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Planet Fitness / rude staff and manager!

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On 04/23/07 I enter the gym in the location about and I didn’t have my card. this is not he first time I didn’t have my card and was shocked when the guy at the counter (sean) told me “you need your card.” oh dear he tell a paying customer they need anything. I then told sean I need nothing. he then said “I will cancel your membership then.” upset and appalled I called you’re the general manger, and left my cell number for a call back. I was surprised that while sitting at my desk at work she called my office number and left the rudest tone message I have ever heard. I called her back and she (debra) informed me that my membership was canceled as if she was doing me a favor by having me. beware of rude staff and manager!

  • G.L. Kelly's Response, Sep 28, 2018

    I submitted a complaint about constant sales pitches from the staff of the Kelso, Wn. Planet Fitness. I received a answer the following day that made the complaint seen like a joke.
    my member # 10046953144

  • G.L. Kelly's Response, Sep 28, 2018

    I have just submitted an update to the original complaint

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  • Sh
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    I was a member of Planet Fitness in Anchorage, Alaska for 2 days and will NEVER go back. The $19.99 monthly fee sure was enticing, the gym appeared clean, it's close to my house and other gyms in town are at least $50 a month. I signed up this past weekend.

    My first day (yesterday) I joined with 2 co-workers. The 3 of us did an hour of cardio - no problems. The next day, we went back and one guy brought a free guest (free guest each day - what a deal! - or so I thought). Now, only one of us is an experienced weight lifter. Not Mr. Olympia by any means, but he's a buff guy who knows his way around a gym. The rest of us are average joes looking for some exercise.

    Our guest was doing bicep curls when all of a sudden, a giant, flashing blue alarm right above us sounded - and this thing is INCREDIBLY LOUD. Everyone in the gym stops to stare. The "manager" (who had been eyeballing us the entire time because I could see him in the mirrors) sauntered over to my friend and told him that he had violated the "No Lunk" rule, which is a COMPANY POLICY that states that no one can drop a weight, grunt, or judge. Apparently my friend "grunted" too loud. I was probably 9 feet away from him, while the manager was at least 30 feet away behind a desk with insanely loud hip-hop music blaring in the gym. I could not hear my friend "grunt" at all. I run and lift with this guy all the time and while he may be noisier than me, he in no way is excessively loud. The manager walked away and again, proceeded to watch us like a hawk.

    5 minutes later, my friend sounded the alarm again for apparently "grunting" (again, I was 9 feet away and could not hear him - his back was even to the manager who was again behind his desk 30 feet away). This time, the manager walked over and told my friend that if he grunted again, he would be asked to leave and not come back. Apparently that's how Planet Fitness treats their guests and members.

    We finished our workout, and went back to work STEAMING MAD. After work, we all drove back to the gym and requested a refund and cancellation. The manager refused to waive the $58 cancellation fee, even though we had signed up 2 days ago. He told us that we needed to "breathe differently" and that if we or our friend couldn't control our breathing, we should find another gym. He also said that he has already kicked out 10 people for violating the Lunk Rule. He told us that one member asked for a fan, and because of that, he terminated membership (He TOLD US THAT HIMSELF). He said it was the manager's discretion what constitutes the decibel volume of "grunting." He's lucky no one dropped a weight on themselves when that alarm sounded.

    Other rules that, if broken, end in membership termination: wearing a bandanna, and bringing in a water bottle over 20 ounces. Of course, he told use we could complain to the corporate office, but if anyone Googles Planet Fitness, you'll find countless complaints about this idiotic policy and unbending, ridiculous rules. We discovered this after the fact. I'm sure it's completely futile to do so. So, I'm out $58, Planet Fitness earned $174 for providing 2 days of poor customer service to 3 guys and now we have to find another gym. It's a gym, not a library.

    I have never been subjected to such horrible, unfair treatment and customer service. The manager did not care one bit if we cancelled our membership..and why should he? I counted 6 people who came in and signed up for membership while we stood there arguing with this guy.

    Unless you were born without vocal chords, DO NOT JOIN PLANET FITNESS.

