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three charges were taken out of my bank account by orbitz for an airline reservation that I never received

The website kept coming up with an error telling me that to make my purchase I would have to click the button again. Did it three times with no success, no plane ticket. Went to travelocity instead which gave me the ticket I wanted first time. Was I surprised to see that three charges were taken out of my bank account by Orbitz for an airline reservation that I never received. Three days later and Orbitz is claiming that the transactions are pre-authorizations, not real. My bank confirms that they are real and the money is gone. Still trying to get it back. This also happened to another person in my office and the clerk at my bank said another customer had it happen to her. BEWARE!

the worst customer service ever!!!

I booked what orbitz considered a 4 star hotel at The Bradley Hotel in S Windsor, CT. Upon arrival even before checking in, there was a line at the front desk, of at least 6 people who had just previously checked in and were disgusted by thier rooms. After hearing all of thier terrifying stories, it was my turn to have to check in. The only staff person who was working Dave, informed me that although I had a receipt from Orbitz with a confirmation number, Orbitz had not faxed the Hotel a copy so he could not provide me with a room. Even tho it was already paid for. Since Dave was the only person working, I had to call Orbitz myself and figure out why the fax had not been sent. (this is the part where the worst customer service I have ever expierenced happened)...After holding for 15 minutes I was connected to a young man who took another 15 minutes to realize the problem . Orbitz had the wrong fax number for the hotel. After giving the agent the correct information he informed me that it would take another 15 minutes to enter the information into a template and refax the confirmation to the hotel. Meanwhile I have two small children, who are hungry and tired sitting in this so called 4 star hotel listening to other patrons complaining how they too booked on Orbitz and were very disappointed.
25 minutes later and no fax from Orbitz. Yes at this point I become very aggitated and once again call Orbitz. I am ready to cancel the reservation at this point. The man "Ajhid" starting laughing after I explained the situation. He said "a fax had been sent and for me to just relax and wait for it to come thru" When I asked him to repeat the fax number to me he had not updated it from the last phone call. I then asked for a supervisor and was told if I wanted to speak to a higher authority it would be a wait. I was on hold for another 20 minutes. When Ajhid picked up to tell me it was going to be about another 45 minutes (giggling), I asked if he had at least tried to resolve the issue in the meantime while I was on hold. He replied he was not going to fax anything because I asked for a supervisor. At this point, I was disgusted with his lack of proffesionalism. The hotel clerk at the same time called on another line to Orbitz and had reached a new call center representative and had a reached a young woman who promptly faxed the confirmmation while I was still holding waiting for "Ajhid". I was then informed that it would take two hours for the fax to come thru. Meanwhile the young lady had already taken care of the fax. It occured to me that "Ajhid's mission was to be a sarcastic jerk . I never was able to reach a supervisor but the woman the hotel clerk spoke with apologized on Ajhids behalf. Her attitude was a little different because she worked in the cancellations department so Im sure her job is to keep customers. The customer service department is the absolute worst I have ever expierenced. These big corporations branch out jobs to India (this is where thier call center is located)to keep expenses low. So they hire anyone obviously no expierence needed, and no training given. I have worked in customer service / sales for over 20 years. If Ajhid had been in my department his job would be to pick up trash. I will never ever ever never book anything thru Orbitz again.
Orbitz- word to the wise ...screen your agents calls. They are going to put you out of business. Another suggestion, screen your hotels before you classify them as 4 star. Our hotel was under renovation and half the amentities were not available. I travel very frequently, and do alot of networking and socializing. I promise every chance I get I am going to elaborate how terrible Orbitz customer service is and I promise you have not just lost one customer but many.

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    Dr Jow May 23, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I just got off the phone with them trying to change a reservation. The girl must've asked the same questions 3 times and I answered her every single time. They can't change my reservation because I don't have the guy's email proper email address who booked the ticket for me, even though my name is on the reservation, I have the record locator number and the flight number as well as the travel number. Any supervisor's they transfer you to are even more rude and incompetent! I don't know how these people get away with the level of customer service that they do. These companies hire people who barely speak English, who will work for nothing and the customer service shows because of it. I will never ever ever book from again.

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orbitz has taken a great business model and turned it into trash with fraud and the worst customer no-service on the planet

WOW, Orbitz has taken a great business model and turned it into trash with fraud and the worst customer no-service on the planet. My story begins with a vacation package booked in Cabo at "an etirely smoke-free property" which was also confirmed by an email which said "This property is entirely smoke-free". Upon arrival (by my daughter and friend) it turned out to be a full out smoking hotel, and the room already had ashtrays full of butts to get started! The entire hotel smelled like those glass lounges at the airport. So after talking with 4 Orbitz people and "Edward" the top supervisor, the solution, an hour later, was to wait to see if the hotel could find them a less smelly room.While Edward did not admit to any mistakes or offer any credit/help he did say that any false info in the website is solely the hotel's fault as Orbitz has nothing to do with the posting!!! I could recite even more insane Orbitz statements but suffice it to say they have lost me for life as a former loyal customer.

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    Orbitz Sep 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Hello twtioi, I am contacting you from Orbitz Customer Relations. If you could e-mail me your Orbitz record locator to [email protected], I will be glad to review your reservation. Please place the e-mail to my attention, and please include your blog and screen name.


