Planet Fitness / billing fraudulently

Vancouver, WA, United States

After over 10 months of no activity and resigning from the gym they started a withdrawl again in january. I called planet fitness and my bank. Bank of america (Boa) put a stop payment on the vendor. Guess what? Then vendor changed the name to planet fit4321 and took another charge out in feb. Boa says that they never see that from a gym only loan companies. On the phone now with local gym in vancouver (I live on the other side of the state now) and they are trying to fix. After almost a year of no activity all of a sudden they steal money for two months. Guess what again??? The vancouver location said they would refund my money if I drove 12 hours round trip and spend approx $200 in fuel to deliver in person a statement regarding the theft. 12 hours and $200 to recover $43. They blamed corporate.

Feb 19, 2014

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