  • As
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    If rudeness isn't bad enough, how about a physical assault threat? I used to workout at the York PA, Planet Fitness. I started there because it was 10 bucks a month and a friend recommended that I go there. On the Friday after thanksgiving 2007 in the morning, I was confronted by one of the staff members, a 19 year old punk called "Will" ,that I was grunting. Well, grunting and breathing are two different things and I am sure PF doesn't train their idiotic staff in that. The guy totally lost it when i explained the difference, threatened me with comments like, "you don't know who I am", "Meet me outside". It is one thing to have a disagreement and another for an employee to threaten you with assault.

    The sensible trainer at the gym intervened and cooled the punk down. Needless to say, that experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I quit. This gym, if it continues to have this "no grunt" policy and hires idiots, is a disaster waiting to happen. Take your serious workout somewhere else.

  • Mi
      8th of Dec, 2007
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    MIKE WEINBERG 7272-741-4597

  • Sa
      1st of Feb, 2008
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    I am with everyone re: Planet Fitness. They have the rudest staff as well ignorant. The staff talked to me as though being a woman and a person of color made me especially stupid.

    I am outraged, I would love the chance to file a suit of some kind.

  • Sa
      4th of Mar, 2008
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    I am a long time employee of Planet Fitness. As unfortunate as it sounds that most of you had poor experiences at Planet Fitness a lot of it has to do with not reading the contracts and policys completely. I can guarantee anyone who has had a poor experience at a Planet Fitness after emailing the corporate office via the website it would be brought to someones attention and dealt with. All of the locations that I see people continuously complaining about are francises and if problems are not brought to the attention of someone higher up at the corporate office then they obviously won't be dealt with properly. Again I am sorry for your poor experiences at Planet Fitness.

  • Va
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    I would like anyone who has tried the tanning beds to let me know if they give you a good tan. I heard from some poeople that the bulbs are so low they do not tan you.

    I do not want to join this gym if the tanning is not what it should be.

    Thank You


  • Su
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    I joined the Planet Fitness in Orange City, Florida and I think the staff there are rude, as well. The rudess person there is the personal trainer. If he thinks someone is doing the exercise wrong he will yell across the gym (so that everyone in the gym can hear) -"You are doing that exercise wrong". I have talked to several members at the gym who have complained to the manager about him but he is still there. He is a joke -he is very over weight and thinks he knows it all. He goes on and on about himself, but many of us have observed when he is doing his work outs in the gym that he doesn't know what he is doing. He was jerking the weights one day doing biceps curls. He is constantly ### at everyone for every little thing, such as you didn't wipe your bench off when you finished, you didn't wipe your bench off the right way, you can't bring that belt in the gym, you need to raise that seat when doing the exercise -the list goes on and on.

    They do try to keep the gym clean and ask customers to wipe down the machines but the smell of body ordor and sweat is sometimes overwhelming, especially in the back where the bikes and treadmills are located. Many customers have told me that they have left because of the smell.

    Also there is a lot of socializing going on in there and sometimes I will go to use a machine and someone will be standing there talking and say -hey I am using that machine and continue to stand there talking. I just try to do most of my work out at home and get in and out of there as quick as possible before someone yells at me for something. I will probably join another gym soon.

    On the positive side they do have good equipment it is new and the membership is only $10.00 per month. Their premium membership is $20. per month. Need a credit card or ATM card because they count on you not coming there and they count on you not canceling your membership (so money keeps coming out).

    I too looked for a number for the corporate office and could not find one. I would have liked to complain to someone about this personal trainer, but I could not find the number. That should tell you something right there.

    I really wouldn't bother joining this club unless you don't mind being yelled at all the time and having some stupid fat personal trainer tell you how to do your exercises.

  • Di
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    Basically I like Planet Fitness, because it is basic and that is all I really need. I could be alot better with just a bit of common sense.
    Unfortunately they hire very inexperienced people to run the place. They ran out of soap in the shower and for over a week didn't replace it. I eventually asked what was going on and they said they were waiting for delivery of specific soap for showers. I asked them why they couldn't put the hand soap in until it arrived. I got a very puzzeled look. eventually they actually did that, but way too late.