    Orbitz Customer Relations

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hotel booking

Overall description.
In March, 2009 a booking of the hotel “The Palm hotel and SPA” in Miami (3025 Miami Beach, FL, 33140, phone [protected], fax [protected]) was made. The booking was made through the web-site The hotel was in a five - star category at the “Orbitz” web-site. The booking required a full advance pre-paymemt which was made in amount of 1939, 87 immediately upon booking. The check-in time indicated in the interneiary was Sat, May 8, 2010, 16.00. It was written in interniary that there should be an “Oceanfront” room provided. The “Orbitz” charges its customers for the booking service provided.
On 9th of May, 2010 (12.30 am approximately) me and my wife Ekaterina arrived to the hotel at the front desk. The receptionist Mrs. Cheryl Hueston, a very nice person, has informed us that unfortunately they don’t have the Oceanfront room available and that she can only offer us a city-view room.

Additional details.
The vacation was a long-before planned honeymoon. The wedding party took place on 24th of April. So all the details were very important for me and for my wife as well. During the conversations with Mrs. Cheryl (again I want to stress that she was very nice to us) we have found out that their hotel have received a fax message from “Orbitz” where it was a request for reservation for “standart-standart-oceanfront” (it goes that way exactly in the fax message) room. As far as we were informed by Mrs. Cheryl the hotel basing on this information reserved a standard room for us and had sent the confirmation for the reservation of the standard room back to “Orbitz. Also when I asked for the fax with this confirmation I’ve noted that in this paper there is a sign “Do not disclose the base rate to the customer!” From which I made a conslusion that “Orbitz” is also being paid by the hotels on its list. Also I should make a notice that “Orbitz: has a “lowest’-price guarantee” policy which in my undestanding implies that there are no price for the room cheaper than they offer.

Further develoment.
Immediately as we have found out that Mrs. Hueston was not able to solve the problem because their hotel had no oceanfront rooms available at all, we’ve started calling the “Orbitz” call-center to solve the problem. Mrs. Cheryl has cleary explained to the person at the call center that there is no possibility to give us the oceanfront room. Later during the converstion we have found out that the closest date when we can possibly have the oceanfront room would be not earlier than on Tuesday and the room with a king-size bed (which was a condition mentioned during the booking) would be available not earlier that on Thursday. It took the person in the call-center about 1, 5 hours to finally find the following solution: they can “transfer” us to the different hotel for which we would have to pay by orselves and later on they would refund the amount charged for “The Palm hotel and SPA” back to my card. Here I need to mention that it took me about 10 minutes to find out the hotel with available rooms and that surely there was absolutely no problems to refund the trip back. So that this solution was so obvius and easy that I doubt why it took them 1, 5 hours to find it. The other option was to stay at the hotel in a non-oceanfront room and get a difference in price for the rooms refunded. I’ve insisted that I was purchasing exactly what I wanted from the. And in case they are not able to deliver the service that they have promised it is up to them to pay the difference (if there is any) in the price of the hotels. Because it is not my fault. By the time we came to this two options it was already about 3 am in the morning. I’ve asked the person at the cll center to connect me to one of her superiors. It took some other 15 minutes and finally I was talking to some Mrs. Luna (she refused to tell me her last name referring to the company’s policy). The conclusion from our 30-minutes conversation with her was that it is either my fault or the fault of the hotel but in any case it’s between us and them - Orbitz is not liable for anything even though the Orbitz was the one to sell the trip. Then finally we left it as it is and went to the other hotel.
On 11th of May, 2010 I've once again talked to the Orbitz customer support line. They have transferred me to the manager (even though I wasn't asking for) and she assured me that they would refund my purchase on their web-site fully.

Consequences. Economic or physical damage that resulted.
Direct expenses - I've had to pay for the taxi, and pay for the other hotel (surly about 1/3 more of the price because it was not an advance booking).
Moral damages - the first two days of the honeymoon honeymoon were totally ruined because of this story and of the necessity to find another accomodation.

My opinion.
(1) Orbitz is a company which lies on purpose to its clients presenting “The Palm hotel and SPA” as a five-star even though the workers of the hotel clearly defines it as a four-star facility.
(2) Orbitz is a company which acts like a travel agent charging for its services the clients and, probably, getting a kick-back comissions from the hotels. So Orbitz does not simly work as an information board.
(3) As soon as the Orbitz is a travel agent it should be liable for its actions ant it is up to this company to settle all the issues of the trip.
(4) Quality of the Orbitz services is very poor.
(5) The Orbitz (or at least its representatives) does not beleive that their company is liable for anything at all.

Questions to the lawer.
(1) Is there any kind of legislation that protects the righst of the consumers in US? Can this legislation be applied to the aforementioned case?
(2) Is the Orbiz a travel agent or simply an information board under the local legislation? If the Orbitz charges for its services does it make this company obliged to deliver the services?
(3) Is it possible to get the Orbitz bay the unexpected expenses which happed because of its default to provide the services?
(4) Is it possible to claim damages from Orbitz? What can be an approximate amount in such a case?
Yours sincerely,

Mikhail Aleksandrov


I was researching a honeymoon trip in September 2009. I was about ready to make a purchase through Expedia, when a friend of mine told me to call Orbitz. I spoke with a nice lady and explained I was looking for round trip tickets to Aruba with the shortest flight times and I wanted a One bedroom ocean view suite at the Westin Aruba. She said that Orbitz can book me a flight to and from Aruba with designated seats and a one way flight time of 11.5 hours each way. Also she has a premium ocean view hotel package at the Westin Aruba. I said the flights sound great but could you describe the room. She said the room has a bedroom, with a separate living area, a full kitchen, and a private balcony facing the ocean.
I looked up the Westin Aruba website and that description matched the one bedroom suite I wanted. Not only did she say she could book the flight with guaranteed seating and the one bedroom suite, but she could also book it for $450.00 cheaper. I said great as long as I get that I am fine.

