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Pizza Hut Malaysia / no delivery after 2 calls

1 Malaysia Review updated:

Today 17 march 2009, I ordered thru free order line for a pizza & a drink, in few minutes I called again and asked wether I could add another pizza for the order, the operator said yes, and I gave the order. 1st pizza came st 1st hour, I asked the delivery guy that I added another pizza. He said it will come.
As I called 2nd time, so I checked my second call time, and called just 60 mintes after that call, I asked about my 2nd order, operator said that my 2nd order is on the way, I did say that its been over 1 hour, and again she said its very close, n on the way.
Now its 11:00pm and they are closed, its been over 3 hours - not that the pizza was about to get late,. We never expected "no pizza",.
Yes,. I did not get the pizza n drink which I ordered,.
I just cant believe this.

One day at taman tun dr ismail outlet (pizzahut) I ordered regularly, pizza n few pepsi for the famly, but after a wile I got ice lemon tea, as I orderd "pepsi",. I said I asked for pepsi, and he said no pepsi so he decided to bring ice lemon tea, so I said I want 7 up, he said no stock, then I asked for mirinda he said no stock rudely,. Again I said I want anything else than that,. Unbelievably he said no more cold drinks exept that,. So I asked for a hot milo,. He did everything he kud to keep his rudeness,. But I couldnt believe that they dont have any cold drinks,. But to my suprise - at that same minute - I saw other tables being served with pepsi & mirinda,.
I dont know why I was targetted like that,.

This is not fake stories, my name is ismail & my mail add is, I am ready to go meet any board or any department regarding this. I want this to end,.

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  • Cu
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    3 hb 12..jam 1230 hut port dickson.. service terlalu teruk..kami ordr set lunch express..sejam kami tunggu, yang kami dapat cume air dan sup sahaja..bread stix pun kami dapat selepas sejam..service yang ada seolah - olah tak beretika..mengunyah chewing gum sewaktu melayan customer..srvice permpuan melayu brtindik di hidung, baju tak tight in sampai atas.. tak alert dengan kehendak customer..kami tanye kenapa pizza kami pizza lambat sampai.. alasan yang dibagi computer surver down..sedangkan kami order sebelum black out.. order kami pun tak punch dalam sistem..ramai yang datang masa tu semua tak puas hati dengan layanan yang diberikan..tak ada seorang pun manager yang berada di kawasan dine in waktu tu baik ALL STAR, DM ataupun RM.. Dan yang pelik juga, tak da seorang pun yang menjadi door person.. bukan itu yang penting ke..ini dah kali kedua kami terkena..1st pada bulan puasa haritu..kami dah booking untuk berbuka puasa pada ptg pukul 4, tapi bila kami sampai dekat dengan waktu berbuka, satu pun yang kami booking tak disediakan langsung sehingga kami terpaksa berbuka pada jam 830 more alert...improve your service...jangan sampai regular customer seperti kami berpaling pada fast food yang lain.. tq for your attention...

  • Mi
      17th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Assalamualaikum/Selamat Petang...


    Saya telah ke pizza Tangkak pada 17.06.2010 jam 9.15 malam untuk membeli pizza. Saya telah order dua pizza, satu pizza baru dan hawaii chicken..disuruh menunggu 20 minit. saya faham...
    Setelah agak lama menunggu seperti buah yang tak jatuh.. pelanggan selepas saya telah mendapat order mereka..saya masih lagi menunggu..pelanggan lain dapat lagi order mereka...saya masih ditempat yang sama ...menunggu terus menunggu...bukan seorang pelanggan mendahului saya malah lebih dari 3...orang pelanggan saya mulalah tertanya-tanya macam mane order saya...Hinggalah saya bertanya sendiri...staff lelaki terus naik ke tingkat atas melihat apa yang berlaku..tidak lama kemudian beliau turun ke bawah membawa dua kotak pizza..lalu dibungkus staff perempuan dan dihulurkan kepada saya...staff lelaki meminta maaf atas apa yang berlaku...
    Apabila sampai dirumah saya membuka kotak pizza hasilnya amat le tidak memuaskan hati itu yang saya namakan LEMPENG BERLAUK ATAU PIZZA...LIHAT GAMBAR yang saya sertakan...
    Displin staff pizza Tangkak, Johor tidak memuaskan...terjerit-jerit macam pasar... tidak profesional...macam staff piza muar...jadilah REMAJA YANG TINGGI IQ dan EQ... Perbanyakan program motivasi untuk memberi kesedaran akan tugasan yang diberi dan bertanggungjawab...Sekian wassalam...Bye...Bye...

  • An
      11th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Something that I feel very unsatisfied when I attended to Pizza Hut, Pontian Plaza, Johor, Malaysia today (11/9/2010). I know during the Ramadan, there would not enough employees to serve customers especially the peak hours (lunch time). That was fine if those employees can tell me needs to wait because not enough employees but they didn’t do that, and they just ignore me when I entered the restaurant when no seat. After waited till empty seat, I sat down and called their service but they ignore me. Moreover, the cashier who saw me sat down and waiting, she also didn't give me any response and even gave me a supercilious look. And those customers who came later than me they gave the services first, that was made me very annoyed and I felt very dissatisfied about those employee’s services and attitudes.

  • Ro
      16th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Went to Pizza Hut Limbong Kapal, Alor Setar on 16/9 about 9 pm. Ordered a prawn olio spag. + super supreme.
    Plus point to note - it is a new outlet with the right ambience for a fast food operator.

    But sad to highlight - though it is only a rm50 meal but the food is far below expectations...the spag is tasteless and
    the pizza is short of the actual ingredients /toppings.

    Service level is below par..pity to the hardworking staff that suffers due to the poor system adopted.Some check and balance need to be carried out to ensure the franchise branding is being uphold.The service button located at each table is not workable though it rings as no one giving the right response on every call...And many patrons left with
    a bad experience and dissatisfied...

    Personally, i am not suprise if the staff turnover is high as the operating system is in need for a re engineering!

  • Mi
      13th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    bagi org2 yg bg komen kat atas ni, x payah la lg mkn kat piza..staf2 piza pun bknye suke kalau korang datang makan..gaji diorang kecik, keje penat nak mampus..yang korang plak dh tau bz nak masuk jgk..

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