in the street and are taking care of all the times. If that is not an option then just pray at home as much as you can and things will work out.
    I have to call them myself tomorrow to hopefully get back on track too.

    Well it's been great talking with you and hope all is well please do not hesitate to give me a holla if you need someone to talk too.

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  • Tj
    T. J. Apr 21, 2009

    I am going through thing with National City Mortgage. I'm behind 3 months due to hardship. I contacted National asking for different programs. I'm not asking for anything FREE, just a little knowledge on what I can do. I was told of the different programs and that they would send it to me via mail. In the meantime, just send a payment in prior to April 19, 2008. I agreed. I sent a payment in (a full month including late fees) as told. Today, April 20, 2009, I went to the mail box, and National sent the check back stating that they need 3 months payment. Now, If I having a hard time getting the 1 month at this time, how am I going to send three month amounting 2, 000.00 a month? National City is not working with their customers, though the government is telling everyone to contact their lender for assistance. National City is unfair. It's a shame that they would do this. We are all in a struggle, but National City don't care. Again, I'm not looking for anything FREE, just a little understanding. I'm trying to send a month here, and extra there to show my good faith...but they don't want to here that. They will send it back everytime. I suggest that all should contact their Congress (in writing like I did a few minutes prior to this one), to let them know the type of things the NATIONAL CITY MORTGAGE is doing.

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  • Ms
    Ms Roman May 07, 2009

    I've been dealing with National City Mortgage myself since last November. I have sumbitted the workout package several times. The interesting thing is that they are always loosing the information and without notifying me, they just close the case and I have to reapply. I tried to sell my home and after everythinh was approved, the buyer backed out. I had already moved out of the house as well. I reached out to them multiple times during the last 5 months and have not been able to talk to somoene who is knowledgeable on the new programs. It seems like they don't want to help homeowners. It has been really frustrating and I already gave up. Let them keep the house then if they don't want to provide a solution to the problem.

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  • I have had a workout package going on with NCM for over 4 months.. first a decline, then a request to re submit.
    NCM are ###S !!! they claim to want to help, and send you info for the Care program, and CARE don't help either !! you make too much $, or you don't have this or that... its soooo frustrating..

    I am on a repayment program now that will be 2400 a month till end of sept, then it goes back to 1700 !! I cannot wait, cause I don't want to lose my house, but I cannot afford the extra 700 dollars leaving my pocket every month.
    I have now had to begin filing for a Settlement package for all my unsecured debt, just so I can lower my monthly unsecured bills so I Can keep up with the NCM Loan.

    I too had been laid off 2 x in a 6 month period last year, and also had a horse fall on me, making me disabled for 2 months... UGH.

    Good luck, to you all !!! Hope something good comes from all this bad stuff.

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  • Ch
    chatty Jun 07, 2009

    I too am only one payment behind due to a 20% cut in pay since the beginning of the year. I called NCM to let them know I would be sending a payment this week and then another in two weeks. I was told by someone in customer service that to "accept" that, I would need to go over my budget with them and come up with a payment plan. I explained that I wasn't asking anything...I was telling her what I was going to do which was all I was able to do. Of course, she wouldn't agree so we hung up. I received some papers in the mail to fill out, showing my expensees, which I threw away. They called our home 7 times today while we were out...this is Sunday, June 7th, and when I did get home and answered, I told her again I would be mailing a payment tomorrow. She got very nasty and told me they didn't have to accept it and honestly, I almost cussed her out. I was thinking WTF??? Do they want me to not pay??? I don't get it. I've never heard of such practices. If I could refinance and change mortgage holders, I would in a heartbeat and hope to someday. Their customer service skills are lacking hugely.

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  • Re
    Ready to give up Sep 04, 2009

    My sister is just about ready for a nervous breakdown because of National City Mortgage. Due to several operations, illnesses, and her husband losing his job, they fell behind one month on their mortgage payment. The next month they sent in a payment, hoping to later make up the one they missed; yet not wanting to fall three months behind and get a foreclosure notice. National City Mortgage RETURNED their mortgage payment, uncashed, to them! NCM told my sister, "We want TWO MONTHS PAYMENTS! WE won't accept just one month's, when you owe for two!" This sounds insane to me. It almost seems as though National City WANTS to force people into losing their homes. When my sister begged them for time and asked why her check had been mailed back to her, NCM replied, "It's in the original mortgage contract you signed. We have the right to collect ALL payments due." So, here is a poor couple, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of losing their home, and the mortgage company refuses payment! Has this happened to anyone else? It took National City several months to send paperwork for my sister to try to re-finance at a lower rate - and once she filled out the several hours' worth of papers, it took NCM three days to tell her "she doesn't qualify." I would like to see a government investigation into these heartless, greedy liars.

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  • Mi
    MissyK2 Oct 01, 2009

    Reading the aforementioned statments is so sad. I too have a mortgage with NCM and I am aware that they are not working with homeowners. I have a friend going through Foreclosure with them as well as friend doing a deed in lieu of foreclosure. I am waiting to hear how much my repayment plan will be... if they honor it. I have written several letters including one to the CEO. I am just now getting several responses from them but none to a resolution. I am getting the news media involved and sending copies of my letters as well as this website to the White House and the Congressmen in MD/my district. It is ridiculous the NCM is not helping their consumers. Other banks are helping, why won't they help? They have only modified 4 loans since the beginning of this crisis. The President (Obama) has threatened to intercede if they do not start helping homeowners. I want to help get the ball rolling with that. I work too hard for my home and I plan to keep it. We need to stick together, write letters, make phone calls and complain. There is strength in numbers and we can do it together to bring this situation to the light.

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poor service!

Three times, we have tendered payment for a revolving loan at a pnc branch, and three times, pnc has failed to credit the payment. Each time, I receive harassing phone calls from a collection arm of pnc. Last night, when I told the collection agency that we paid at the branch, and had a receipt, she "explained" to me that it is my problem, not pnc bank's problem. She explained that it is not the duty of pnc to track down what happened at the branch. When I told her that by paying pnc's agent (the branch), pnc became responsible. She was rude and talked "over" me, telling me that I was repeating myself.

This must be a new scheme to generate late fees. By not crediting the account, and blaming the customer for the branch losing the payment, they can charge the customer a late fee.

  • Pa
    paul hates pnc bank Sep 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well i bank with that lousy bank and they have allowed an ach payment to keep posting after i stopped it in writing yes i am angry because i like to all my banking online so i do not have to stop by the branch the people at the branches are great and they will help you but there online banking people no nothing about banking and they probaly are out sourced in some other country pnc wake up before you lose everybody

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atm problems

I went up to your atm in bel air, md in wawa in july, 2006. I was waiting in line for about 5 minutes. Then...

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