Pc [email protected]yahoo mail freezing

When using yahoo mail I get the message waiting for pc [protected]@yahoo.comanod my e mail promptly freezes and therefore I have to come of line and then on again and I have found as indeed it seem severely thousand others have as well that if you hit the x above the blank advert box that appears in the mail screen everything works good and quick once more I have tried to get rid of this very annoying and time consuming advertising based thing to no avail I have done everything suggested by others on line but it simply reloads itself every time I log into yahoo mail therefore is there a way you can get rid of it or let me know how to get rid of it without changing my e mail browser I hope you understand what I am ranting about but it is extremely annoying especially when you need to rtecive and send mail urgently thankyou and i look foirward to a speedy reply on this matter
( lord)
Andrew p Walker

May 12, 2017

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