    The shower had no hot water for a couple of days. I went away for 2 weeks and when i came back found the same problem. i reported it. A week later I asked when they would get hot water. They had no idea anything was wrong (or at least that is what was said). Eventually it was fixed. Only took "5 weeks". they can't get it together to report it.
    Now at this Scarsdale location the water filter on the water fountain needs replacement and who knows when that will be done. How much does a filter cost??? Meanwhile the water tastes bitter. No one is minding the store.
    Last but no least is the horrible music and music system. I is so loud in the dressing room and quiet up front. Too loud in the back area. It is always at a different volume and I have asked them to turn it down.
    You would think I was asking for their first born. No one listens to it and most people have head phones.
    I would like to listen to my music not the Junk that is played so loud that I can't hear what I want. I think that is insane. it seems like whoever is working there turns it up or down according to their mood, not what the client wants or needs.
    I have talked to others and most would be happy if you just shut off the sound system and let people use headphones to listen to what they want.
    Oh by the way. I am writing this blog, because there is no way to give opinions to Planet fitness. I guess they go to the blogs. They are denying the grunt story.

    Get a good manger and whip this place into shape. it could be a great place instead of tolerable.

  • Ne
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    I really am not sure where all these complaints are coming from, or if it's just specific locations where the staff members are ###s. I am a member of the newest Planet Fitness gym in Virginia Beach, VA and I couldn't be happier:

    1 - The staff is very polite and willing to help, and are honest as well. As expected in any facility, a few problems have occurred and the staff was very open about it

    2 - The members are nice and don't make you feel unwelcome. Naturally, you cannot hold the gym responsible if one of their members decides to be inappropriate or rude -- if you tell them, they will try to alleviate the situation. Based on what you guys are saying, when they DO alleviate the situation, you complain about that as well.

    3 - They have plenty of equipment. They tend to be busier in the evening because most people are getting off work then, but they have a ton of machines so if the one you want to use is taken, no problem...just use another one until it's available.

    I think the reported rudeness of the staff members and managers is a result of it being a well-established chain of gyms, and they feel the need to strictly uphold their rules. When you joined you signed a contract indicating that you agree to those rules, so you can't get mad at them for canceling your membership if you break them.

  • Jo
      20th of May, 2008
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    Upon gaining membership with Planet Fitness, you are asked to sign a contract.

    Read the CONTRACT before SIGNING it. Don't rush. Read all the details. If you're not happy with they're rules, DON'T SIGN UP AND COMPLAIN.


  • Fr
      22nd of May, 2008
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  • Jo
      28th of May, 2008
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    this gym is horrible. thats all i gotta say.. i was going to leave a lengthy disagreement, but all i had to do was google planet fitness and thousands popped up. this place needs to incorporate customer training. what ever happened to "hello. how are you doing today?" instead i get "yo, your water bottle is too big". i was going to complain to corporate, but after a little research i guess that will do little help. so...i've decided to cancel my membership and just go some where else. for those looking to cancel, you must handwrite a letter to ABC financial including your name, address, contract number, and that you wish to cancel.. Then i would ask for a confirmation email and immediately stop payments to the financial company.. good luck to all.. this place is truly horrible.. i have never complained about anything online.. so thank you planet fitness for popping my online pissed off blogging cherry!! ###s!!

  • Dr
      31st of May, 2008
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    I signed up in October 2007, was relocated due to my job by the end of October and never used the gym once. I called several times to notify Planet Fitness of my relocation and cancellation of my membership and they said they would take care of it. They never did and continued charging my card. They are illegally charging cards and to prove my point, I called again three-four times and they now say I have to come in to cancel my membership. I live hundreds of miles away from the original location (which they say is the only place I can cancel my membership). Then after this they said I can fax in a signed cancellation - and I did. They have continued to charge my card. I call numerous times, I fax, I ask kindly, I threaten them, I've tried everything and they always put me on hold for 10 15 minutes with the statement "the manager's not here right now, please leave you number." No call back, no resolution. They take money with no ethics, no fear of legal action, no concern whatsoever for the customer.

    I will be filing a law suit.

    Has anyone else had this experience??

  • Fi
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    I go to the Rotterdam NY one and the "regional manager" is just as rude. When I didn't have my membership card he told me that he doesn't need to let me in the gym without it and I better learn my membership number if I am not going to have my card. Where in the contract did it state you NEEDED to have your card on you at all times? I must have missed it. I couldn't find a number to call to go above him. What is wrong with this place that you can't find a number to go any higher then the regional manager?