Then in February I get an email saying there has been a change to my vacation package. So I call Orbitz and they say sorry the flights that I have booked have been cancelled but they have reserved some new flights for me. Here's were it gets fun. I ask the agent named Ethan what are the flight details. He says that the trip to Aruba is 47.25 hours and the flight back is 35 hours. I told him that is unacceptable and explained that this is my honeymoon I am talking about. He says that Continental is very busy right now, but if I give him a week he could get me better flights and call back within a week. So like an idiot I put my trust in him. A week later no call back.
So I call Orbitz and speak with Amber who tells me there is nothing she or Orbitz can do and that I need to call Continental directly to get different flights. So I call Continental and they ask why I didn't call sooner. i explain my situation to them and they work out some flights for 12.5 hours to Aruba and 20 hours home, but with horrible seats. I am not happy, but the wedding day is set, I have already gotten the specific time off from work, and what else could go wrong. Also I kept getting emails from Orbitz about changes in my vacation package and had to call them to let them know about the new flights I worked out with Continental.

So now it's March and I was sent a new itinerary from Orbitz. I am starting to get worried about my trip so I call Orbitz on and verify with a rep who's name I didn't catch that I have the flights I worked out and my one bedroom suite (as she referred to it). I call Continental and The Westin Aruba to confirm with them. Continental still has the adjusted flights, but the Westin says that my reservation is for a guest room not a one bedroom suite. At this point I am a little aggravated, so I call Orbitz again and speak with Jennifer. I explain that my hotel reservation is wrong, she puts me on hold for 40 minuets, then tells me she has fixed the problem and I have my One Bedroom Ocean View Suite reserved. I a little wary from my past experience with Orbitz so I make sure to have her define what I have reserved and she says a one bedroom suite with a separate living area and a kitchen facing the ocean. She also says I can confirm with the hotel on 03/25.

03/25 I call the Westin Aruba for my reservation and they say I am in a regular partial ocean view room, not a one bedroom suite. I call Orbitz and speak with Isa and explain my issue. Isa puts me on hold for another 40 minutes and then tells me that she can't get a hold of anyone at the hotel and tells me to call back 03/26. It seemed weird that the hotel would be closed at 2pm so I call the hotel and get right to a person (how many lies do we have so far?). So I call Orbitz and ask to speak to a supervisor. 2o minutes later I speak with a supervisor name Leonard and explain this whole issue to him. He said he will look into the issue and call me back on 03/26.

03/26 Leonard leaves a message on my phone saying he is still working with the hotel and needs until Friday 04/02 and will call me back. The evening of 04/01 Leonard sends me an email stating "The room type booked was not a Suite Ocean View but a Premium Room Ocean View. The Westin Aruba Resort does not have any room described as Suite." That's word for word! Which is funny since on The Westin Aruba official website they have not one but five different rooms with the word Suite in them.

04/02 Call Orbitz and cannot get the supervisor Leonard, but instead I get a supervisor named Arnold. So I explain the whole situation to date to him. Now he informs me after being on hold for 30 minutes that the highest room they can offer is the regular Ocean View room. So I ask him for a refund and he says it is not possible. I ask him since he is a supervisor and they record the phone calls they receive, if he can go back and review the calls were I was told I was getting the One Bedroom Suite. He say he could and puts me on hold for another 55 minutes. Then he says he has review the calls and agrees I was told I was getting a One Bedroom Suite, so I asked him to make it right. He said he will contact the hotel and see what he can do and call me back.
At 8:15pm he calls me and says because of the Easter holiday he needs till Friday 04/09 (I swear they just want to drag the time out). I inform him that if he cannot get me the One Bedroom Suite then he should be willing to give me a full vacation package refund. He tried to say that he will see what he can do so I repeated myself and he agreed.

04/09 Arnold left a message describing the regular Ocean View room and said the suite was not possible. So I called Orbitz again and spoke with Jersey who was very concerned and wanted to know my whole situation so she could help me. I explained the whole situation to her and she said she will have to get a supervisor. I wait on hold for 21 minutes and I am introduce to a new supervisor named James. Again the whole story is explained to him and he says there is no way for them to book the One Bedroom Suite over the phone, but he suggest that when I arrive at the hotel on my honeymoon I can just pay for the upgrade then. I am appalled by this and ask him if he thinks that is right and ask him why he and his company Orbitz refuse to do the right thing. I am starting to get pretty angry at this point, so I ask him for a full vacation package refund as was discussed with my last conversation with Arnold.
James says that he can only give me a refund on the hotel and there is nothing he can do about the flights. I am fed up with the amount of time and energy I put into this already so I tell him if he can get me a full refund on the everything except the flight, then I would be willing to call Continental myself to see what they can do. He said he can do that, but before he finished I said I wanted a refund for everything else including the trip protection and the activities. James said he will look into it and see what he can do. I was at work so i told him not to cancel anything right now but to note my account with the total amount of the refund, so I can call back, compare the amount to what was withdrawn from my account, and make a decision then.
So I called back an hour later and spoke with mat who told me I would get a refund for almost $450.00 less than what I paid. Which is unacceptable, for all the crap that I have been through with Orbitz they should just say there sorry and give me all of my money back. That may never happen, but I will keep trying and let you know what happens next... To be continued!

