Pizza Hut / shift leader management complaint

Rupert, ID, United States

So tiday I had an eyedoctors appointment and had forgotten that I was scheduled from 11-1 yes juat two hours well I called the store to let them know that I could not make it on time well thr manager asked to see if I could find a replacement for me well so I did the person I was trying to cover for me wasn't answering at that moment so I called to let them know that I couldn't find anybody to cover for me and the chef manager shela johnson works as a shift leader at rupert pizza hut you going to tell me that either I cancel my appointment or I come to work so I acknowledge that I canceled my appointment I would or $25 fee I canceled just to show up to work call the moment I showed up to work I start helping the manager out with stuffed crust pizzas well a shela approached me and began yelling at me so I verbally told her that I had the right to defend my self she then responded to me saying that I had no right becuase I wasnt being responsible for my job when I was I called for the manger to come and I asked for her to stop her and since she was friends with her she didnt seem to even care at all I was honestly being humiliated in frint of the coworker who currently were on the clock so I couldnt handle it so I decided to quit. I personly think that she should be able to get away with it since its she has already had one person walk out because of her attitude toward them. I left for my own good and for the manager to not to defend me and be on her side is honestly something that cooperate should look over. I really liked the job but that fact that shela was always treating everybody bad was unreasonable!!. I would really appreciate if somebody didnt let her get away with this because she treated me like I was nothing.

Aug 18, 2016

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