  • Si
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    North Syracuse, NY Planet Fitness - Awful gym experiences.
    The only good thing about this facility is the price. The kids that work there know absolutely nothing about the gym, the equipment, etc. It's filthy and even more appalling, they have a 14year old girl working there - Haiti (thought that was an island?) that truly believes she's the tanning room police. Proceeded to ask me to show her my tanning goggles and it is NY State law that I am required to wear them at all times. She isn't even old enough to vote and since when does a 14y/o have the right to work at a gym and tell me the rules. laws regulations, etc. Of course, the so called "corporate" headquarters of PF has no email because doing a google search, there are thousands of complaints country wide.

    They don't have the manpower to handle all the complaints. Furthermore, the little 14 y/o biach didn't even tell me they had little 1/2 cent eye pasties I could use meanwhile, because she was too busy drawing up the cancellation paperwork and telling me I was required to pay the cancellation fees (although the contract ends in June) This is June!!! This is a small inbred town and I don't expect much from these locals, but please, all I ask is for a little excercise and a little tan and I have to go through battle to get this at my expense no less. Judge this (my lily white ###). PF is a BS gym. Pay a little extra for quality for your own sake and sanity.

  • Su
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    I'm with Nessa. I also belong to the Virginia Beach location and I have not encountered these situations. I've been a member for over a year now (since they first opened) and I have been very satisfied. I read the contract closely and I researched these type of sites before making a decision. One of the reasons I joined this gym was because of the rules.

    I did not want to join a gym inundated with grunting bodybuilders. I'm actually impressed with the diversity of fitness levels of the members. There are absolutely some very fit, muscular members but there are also members fighting to become healthy again. Occasionaly we hear the siren, but I find it rather amusing. It could very well be that certain locations have serious management issues.

    The staff is helpful when I have questions and needs. They always speak when I arrive and when I leave - one young lady even has my membership # memorized -she's good. I find, as with anything, that often times we get treated by how we treat others.

    Occaisonally some members sit on the machines daydreaming instead of working out so I just hover until they get the hint. Not everone cleans the machines to my satisfaction after each use but I do see the staff keeping up with the housekeeping.

    I'm in there 4-5 times a week so I see a lot of the same people and I find everyone to be very polite. I like to get in and out and I appreciate people respecting my privacy but I don't mind seeing some of the socializing. After all, we are all there for the same reason, to lead a healthier life. Where is there better a place to meet people than a place where we all have something in common. Keep up the good work Va Beach and continue to listen to your members for suggestions. I like the new calf machine.

    Some of these other locations might want to call our owner and get some advice on southern hospitality! I love our gym and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • Ju
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    I belong to the Anchorage, Alaska gym and I love it. The staff has never been anything but courteous and friendly (heck, a few of them know me and my membership number by sight). The gym is clean, the equipment is maintained, etc. I only use the cardio equipment, so haven't had experience with the weight machines or the personal trainer yet.

    For those who've had bad experiences, I'm sorry. You should definitely complain to someone higher up.

    In regard to those who've had a tough time stopping their credit/debit cards from being charged, contact your bank and let them handle it. I've had good luck with this on other things like magazine subscriptions I didn't order.

  • Mi
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    I lift weights; I make noise when I lift, because I lift heavy.

    A new Planet Fitness is opening in town.

    Planet Fitness is clearly not for serious weightlifters.

    I will never go to Planet Fitness.

    It's not that hard to figure out.

  • So
      26th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Duh! Don't go to PF if you want to be a friggen muscle head.. It's meant for average Joes that just want to be fit- That's their whole policy! If you can't follow the rules, don't sign up, don't complain.. Simple as that! Planet Fitness is a great place to exercise, it's clean, and a comfortable atmosphere (when people aren't grunting and dropping weights like animals)

  • Ha
      27th of Jul, 2008
    -2 Votes

    you average joes just stop being pussies that you can't lift the amount of weight that 'lunk's' when it hits the ground. PF is a breading ground for the genetically weak. To all those who wish to push the limits of their physical strength don't go to PF and be around these weaklings. PF is for Grand Moms and children. Anyone else you are doing a disservice to yourself for attending. I went to PF and was going to murder this dude if he told me anything again. I just stopped going changed my entire bank information. They send me a pink letter telling me such. HA good luck getting your $52 late fee. Oh and my credit is already ###ed so i don't give a ### bout that. Suckers I win you lose take that to the bank. I plan to join again under a different name with a friend that will secretly record me violating every rule in that gym and I will post to you tube. PF you don't wanna war with a mu###a that got nothing to lose ; and thats me you ###. I'll slap box all your staff at all your franchise in alphabetical order. Test me.

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