I thought car dealerships were bad, especially when you had a trade in, and they would try to keep your keys from you. Now I think that experience is like getting a royal treatment at a day spa compared to Obitz.

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    Orbitz Apr 10, 2010
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    Verified customer


    Irishjester Orbitz has seen your complaint. At this time, our coporate office is closed and we will respond to your concern on the next business day. Please provide me your Orbitz Record Locator.



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  • Ir
    Irishjester Apr 11, 2010
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    Verified customer

    To Crustelguy my Orbitz locator is MTCA5V. Are you really going to help me? Or are you just going to tell me to wait another week while you research the issue. Then tell me your sorry but there is nothing you can do? All I want from Orbitz is a full refund of my entire vacation package. For all the lies, and all the time I have spent trying to work with Orbitz it is the least you could do!

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fraudulent car rental

Following happened to me for the third time within a period of 2 years with this fraudulent Company;
If you search online for a Car Rental in the DR with Orbitz, National Car Rental almost always presents the "best offer". When you try to pick up the Car at their Station they want handover the Car without demanding an additional Payment for a third Party Insurance. This additional Payment increases their total Price by about 25% !, what makes them one of the most expensive Company's in the End. I contacted Orbitz Costumer Service several times and was told to accept the additional charge or cancel my reservation.

  • Or
    Orbitz Apr 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I am with Orbitz Customer Relations and I saw your post on I would like the opportunity to review this information and respond to your concerns. If you would kindly respond with a record locator or email address associated with your Orbitz account.

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  • Pa
    Patricia122 Apr 01, 2010

    Sure, no problem at all.
    Reservation # is 954407131COUNT
    We are supposed to pick up the Car tomorrow (02 April 2010).
    I called again and they assured me that they will not hand out the Car without
    me purchasing additional Insurance.

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  • Or
    Orbitz Apr 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sorry I am not able to access this using this locator. Can you please provide me with the email address that the account is registered under? Thanks

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  • Pa
    Patricia122 Apr 01, 2010

    I am sorry to. I will certainly not publish my private e-mail address on a forum like this.
    The Number is correct and always when i called orbitz they were able to find my Reservation with this Number.
    Here is the Number again 954407131COUNT
    Rental Date 02 April 2010 until 05 April 2010, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
    Car Rental Company; National.
    If you would like to inform me about an e-mail address where i can send the e-mail address
    related to this Reservation, i will be more than willing to do so.

    Best Regards

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  • Pa
    Patricia122 Apr 01, 2010

    I did send you directly the e-mail for the Reservation !

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  • Or
    Orbitz Apr 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have recieved that. Thank you very much. PLease allow me some time to research and I will email you with results.

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  • Pa
    Patricia122 Apr 03, 2010

    Well, i haven't received any e-mail yet from you. But i picked up the Car and was charged exactly twice the Amount that was confirmed by e-mail after my Reservation with Orbitz.
    I will never ever use Orbitz again in my Life ! ! !

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does not reserve your seats!

If you dare use Orbitz make sure you immediately check with the airline to reserve your seats. Orbitz claims it is not their responsibility. I booked international travel and chose window seating for comfort during such a long flight. Orbitz confirmed my reservations AND seating selection 3 times via Email before my travel date, but I didn't check the airline... you know, since Orbitz is supposed to handle the reservations in full... and when I got to the airport, my window seat had been given to someone else. Unable to do anything at the time, I contacted the airline when I returned home and they provided me with a print-out of their records indicating that ORBITZ had reserved the seats I requested, then 1 minute later cancelled them, and then never made any other reservation on my behalf.
When confronted with this information, Orbitz first stated it was the airline's fault, but when given the evidence that it was their fault, Orbitz stated it is my responsibility to check with the airline.
Isn't Orbitz supposed to handle the entire reservation? YES. That is why they are in business, to offer convenience to customers! They don't actually offer discounts (check around, their fees are the same as the airline/hotel/car companies), they are supposed to handle the reservations... BUT THEY DON'T!
Don't bother using Orbitz, you'll still do all the work yourself, be transferred to non-English-speaking customer service reps, and YOU will be blamed for not making your reservations.
Oh yeah, and if their website malfunctions when you're making an online reservation, be ready to pay the extra $130 to fix the mistake, because after all, it's YOUR fault, not theirs.

  • Bi
    bill1243 Mar 30, 2010

    yes, the same thing happened to me and my daughter flying to chicago from ft.lauderdale. (3/26/10) we booked the flight 3 months ago and reserved the seats, got to the airport 2 hours before departure, and our seats were already given away!!! We will never use Orbitz again.

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  • Or
    Orbitz Apr 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi. I am with Orbitz Customer Relations. Please send me your Orbitz record locator so that I can review your booking.

