Planet Fitnessbad service or accommodation

My name is James Sheldon, my partner name is James Wilson. We are both senior citizens. We also belong to Silver Sneakers. We told two of our Silver Sneaker friends that we would report to them about our experience at the 741 E. Barstow Ave, Fresno CA, 93710 facility.

Unfortunately our report is quite negative! Three reason; one, since we don't belong to the hard of hearing generation, the music that being broadcast is much too loud! In fact at times we could not communicate or hear on another because the music was so loud.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fresno, CA However, after asking pleasantly to staff to turn please down the music, staff they can't and won't accommodate us! Also with an irritating smile on their face.

Two, it is still Winter and the updraft due to the overhead fans is quite cold! Again no accommodation by Planet Fitness staff. They wouldn't consider lowering or turning off the overhead fans because you are cold. In fact to them that is a no consideration question?

Three, it is a Hygienic Law in California to provide soap for showers, yep you guess it, no soap. Lastly we are going to complain to our Insurance Company about the above grievances. Also discourage our friends from coming here.

Lastly we are quitting, who needs a organization that doesn't accommodate their customers. How can they stay in business?

James Sheldon

Jan 27, 2017

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