Orbitz / no reimbursement for non disclosure of need of transit visa while ticket booking

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I booked return flight from Chicago to Delhi via ORBITZ (Itinerary# [protected]) and never got any notification that I need Transit visa. My return flight was via AIR CANADA refused onboarding as I didn't have Transit Visa for CANADA on Delhi Airport. I had to buy new ticket on my own. I tried calling their help desk and after keeping me in circles for almost a week. As per them, it's mentioned on the site, under Terms and condition, that it's Traveler's responsibility to arrange all travel documents. Yes I agree it's my responsibility to arrange visa but being travel agent it's their responsibility to notify me that I need transit visa for my trip while booking otherwise how would I come to know. Their corporate office told me it's all my fault and I should have read all the terms and conditions carefully and they are not supposed to tell me that I need Transit visa for my booking. When I told them that other agencies like Expedia etc they could have notified. For this I got response it's my mistake and I had a choice to go to any other agency for ticket booking. They also told me that had I called customer care agent, he would have told me about transit visa. Ok sure, so why no notification when I book via site? Shouldn't they telling me on site as well??
When I called them first time, their representative (Ishaan) told me that I will get refund and I can book my ticket on my own. However, now they are refusing it.

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    Orbitz is not taking moral/professional responsibility and their customer care has very bad attitude. They are not even talking properly. As per them my mistake is that i went to Orbitz to book ticket in first place, that was my choice and now they can't do anything

Nov 26, 2017
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  •   May 20, 2018

    The author did not provide any identification of the service
    - name of passenger
    - date & flight numbers
    - destination airports
    - the e-ticket in attachmnet
    - 1st booking in attachmnet
    - change of booking in attachmnet
    - citizenship

    Send the above in order to understand anything and to for the advise, if in need still.

    I am not associated with orbitz.
    e-mail: aryan(at)

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