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  • Va
    va.manager Apr 01, 2010

    Really? You think YOU can resolve this? Do you think I DIDN'T take this up with Orbitz? I've already been offered a voucher, which will not be redeemed of course, since I will NEVER use Orbitz again and will continue to share this, and other horror stories of Orbtiz, with EVERYONE.
    After numerous phone calls, Emails and Better Business Bureau correspondence, Orbitz continues to place the blame on anyone and everyone but themselves. All Orbitz needed to do was to admit their mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, but Orbitz can't own up to it. Why on earth would I ever use, or recommend usage, of a company that has no spine? You, and your employer, can stick it.

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  • Qb
    qb84 May 04, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks Orbitz! I now have to fly on a plane for 14 hours sitting next to a stranger because you didn't book two seats together. Thanks so much!

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  • Lt
    Ltorrado Dec 19, 2012

    Second major trip I book through Orbitz. Origin: USA Destination: Europe

    BOTH times, my wife and I booked our tickets several months in advance, selected each seat (of course seating next to each other), only to find out right before the trip that Orbitz did not register/reserve our seats and now I am having to selected very crappy seat locations and not even next to my wife.

    I am a very seasoned traveler and have flown to Europe over 20 times. This has only happened with Orbitz. I gave them a second chance thinking it was a fluke, but this proves it is not.

    I highly advise everybody that is considering using Orbitz to go to any of the other major sites. Orbitz has failed me twice. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me...


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waited for approximately 30 minutes to get to a customer representative

NO AMOUNT OF SAVINGS IS WORTH DEALING WITH ORBITZ!!! If you decide to use them anyway, be ready to eat the $$$$ you spent on the package. Customer service is practically non-existent and if you do by chance get to speak with a representative after being disconnected several times - I seriously doubt you will be able to understand if you are English speaking. Sad, Sad, Sad!!!

I booked a package to Cancun for 6/26 - 6/29. I called on June 14th to see if I could change the person going with me as their plans changed and they would not be able to go. I was expecting to pay approximately up to 1/2 of the booking to be able to change the person going with me.

First of all - I waited for approximately 30 minutes to get to a customer representative. When I finally spoke with a representative I found it very difficult to understand what they were saying. They spoke with a very heavy Asian accent and I repeatedly asked them to spell words and to slow down so I could understand what the person was saying.

According the the person I spoke with on June 14th - no part of the package could be changed. It could only be cancelled. However, my flights had already been cancelled by Orbitz but I was not contacted! No explanation could be given - they stated they had sent an email - I never received an email!

I called back tonight to cancel the package. I got disconnected on the first call after over a 16 minute wait, call was dropped the 2nd time after over an 11 minute wait and finally after the 3rd call, after I'd waited over 7 minutes - I spoke with a representative. I asked to cancel the package. Again the representative had a heavy accent and was VERY difficult to understand! After they stated they had cancelled the package, I asked for a confirmation # for the cancellation. After being on hold for about 10 minutes, the representative came back and stated it was the same as the Package Locator - "original package locator". I asked why then had I been on hold for that? I asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative argued with me that it was the same. I said I still wanted to speak with a supervisor and she argued with me several times. I finally asked if she were refusing to allow me to speak with a supervisor. After another 10 minute wait, I spoke with a supervisor. I asked the supervisor if I had trouble with the cancellation and credit card refund, if I could call her directly back? After a long explanation, it was basically no - you get the luck of the draw.

The call on June 14th took about 55 minutes and the call tonight logged in at about 72 minutes - over 2 hours in all!

Good luck if you decide to use Orbitz - my prayers are with you. Stick to real people and travel agencies with a reputation. NOT ORBITZZZZZ!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ is what you do waiting to try to talk with a rep - lol!!!

don't expect to receive a price assurance refund

My family and I booked a flight in June 2009. Shortly after I received an email from Orbitz stating that someone booked the same trip for a lower price and I would receive a price assurance refund check in the amount of $80, expected to arrive 6-8 weeks later. 8 months later, I still have not received the refund check. I've contacted Orbitz numerous times. Half the time, I'll get the call center in Manila, Philippines. The people at that call center are obviously reading from a script, and have no idea what you're talking about. When I'm able to get a hold of someone in their U.S call center, they're not qualified to handle customer complaints, and tell me to email the company. I have emailed Orbitz, filed a complaint with the BBB, even received an email from Orbitz stating for the 3rd time I would finally receive my refund, but in the end...still no refund. I wonder why Orbitz received an A+ rating, considering all the complaints filed against them. I will never use Orbitz again. They're only available to book flights and hotels. When it comes to customer service, they pull the disappering act. The commercials for the "Price Assurance Refund, " should be yanked off the air for false advertising.

  • Do
    Dorothy56 Apr 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Orbitz's low price assurance is not a good value. Airlines typically have their own low price assurance guarantee. It works 100% of the time. Orbitz's guarantee only works when "another Orbitz customer" books a lower price for the same itinerary. The chances of that is close to zero. Orbitz's price assurance has little real value.

    I tried to negotiate a Orbitz voucher but they were very firm about the deceit they promote. Expedia is much more customer friendly.

    Next time I will book through the airlines directly. Check to see if the airlines have a low price guarantee.

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stop advertising false misleading promises that you do not intend to honor

Stop advertising false misleading promises that you do not intend to honor. Be up front and tell the straight truth, then maybe people will begin to trust you and want to book with you. I will never book again, wish I had of looked you up before I did and saw all the complaints of fraud, and lies you tell to the consumer to get their business only to not honor any of it. Your new campaign launch we guarantee to give you the lowest price is hog wash, I know I am a small consumer but I am affiliated with a large corporation and I plan to let everyone know about you before they ever get involved with you in any way...I booked a ticket that has went down 228.00 yet you have sent me nothing, you are a big fraud and business like you need to fail...

