Pizza Hutpizza not served at correct holding temperature

J Nov 19, 2017

Saturday 11/18/17 at 7pm
My husband and I went to the restaurant in person last night to order a medium supreme pizza to go. Was told it would be ready in 15 minutes. We went and rented a movie and came back within 15 minutes and the pizza was ready. Upon receiving I thought the box was not very warm for it coming right out the hotbox. Upon getting home it looked terrible. The veggies, pepperoni were old and dry and the pizza was room temp. I took it back ( I live less than 5 minutes from our local pizza hut) explained it was cold and not fresh looking which should have been within a 15 minute order placement. The GM explained that it was put in the oven when I was still there. If that was the case it should have been hot. (I have been a customer for several years and this is the first cold pizza I ever received from there) She said they don't just have old pizzas lying around which I thought was weird because I never implied that. I did tell her I work in a kitchen as well and this is not a fresh out of the oven pizza. Then she said their hotbox wasn't working correctly and she will make me a new one. They did make me a new pizza. Sorry to say that one didn't look much better either. It wasnt cold like the last one.
I recommend that somebody better check the equipment there. Oh and she also said the new pizza boxes don't keep the pizzas as warm anymore either. The fact that I spent 15.00 on a cold pizza last night does not sit well with me at all. Supreme is one of my favorites. Sorry to say I will not be returning to the store.
Management should not be telling their customers (whether they work in a kitchen or not) that their hotboxes are not working correctly nor are the 'new' pizza boxes keeping the pizzas warm enough. That is bad customer service and looks bad for your company.

Jennifer Healey

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