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I will start off by saying I have done a few thousand USD in transactions on Player Auctions and they went smooth. It was on my most recent transaction where I ran into serious issues. I sold a World of Warcraft account for the $150-200 range and was to receive payment in the $100-150 range. The payment was never disbursed to my account.

I have sent player auctions several emails as well as contacted their chat twice. The first time I contacted their chat I was told I had to send an email to them about the issue. I contacted the chat 3 days later to follow up on my email. The chat rep said my email is in the wrong format and I had to send another email using their format (I was never told of a format by the first rep). I sent an email again this time using their specific format.

Once again I received no response to my email. I contacted their chat reps a third time and informed them I would have to recall the account if they do not pay me. The chat rep told to me to hold on... 15 minutes went by with no response. The rep came back and said I would have to call Paypal to fix the problem. I had already talked to paypal and they do NOT have any money from this company going to me. I informed the chat rep of this and they disconnected the chat session.

It has now been almost 2 weeks since my account sale and I have not received payment or any response to my emails. This is obviously an attempt to run off with my money at this point.

PlayerAuctions Scam

Dec 29, 2014

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