  • Ji
    jiliya Mar 01, 2010

    Can you believe they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau? They should take down the false advertising. I haven't received my refund check from when I flew last summer. Orbitz is a crock of B.S.

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I recently booked a flight/hotel package through Orbitz and it included 2 tickets to a Las Vegas Show. A week before I left I called the MGM Grand Motel in Las Vegas to choose the Cirque show that I wanted to attend. They informed me that they had no reservation for me. I then called an Orbitz rep. and they informed me that I needed to book the show tickets before Nov. 16, 2009. I went back and reviewed my reservation and this is what was said:

Terms and conditions - Includes up to 2 Tickets to Las Vegas' Best Shows

Book a 3+ air/hotel package and receive up to 2 tickets to your choice of Cirque du Soleil® shows*, Disney’s THE LION KING, Terry Fator & His Cast of Thousands and more. Book by Nov 16, 2009 for travel Nov 22, 2009 through Feb 4, 2010. *For more show info and availability, visit Show Blackout Dates: Nov 30, Dec 6-7, 13-14, 21, 25-28, 2009. Single occupancy bookings receive only 1 ticket. Offer not valid on existing reservations and may not be combined with any other offer. Subject to availability. Limit 2 tickets per reservation. Some restrictions may apply. Tickets are not available for all price categories at all performances. Limited seating is available for select performances. Tickets have no cash value and are non-transferable. Show tickets can only be redeemed by the primary guest as it appears on the package reservation. Guest must check into the hotel prior to redeeming show tickets.

It says to book my travel by Nov. 16th and I did that. I spent over 3 hours on the phone (even with supervisors) to no avail. They offered me a $50.00 credit towards my next Orbitz vacation!!! Like I'll ever use them again.


fraudulent credit card charges

I bought a plane ticket in November to travel to Virginia. When I got my credit card statement for the month of December, I saw a $12 charge from a company called Reservation Rewards. I have never heard of this company and I called them and they said they got my credit card info from Orbitz when I purchased my ticket.

I never authorized anyone to charge me for Reservation Rewards as I do not even know what they do. The rep then told me they had also charged my credit card for $12 for January (I have not received the statement yet) and had set me up to be billed $12 every month. I was very upset to say the least. All I authorized Orbitz to charge me for was the plane ticket - I did not purchase any other service.

I don't know if Orbitz sold my credit card information to this company or how they got it but I told them to reverse the charges and they said they would. I spent 30 minutes on the phone to get it straighted out.

I think this is very unethical for Orbitz to sell your credit card information or maybe this company is part of Orbitz or a vendor they work with, I don't know. I called Orbitz customer service but of course their call center is in Central America and I got some guy that barely spoke English. I just hung up and decided to voice my complaint here.

I will never use Orbitz again and would advise others to do the same. What a scam!!

  • Ma
    Maryo Jan 19, 2010

    Hi Outdoorguy:

    I just read your post and want to give you an official response on behalf of our company. It’s important to me that your concerns are addressed and that your issue is resolved. If you have questions or feedback, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-732-7031. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at [email protected] If you contact me directly, please reference this post.


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scam billing is involved in a scam with Reservation rewards. When you book a flight or make other accommodations with Orbitz they offer you a $20 coupon through You enter your email twice and buried in the fine print is that your action gives Orbits permission to send your credit card number to out of Conneticut. They then bill you monthly for services you do not even know you needed. I no longer use Orbitz.

false advertising

My complaint seems menial compared to some of the other complaints here.

They offered a price for tickets from lax to jfk. When I tried to finalize my order, I was told to contact the airline directly. The airline had many seats available but the price was 20% more. They told me to contact orbitz to get the price offered on After an hour on the phone, they told me that they could not provide what they were offering and I was basically SOL.

I just wanted to buy what they were advertising.

  • Al
    alicia27 Nov 20, 2009

    wow that stinks. you should really go to and use there advertising complaint form, It may cost $5 but it could be worth airline tickets in the future, and we know how pricey those can get!

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  • Le
    Les2178 May 28, 2012

    M husband and I found a deal for flight, hotel and car. The initial rate was $955 per person. We decided to book the trip, at the end the trip's cost was $2798.76?? I figured something had changed, probably with the airfare. I searched different dates, same thing. The added cost of over $900 could not be explained. I called customer service, which happens to be in India. I don't think the rep could understand me, he pushed me through to reservations who seemed totally confused. I was told that the price just went up that much in a matter of minutes! After I hung up I used a different computer and entered the initial reservation info, same price of $955 per person is currently available. The next evening I search again, the same reservation went up $11, not bad so I try to book and again get the crazy additional fees of over $900 more with no explanation. Annoyed I turn to searching for bogus reservations using different departing and arriving airports, expensive and cheap hotels, but keep the car he same...each scenario is the same. Hundreds of dollars unaccounted for. I call up customer service, I swear they are trained to give the same line of garbage plus they hardly speak English. I told them that I have tried different dates, flights and hotels and each created attempt leads to hundreds of dollars more than what is initially advertised, surely airport fees could not be this much. Orbitz maintains that all of my searches at that very moment were raised due to limited availability. I will never use Orbitz again.

