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Reviews and Complaints

horrible trainer

I would like to start of by saying that I joined planet fitness about 2years ago. I started off with a trainer named Kristopher Fleminge. Wich was an okay trainer . Second trainer was Jose.. And now the third trainer unfortunately his name is Ontario . This trainer is definnitely one of a kind. And I do not say that in a good way. I say that because this trainer mixes his business with pleasure. He only likes to train woman that are slim and pretty. I have asked this trainer for help several times. And he has literally send me over to the machines and left me there. And did not inquire to see if I was either okay. Or if I needed help . he never sat down with me to inquire about wat was my goal.Never sat down to do a plan of exercise . he basically didint care. Because of the fact that I wasn't slim enough for him.. It's really sad that I literally had to leave that gym and go to a different gym. Because I got tired of paying for a trainer and not getting the help that I need.. Instantly I went to a different gym and received the help I needed from a trainer named adrian. Wich by the way is a very courtesy and nice gentlemen. A couple days went by I decided to go back to my original gym. And the trainer there Ontario. Decided to take it upon himself to approach me and insult me.demanding to know why would I do that. Referring to the complaint that I put in . I then told him I only said the truth. He then said I can't do that.. I then said I can do whatever is right. Also he approached me while members were there he was on his cellpphone. He was so rude unprofessional. is really sad that his type of person is working with the public. I am seriously thinking of canceling my membership in general. The sadest thing bout all this is that the mangers are aware of this. And nothing is still done . this so Call trainer needs to have consequences for his actions. I really do hope that someone takes this complaint seriously and some kind action is taken care of. Thank you