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failure to refund ticket

I purchased a round trip ticket through Orbitz on China Airlines from Los Angeles to Denpassar, Bali and return. I made the reservation for return in 30 days and called them to find out what the ramifications were for changing the return flight since I knew I was not coming back in 30 days but did not have a return date at the time. I was told that there would be their penalty and any difference in the airfare. That was fine. I cancelled my return flight through China Air and when I was ready to return I called Orbitz to make the reservations and they informed me that since I cancelled through the airlines without notifying them that I had to make the arrangements through China Air. China Air told me that my ticket was no good!

I went back to Orbitz to get them straighten it out and according to them and the copy of the original itinerary they emailed me the ticket is good and that there was almost $400 available on the ticket! They then went to China Air and came back to me that they would submit to China Air for a refund. China Air refused the refund!

So I purchased a round trip ticket from Orbitz which is no good! When I inquired specifically about changing the return flight I should not have been lied to because it has stranded me in Asia!!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ORBITZ!! They are not ethical. I am beginning to file the complaints against them in order to get my money back. They lied to me just to get my money and could care less about providing the service.

  • Al
    alicia27 Nov 20, 2009

    Go to! use one of there complaint forms, it will go directly to the person in charge, plus you can ad additional recipients like the FAA or Better Business Bureau! Registration is free, and you can also post your complaint for free. But you should also pay the $5.00 and have your voice heard with good old snail mail! Good Luck!

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  • Sa
    Sanbusco Mar 14, 2010

    Sounds like there is an Orbitz procedure you didn't in canceling through them instead of China Air. Might have some sympathy IF you hadn't left town owing $600 to a single woman of limited means who had helped you out of a bind. Not nice, Deborah.

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poor customer service/price assurance

Please beware when you are booking with Orbitz. The price assurance guarantee is ONLY if you book a flight OR hotel, but not for a package. I was led to believe that booking through Orbtiz, they have a price assurance for everything...not so.
We booked our package with Travelocity, a family member decided about a month later that they wanted to come with us. I couldn't find the package available with Travelocity (preferred), so I went to the Orbitz site to book.
Exactly one week later, I found out that the exact same package was over $400 less. Same hotel, same flight. I tried chatting with someone on their website but he was not a "destination expert", so I was advised to call. My husband called and spoke with an extremely rude customer service representative who showed no concerns for providing quality service to Orbtiz's clients. After their converstation, I got back on the chat and asked for the name of the CSR (who is with Travelport) and they said they couldn't give it to me, but only had her ID and I should just tell them my complaint. They wouldn't provide me with anyone's contact information to complain.
That's how I found this site here, I googled "Orbtiz Complaints" and am kicking myself for not doing this before I booked. Obviously there are very serious issues with this company and their failure to provide quality customer service.
I wrote a letter to the CEO, Barney Harford and Marsha Williams who is the CFO and Senior Vice President. I heard back from neither, but I did hear back from a lady named Lynn who was another CSR. Basically giving me lip service for my complaints but couldnt explain why there is a price assurance for flight only but not if you book a package or why, Orbtiz claims to have no surprises, yet when I printed the itinerary out, it says that there will be an additional $80 service charge for the hotel!!
I will never book with Orbitz again, will ensure that my family and friends are aware of the lack in credibility and integrity that this company has and book with another site, there are many more out there and I would rather stick with someone who cares about their customers and wants to keep them happy.

  • I had the same experience with Orbitz and just posted my complaint here! But my difference was almost $1500! Consider yourself lucky to have only been a few hundred... Agree will NEVER use Orbitz again. I think a class action is in order.

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fraudulent travel insurance

Exactly as described by others on this site, after booking a flight to Edmonton, Canada, I receive a mysterious email saying:

Attached is the travel insurance information you requested from Access America. For complete details on your insurance coverage, including conditions, exclusions and limitations that may apply, please read the attached Letter of Confirmation and Policy/Certificate of Insurance. If you have questions, please contact us at [protected] or [protected]. More information is available at
We appreciate your business and wish you many safe travels!


Jeff Hyman
Vice President of Travel Operations

Since I had not requested travel insurance information or coverage and never do, I didn't even open the email, figuring it was junk email. However when I receive my credit card bill with the additional $48.12 charge, after my trip, I realized what they had done.

I contacted [protected] to dispute the charge and got the following response:

Thank you for contacting Access America.

Consumers may cancel an Access America insurance program within 10 days of purchase. If they do so, we will provide a refund of their premium. This information was outlined in your Letter of Confirmation was well as your insuring agreement.

As your request for this refund was outside that 10 day period, we will be unable to honor your request.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, or would like another copy of your insuring agreement, please feel free to contact us: [protected]


Customer Service, Access America
2805 North Parham Road
Richmond, VA 23294

CapitalOne credit card very kindly took the charge off my credit card after I contacted them to dispute the charge, but [protected]@accessamerical actually had the nerve to resubmit the charge, so I guess I'll just pay for it and never use Orbitz again. Likely someone will have the sense to file a class action law suit down the road, but life is too short for me to put up with this stuff, and Expedia and Travelocity and are good companies and will get my business from now on.

customer service

We bought flights, hotel reservation and rental car for a trip to San Francisco for three. The flight went well, both ways, the car rental was fine, but when we arrived at the hotel (Ramada SF-Airport, San Mateo), they claimed not to have received the registration and tried to move us to a location much further away from SF. We ended up for hours on the phone with Orbitz and all they offered to help was to get another hotel with us paying the difference that was much higher than what we had seen earlier on their site. The Ramada did not want to refund us despite the fact that they didn't seem to have our reservation. We found another hotel ourselves for a night (that one was decent, but didn't have a room for our entire stay).
Since up to that point the Ramada still refused to refund us and then had a room and we stayed for 2 nights, because we couldn't find anything else. It was filthy, the bedsheets didn't seem to have been washed properly, several of the towels were stained with large yellow and red (blood ?) marks spots, others were gray.

After several additional phone discussions with Orbitz they seemed to have managed to have Ramada agree to refund us and we moved out.

The refund we received this week covered the nights we didn't stay at the Ramada, but only after seriously pushing they agreed to compensate the extra $25+ we had to pay extra for the first night - pathetic.

Our vacation mood was spoiled and the first day was completely wasted trying to clarify the situation and find another hotel.

Be warned and stay away from Orbitz, they don't help you if things go wrong. Aside from that they pocket an extra 20% or more for the booking, just book the hotel yourself. Stay away from Ramada as well, really poor hotel choice.

  • Ne
    NeverOrbitzAgain Aug 14, 2009

    Correction - the hotel was the Ramada in San Bruno, not San Mateo.

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  • Ev
    Evelyn Timmins Aug 23, 2017

    I have a complaint and I don't know how to send it to orbitz .com. I booked with orbitz on their best deal of the day. It was not until I received the details(after I paid) that there was an extra 39 dollars a day by the hotel. Ceasors palace in Las Vegas. I would not have booked if I had known there was an extra 39 dollars a day for stuff I would not use . they should tell you about it before you book

    Evelyn Timmins [email protected] .com

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bait and switch

Within the past 48 hours I booked an amazing round trip fair from Honolulu Hawaii to Newark NJ. The email confirmation I recieved was a one way trip! I contacted Orbitz about the error on their part via email and they directed me to a customer service telepone number. After being on the phone with a pleasant unnamed customer service rep, Supervisor Marissa and Manager Michelle, code MLG... I was offered the opportunity to purchase another one way flight back from Newark at approx the cost of the first one way (about $300 more than what is being offered online for a round trip ticket!) OR they would be happy to convert my flight to a round trip with extra fees, of course, on top of the round trip ticket price! Did I mention my trip is in OCTOBER! I've used Orbitz many times in the past... NEVER AGAIN. I'll also put out a blog, write every agency I can find and tell everyone I come in contact with NOT TO USE ORBITZ FOR ANYTHING! Oh, and I am in the travel/tourism business...

  • Ze
    zepplin200053 Nov 03, 2010

    I am filing a small claims suit against orbitz for overcharging and fraud. Would you be willing to sent me a signed and dated summary of your experience, so I can use it to prove that it is routine practice for Orbitz to screw people

    Let me know if you would be willing to help.

    Thank you Very Much,

    [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Richard Winger Jan 09, 2011

    For an upcomig trip to Los Angeles, I found a decent offer on Orbitz: A return flight in United First Class sold as a Continental code share for $2800.-. I booked the flight, checked the seatmap, selected 1A and was happy. A few days later, I double checked departure times and found, to my great surprise, the reservation downgraded to business class. Now, $2800.- for business class is no deal at all. I called Orbitz and asked for what seemed to me a no brainer - that the bait and switch be rectified: Either offer me the product you sold me or refund the transaction. It took three and half hours of meandering discussions until I got a supervisor to offer a refund, "pending approval by management". It's now a week later and I am still waiting for the "pending approval". My suggestion: Always book directly though the airline's website. At least you know what you are getting. And avoid AOrbitz like the plague. They don't take responsibility for anything.

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service failure a vallarta resort

My wife and I booked a flight/hotel package in April 2009 to Puerto Vallarta that included several excursions. Unfortunately, the local hotel Orbitz representative at Golden Crown Paradise or his agency (Grey Tours) failed to properly schedule the correct pickup time. We sat at the pickup spot on the scheduled day for about 45 min and even asked for help contacting the local Orbitz agent (Alturdo) whom was rarely onsite. After attempting several reschedules and getting false promises, we decided to take the issue up with the company we booked the trip with, Orbitz, thinking we would have better luck simply getting a refund. Well, once we concluded our trip and arrived back home, I promptly emailed my issue to Orbitz Customer Care and was then told to call Orbitz TLC [protected] and spoke with Rita. She sounded friendly enough and suggested I fax my incident info and she would follow-up. After several days of delay, I received a call from Rita (Orbitz) which stated the travel agency said, " I decided not to take the excursion so I would not receive a refund." This was 100% incorrect from the travel agency but it seems Orbitz took their word at face value. After voicing my discontent via fax to Rita, which likely did not make it past the fax machine, I pledged never to use Orbitz again. That's too bad after several years and several thousand dollars of service. Sorry to hear others have had bad luck also. Wish I had the email or phone numbers to someone at Orbitz who cares about their customers. Now I understand why the Orbitz agents say it's policy not to give out last names or agent ID numbers. Well, there are other travel agencies that can use the business. Feel free to contact me with comments email: [protected]

  • No
    NO MORE SCAM Jan 17, 2013
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